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The dawn of the New Age refers to the earth and its population transitioning from the third to the fifth dimension. It began back in 1875, when the first pioneers of the new spirit began to receive and record the great messages from the Ascended Masters - and disappeared again after that. Since that time, human conciousness has been changing rapidly. Every new generation of children is light years ahead of its parents' generation and tends to be forced back into the long established templates along right from birth. But why?  Lesson 3 The Dawn of the New Age

Initially, the following questions arise:

1. What does Dawn of the New Age mean - and what came before it?  You will find some initial answers with regard to your personal Dawn of the New Age in Lessons 3 and 4 and in our New Genesis.

2. What will come after the dawn of the New Age? Read Lessons 3, 4, 5, and 21 to learn more.

3. What is happening during the dawn of the New Age? This is the question we are dealing with on this page - in this school.

The core time period of the dawn of the New Age are the years 1987 through 2012 - the time of the apocalypse and of the light body process, the time of worldwide changes. The earth has replaced its former electromagnetic aura by a radiant, spirit and electrical field and is now in the process of also pulling your body behind. This in turn implies huge changes - both for your physical body including the totality of its emotional and mental structures and for the way you organize your life and for mass consciousness on a worldwide scale. Every kind of structure is in a process of change, for our personal lives just as much as collectively, for human society. And obviously this involves dramas both on the individual and on the collective levels which - just as obviously - are drifting towards the simplest solutions conceivable.

Drekt zu Aktuell
After seven years of research on my own apocalyptic dawn of the New Age, in 1995-2001, I intensively dealt with counselling others with regard to crises, desasters and chaos for another seven years, from 2002 to 2008. In this process, I developed the ability to communicate with non-embodied beings and to find both the cause and the solution to current problems people were facing in my direct encounter with these challenges.

Originally, Udo and I had set up our former KRISTALLMENSCH website as a collection of all results I had achieved concerning my own development and issues. Since mid 2008, I have been working (with a team which has grown in the meantime) on publishing the extensive material in the form of books, audio workshops and CDs - cf. Shop and Press. At the same time, we began to redesign the KRISTALLMENSCH website from January 2009 in order to create a SCHOOL in which a network of all kind of life themes, phenomena, terms and insights is being created.

Therefore, can be used by those who would like to occasionally browse it to find our more about specific subjects, as well as everyone looking for in-depth self-inquiry with regard to their own lives during this time of transition. Every link is a classroom - or can be one, if this is what you want.

Drekt zu Aktuell
A guideluine through

Who is behind this website? Here you find information, pictures and impressions concerning me, Sabine Wolf, and my internal and external Travels and details about what was (and is) the motivation for my work and this website as well as about the Team and the tasks, roles and functions of the individual members of the team, about the Light Point and its significance for the work of KRISTALLMENSCH. For hints about the most recent website entries please check WHAT IS NEW?

Our open and free Internet-Schule serves to clarify the backgrounds of your everyday life, in particular the pitfalls and blunders of the ego, the deeper meaning of events, the higher intent of the soul and the enormous transformative ability of the mind and spirit.

You will find the following classrooms: 21 Lessons 2007 on human life during the Dawn of the New Age, Spirit Travel, Acting and Communicating, the Tools of Transformation, guided Meditation, Inner travels and operations, Transmissions from the Teachers' Room and Events, in case any are about to take place.

During the Dawn of the New Age, our body and our awareness of our body are two different things, just like the old and the new body of man. The new spiritual and electrical field of the earth - also called Crystalline Grid, Paradise Grid or Diamond Grid in its respective stages of transformation - has several kinds of consequences: 

1.) a direct impact of the spirit dimensions on our lives, which might give rise to severe personality crises during the time of transition - cf. Pioneers and Borderliners, Disease Is Ascension, and The Diseases of the Spirit,

2.) the immediate modification of the DNA and of the cellular genetics of our bodies, which during the time of transition can lead to healing crises on a global level, which people often tend to label as new diseases and causes of death and well as provide them with new names and this way hold on to them;

3.) the arrival of the so-called New Children, whose cosmic consciousness can no longer be forced into a dualistic reality in the long run, since their bodies are already equipped with a new anatomy - the immortal anatomy of the fifth dimension, which your old bodies are achieving during the Dawn of the New Age through interventions and restructuring measures on a running system - cf. Audios and Texts in the archived Workshop Sickness? Health!! 2008.

All this sounds dramatic and sometimes also feels like it, but as the noble beings of the new network keep saying: Life is in a refinement process. We are making progress.

Cycles and Zeitgeist
Answers to questions like:  What is Zeitgeist? What is the Dawn of the New Age? What is the difference between the third and the fifth dimension? What has happened on earth in the most recent years and what consequences does it have for your physical body and human existence? - cf. The King's Doorway, The Doorway to the New World, The Doorway has been passed

The body
Elaboration of themes related to the life of the old body in the third dimension: Anatomy and the Organism, Sickness and Health, Sleep and Sexuality, Fear and Free Flow.

Conversation of the body
What is a Crystal Human Being? What is happening during these times with your body? How and why is it happening? Before you will be able to grasp this intellectually, you will first need to get involved with the structureless high intelligence of your mind and spirit and the structureless profound love of your soul. The simple solutions will reveal themselves to you once you have bent over backwards to expand your boundaries. Try it! The themes around this are: The New Matrix - June 2008 and Opening Doorways

Death and darkness
Father Death and the Guardians of Darkness have always, from the very beginnings, been the great masters of transformation. Walking through their gate, meant leaving the body behind. During the Dawn of the New Age, this, too, is subject to change. More and more peope can now be found walking through this Doorway without dying.

Children, men, women and old people
Other specific and burning life themes - problems and solutions, questions and answers - you will find under the following links: Children, Men, Women and Old People.

Whereas the other links serve to highlight themes related to the dawn of the New Age, this is the place where the crises and questions of mankind are in the limelight. 250 Questions about personal life situations and challenges were answered here in detail and with a lot of empathy by a number of different beings from the spirit world. And of course you will all be able to relate to them, since to every problem, no matter how personal it may be, there is always a simple and universal answer. All the answers have been transmitted by Sabine Wolf.

This is where we collect the remaining life themes. It is part of the nature of the dawn of the New Age that each and every aspect, set-up and organization of your life is subject to change. As a matter of principle, the Art of Transformation comprises the following: a.) Looking at and letting go of the old structures, which have become heavy, opaque and powerless, b.) Accepting the new structures, which are as light as a feather, transparent and powerful. This process of transformation is not only happening in your body, but also with regard to Houses and Landscapes, Professions and Vocations as well as Capital and Money Flow. And of course the Animals and the Spirit Worlds of Nature will also accompany you from the third to the fifth dimension. 

Sabine's workshops are comprised of three steps: a.) Transmissions from the spirit world about the respective theme, b.) Questions of the part of the participants and answers from the spirit teachers. These two steps serve insight, they serve the aha effect of the mind, and they serve the rise of subconscious emotions, energies and resistances to the surface. The subsequent guided c.) meditations and healing sleep serve the necessary operations and restructuring measures in the physical body and its systems. A typical workshop consisted of a series of six to seven rounds of this three-step program - from Friday night until Sunday night. This focussed approach brought profound clarification, healing, insight and transformation into the participants lives -  cf. Feedbacks

The documentation of these KRISTALLMENSCH-Seminars in 2007 and 2008 will provide you with another glimpse of the issue of how the dawn of the New Age is experienced personally by every single person - and it will guide you behind the scenes of your own lives. In very personal encounters with the participants, their joys, fears, aggressions and diseases, you will learn about the bold and amusing, empathic and profound answers they received for their problems and questions - complemented by clear and extensive channellings. For descriptions of the workshops and the online texts, please click here. The audio material and text are also available under Downloads.

Here - and only here - you will find all PDF files and AUDIO files which we make available to you for free via the website.

Here you will find the books which have already been published, as well as series of postcards and audio files as Downloads or Physical articles. We are currently in the process of expanding our product range.

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