Steinkreis Invercargill - Sabine Wolf

Heart and Cross

The Human Body viewed Spirit-Energetically

- Translation: Marion Lüdtke -

You did not always have a physical Body. For eons you were unlimited, non-solid Beings.
But one day you wanted to create and explore new worlds.
You undertook a long journey, away from your Source,
through the ages, up till there where you are now.
And in realizing your Way of the Cross, everything dissolves and
you transgress a second time.

Life is a Cross.... Indeed

Let us view your Body from a completely different angle then before. A lot of you turned your bodies over to others: Doctors, the media, politicians and to your partner. The time has come to truthfully experience, recognise and love this most precious Good of your life.

Your physical bodies developed themselves after you slashed a cross into your spiritual Being, three ravines that had their crossing-point in your Hearts - and still have them today. One ravine ran diagonally over your Heart and parted your upper Being from the lower one. Your view started to wonder between the TOP and the BOTTOM and had to find a new orientation somewhere in-between. Later you called it SPACE. Space separated you and pulled you apart in 2 directions.

The upper part of your Body pulled itself upwards and your abdomen downwards, away from yourselves, away from your HERE-BEING. Space seemed far outside yourselves but you still felt it internally. Above and below you eventually called power and powerlessness. They varied a lot from one another. At the top it was light, easy and powerful, at the bottom it felt dark, heavy and powerless.

The second ravine ran vertically through your Being axis and separated your Being into left and right. One part of you started pulling to the right and the other to the left - away from yourselves, away from your NOW-BEING. Later you called it TIME. Time seemed to be separated from you and lying far outside from yourselves. But it was inside of you and separated you from yourselves. It felt very far away but yet very near. LEFT and RIGHT you later called PAST and FUTURE, this eventually became GUILT and ATONEMENT.

The third ravine also ran vertically through your axis. It separated your rear Being from the front one. In it rest and unrest were separated, your Being between a beginning that lay infinitely far behind you and an end that lay infinitely far in front of you. You later called it WAY and GOAL. These too pulled you away from yourselves, away from I AM. They should always make you remember that not everything is inside of you anymore, but that fulfilment will either come to you when the time is ripe, or that you may have to walk, march and fight to achieve it.

Three ravines - SPACE, TIME and WAY - pulled you apart into eight directions. Alongside the ravines brittle-energies, tenside-stress and shearing-powers reigned. These ran through the whole length, width and depth of your physical-being. This you had to bear, loved ones, and this was one of the hardest moments on your journey. Up till then you were soft, light and permeable. Now you had to contract, you had to pull yourself together so that you would not be torn apart into many pieces. An enormous continuous strain became necessary, and this reduced your spirit-energetic life-oscillation to such an extent that firmness manifested - Matter.

You still experience this inner strain, this holding tight in yourselves today, even when you relax. When you open your Heart while breathing deeply and just let yourself be, you will notice a moment later that you have contracted again. Well your Body knows nothing else. It manifested like that. Therefore the RELAXATION of your bodies, the inner RELEASING is of great importance during these times.

That is how SPACE, TIME and WAY came into being and together with your bodies developed and solidified themselves. During the crucifixion of your Spirit you manifested your bodies together with your Human meaning of "past and future", "power and powerlessness", "way and goal". Your Body is penetrated with these phenomena: your brain and the nervous- and hormone-system in all their functions as well as your deepest cell-structure.

Therefore, your Body is bound in its whole observation and orientation, in its feeling, thinking and fate to TIME, SPACE and WAY. Because where there is an "earlier and later", an "above and blow" and a "goal" there is also permanent movement, decision and experience. There is birth and death, life and change, maturity and ascension.

In this three dimensional Cross you manifested everything that you needed for your journey through your physical life. It was to be a journey between Creative Light (CL) and Creative Dark (CD) of the Spirit-World, as well as between the External Light (EL) and External Dark (ED) of the Physical-World.

Exercise 1
You can read the fascinating story of the Way of the Cross to your embodiment, in our New Genesis that was placed in the Net for you as a X-mas present. Now you can find it under the link "Gifts 2007" and there under "A New Genesis". It is the first part of our book that we are writing together with Sabine.

Cross is Movement
In the Cross permanent communication takes place between the outer ends of its branches: Between light and darkness of Space, Time and Way. PHYSICAL LIFE is the eternal movement between past and future - guilt and atonement: between top and bottom - power and powerlessness: between beginning and end - origin and oblivion.

CROSS is the everlasting journey on both branches: Between Cosmos and Earth, between Spirit and Body, between birth and death. Movement is eternal. As long as you are imprisoned on your Cross of Life, you will find no peace. You will wander continuously: To and fro, up and down, forwards and backwards - restless and endlessly, until you feel that this movement and physical Life is torture and you long for eternal peace. Then you will release yourselves from the Cross and fall into a coma, into death or ascension. Space, Time and Way reign in the Cross. If you leave the Cross of your Life, Space, Time and Way no longer exist for you. This you experience in every coma in every death and every ascension.

Your Heart is the Centre
Your Heart lies in the centre of all movement. It is a place of great unrest - open to all sides. All Way's cross here. In the centre of the Cross it is at the mercy of the forces of all streams. At the same time it is also the place of inner peace, in which your Divine Self reveals itself. In the centre of all movement itself, the earthly restlessness ends and spiritual flowing begins. Earthly movement is restless, always seeking and feeling, unsteady and disharmonic. Spiritual movement is streaming and rotating, whirling and dancing, also quite chaotic, but never-the-less flowing and harmonic. So the question of movement is the question of being torn-apart internally or that of inner peace, according to your choice between the dimensions.

Exercise 2
Life-Paths in the Cross
On the horizontal branch runs the Life-path of the child, who is seeking in the external Light and Dark of the World for a purpose, contact and expression. Here the Ego-physical-development reigns, the first stretch of your Life-path. The horizontal branch is the world of the Body and that of the child, of the mind and that of the Ego. The vertical branch represents the Life-path of the mature Human, who is seeking internally for purpose, contact and expression. Here the Spirit-physical-development reigns, the second period of your Life-path. The vertical branch is the world of the Body and the Soul, of intuition and spiritual intelligence.

At the end of your childhood you change from the horizontal to the vertical branch. You change from seeking externally to seeking internally. But are you really doing this? You are not doing it, even though your Body is mature enough, problems arise - the life-flow balks and starts drying up. And exactly this circumstance pertains to our explanations, because now, at the end of time, the Rivers of Life from all of you have dried-up.

The YES - NO - Cross
Let us take a look at the YES-NO Cross of your Life. It consists of a vertical and a horizontal branch. Each one has a light and a dark end. On the vertical branch your Divine Spirit reigns. He ascended out of the Creative Light, to become a Human in the Creative Dark. He says YES to himself. He loves himself and his Body. He breathes, renews, nourishes and protects his Body.

He says YES to his Human Life, no matter what the external situation might be like. The big Spirit says NO to the World - not because he does not love her, but because he has nothing to do with her. He knows that the world is an illusion, a hall of mirrors, a maze and a labyrinth, an ever-changing twilight and shadow-darkness in which he has to stay by himself in order not to lose himself. He loves the Humans and the World, but nevertheless stays - for exactly that reason - by himself. Exactly for this reason he can radiate his Divine Light into the World.

On the horizontal branch your Ego-Spirit reigns. He is the child, the little Whiner, who always knows everything better, who lets nobody tell him what to do, who runs into every blind alley and puts his foot into everything. He does not love himself at all and says NO to his Life. He neglects his Body and forgets it. He over-feeds or starves it. He looks on the outside for the meaning of life, for fulfilment of his needs and the blame for his problems. For this reason he continuously endangers his Body, by either letting it get sick or die.

Your Ego-Spirit says YES to the World - not because he loves her, but because he can't do anything with himself and cannot bear quiet moments. He thinks that the World is the only reality. He is looking in the tangled mirrors and the obvious for the truth. But he will never find it, but lose himself in it. He does not love the Humans of the World, but nevertheless stays - for exactly that reason - imprisoned in their circles. For this reason he will be stuck with them, get sick and (once again) die. If you say NO to your Life and shake your head, it will hurl you out of your centre and you will become dizzy on all the realms of your Life. By saying YES to yourself you nod your head and thus connect Heaven and Earth with one-another. Do this with an open Heart and lift yourselves over yourself.

Exercise 3
The Tree of Life
On the YES-Branch you erect yourselves between the Creative Light of Spirit and the Creative Dark. You stand UPRIGHT between Heaven and Earth. You are UPRIGHT. The roots of your Tree of Life are deeply rooted into the Earth and the crown grows high up into Heaven. Your trunk is strong, your blossoms are radiating and your numerous fruits are sweet.

On the NO-Branch you bend and writhe yourselves between the outer Light and the darkness of the World. You worry and care for the "good". Against the "bad" you fight with weapons and words or with feelings and thoughts. Weak rootstocks (fear for ones existence and poverty) bring forth a weak crown (control and hopelessness). The trunk is bent (curvature of the spine and back complaints) the blossoms (joy, harmony and luck) are rare and the few fruits (physical health, happiness and cash-flow) are hard, sour or rotten.

All Body-streams flow vertically
Let us take a look at your Body-streams. They all flow vertically on the YES-Branch between LIGHT - that "Divine Power" that you assume high above yourselves and DARK - the "fatal powerlessness" that you assume far underneath you. Your skeleton with all its bones, limbs, and load-structure, stands vertically - also your arms when you let them hang and do nothing for a change. Your spinal-column, the dance-column of your Life, in which indeed EVERYTHING that only concerns your-SELF takes place, whirls the energies between Heaven and Earth vertically right through you. The big flow-stream of the bones is only being interrupted by the joints and the intervertebral disc. They lie horizontally in their blockage and movement-function. There is a reason for this, which we refer to in Booklet 2.

Your blood flows over the Body-arteries from your Heart down into your cell-tissue and transfers the used over the Body-veins back up. Your Heart pumps the used substances over the lung-arteries into the open and receives in a countermove over the lung-veins the fresh blood. Light and dark flow vertically through your hearts and lungs, arteries and veins - up to 8000 litres per day. And it could be a curative flowing if you would stop condemning the Dark of the World.

The same applies to your respiratory-system, as well as your nerve- and hormone-system. They all pulsate, stream and flow up- and downwards, irrelevant whether they do it supplying or disposing, nurturing or deadening, informative or controlling. In your bodily rivers there are no borders between life and death, between light and dark between Cosmos and Earth. Everything flows harmonious - if you allow it to.

Your energetic-vitality streams and the meridian-system also run and flow vertically. They are YES-streams - communication between Body and Spirit - which means they are whole, healing and holy monologues. Your aura is also a vertical system. Your Life-thread, Light-channel and Light-Body are an upright standing Being. Your complete spiritual Being in the physical Body is a YES-Being in the Cross of Life. And you know it: If you live saying YES to yourself, everything goes well and everything flows by itself. If you live in the NO, you are unwell, you have to fight - and don't get it anyway.

Exercise 5
Communication in the Cross
What happens when you are living on the YES-Branch, when you are permanently "outside yourself" to fight for and against the World, when you permanently worry about the " loved ones in the Light" and the "Bad ones in the Darkness", when you are permanently collecting signatures FOR the one and protest AGAINST the others on the street.

Then the YES-Branch of your Cross withdraws itself out of your Life-dimension and with it all your Life-strength. You drift, swing and hurl to and fro between the past and the future, between inside and outside, power and powerlessness - without your participation. Your Present fades, strength and joy diminish and your bodily-streams run into a void and don't rejuvenate themselves.

Your spirit withdraws into a nearby Life-space and waits there until he can return into a lived Life. You are in an inactive life-phase and at the mercy of fate and chance, those forces of the light and dark rooms that control you and intervene when you do not use your own Will. You do not speak of yourself as "I am" and start all sentences with "no". You turn yourself and others away from you.

Looking at it spirit-anatomical your arteries and veins come out of a void and go into a void. Neither does a sufficient supply nor a disposal of waste take place. Your Body is only supplied with the bare-necessities. Your Body stays hungry and full of waste products. You live a few tired decades and die tired. Now you come back and can make new decisions.

If you start living of your YES-Branch it could happen that others might classify you as being an "Egoist". They are living on their NO-Branch and want to keep you at their side. But you only worry about yourself. Your take care of yourself and rest in your centre in your present. Your Body, Soul and Spirit begin to heal and realise who you really are.

The NO-Branch of your Cross withdraws out of your life dimension and with it all powers of distraction and dissipation. Then you rest between the past and the future, between outside and inside, between the external Light and the Darkness of the World. You are at peace WITHIN YOURSELF.

The present becomes strong, your Heart radiates, your strength grows and your bodily streams flow freely between Heaven and Earth.

Looking at it spirit anatomical your arteries and veins flow between the abundance of the Cosmos and that of Earth and supply your Body with everything that you need. And with every breath the waste products of Life escape.

Your Spirit enters your Body dimension and your Body once again becomes soft, light, young, Light and permeable. Then your Body can receive information out of other dimensions and you (You, your Body and your Spirit) are at peace, receive and radiate.

Compare Exercise 3
Twice seven Rooms
On the outside and on the inside of your physical Heart there are seven rooms. Each room lies within the other. The rooms outside your Heart are: the physical Body, the ether Body, (aura of Body) the emotional Body (Spirit aura), the Buddha Body (Soul room) and the Atman Body (Spirit room, Cosmos). The exterior room is the biggest and the interior room is the smallest - looking at it from a Human point of view.

Inside your Heart there are also seven rooms - one within the other. And in the inner room of your Heart you will find that what you have hidden, have been looking for and fighting for over decades - the Holy Grail. The seventh inner room seems to be the smallest, but yet it is really the biggest. It is identical with the seventh exterior room, the Cosmos, but yet it is bigger.

This size is not a spherical width. It is the effective power that you made out of your spiritual potential, it is your crystalline Heart energy that radiates when you have emptied your Life Grail to the dredge and released yourself from the Cross. Then you have embodied the Cosmos in yourselves.

Centre and Reservoir
Crystallisation- and Starting-point
Your Heart is the centre of all rooms and times. It is the centre of all places that exist and all encounters that take place. Your Heart is the gateway to all rooms and the key to all portals. Your Heart is the centre of your Body and all its functions. It is the centre of all cosmic streams. The Human Heart is the active centre in the Cosmos. Your Heart is the station of all your journeys that you have ever made and will make. Here the journeys of your meditations, your day dreams and your sleep, the journeys of powerlessness and of the Cosmos, the journeys of birth and death begin and end.

Your Heart is the reservoir and crystallisation-point of all happenings of your Life. Whatever took place in your bodily-soul-spiritual past, lies deposited as cell information in your Heart. Every pain of your previous Life, every petrification of your Heart of old times you still carry as a spirit-genetic-coding in your Heart - until it is redeemed and changed. Your physical Heart originated out of the Hearts of your parents. Every pain your forefathers had is still in your Heart today. Every suffering that was tied to your ancestors rests as a genetic potential in your Hearts; also the emotional heritage is carried from generation to generation until it has been redeemed and changed.

Your Heart is the starting point for future happenings as well as for the life of your children and your future Being-forms. Whatever takes place in your bodily-soul-spiritual future is present as a seed in your Heart. You have no idea how your Heart power is tied-up and veiled in decades of old pain when you are not conscious of the connections. You cannot think and feel differently, but only perceive and act as your Hearts permit you to. So long you will accept fear, aggression and lack of feeling as NORMAL. But they are not.

In your Heart lies the Divine consciousness of absolute contact and the absolute present. The HERE and NOW. Space and Time are an illusion. The youngest day is HERE and NOW. I AM rests in your Heart and is waiting for your awakening. Your Life and the world affairs are dependent from your Heart. So the question is, how do you redeem and clear your Heart and convert your pains. Quite simple: By breathing deeply, opening yourselves and by saying in the inner room of your Heart. I AM HERE NOW. This is the most effective medicine on earth. It heals every sickness - if you make that decision. With this sentence you fulfil and release the ravines of Space, Time and Way in yourselves and bring the Holy Grail into your lived Life.

Seven Elements
Seven is the holy number of earthly creation. Seven elements of Earth and of the Cosmos became seven elements of your bodies. They are elements of your organic functions, your psychological expressions and spiritual knowledge. Every functional level of your Body corresponds to one element and one constituent of Earth and the Cosmos - a Life Principle.

1st Element EARTH
Life Principle: Hold, static and dynamics, duration and constancy
Human: Bones and joints, skin and hair, teeth and nails
Earth: Rock, boulders, sand and earth, trunks, roots and branches.

2nd Element WATER

Life Principle: Flowing, supply and discarding, nourishment and cleansing
Human: Blood- and lymph-system, cell- and digestive juices, kidneys, bladder, body-water,
feelings, emotions
Earth: Water circulation, subterranean springs, waterfalls, lakes and oceans, clouds, rain
and plant juices.

3rd Element AIR

Life Principle: Connection, information, provision, cleansing
Human: Bronchia, lungs, skin, thoughts and feelings
Earth: Air, wind, storm, leaves and blossoms.

4th Element FIRE

Life Principle: Steering, information, control, communication, destruction
Human: Nervous-system and hormone-system, thoughts, will
Earth: Geo-energetic lines, grids, quartz- and water veins, orientation- and radar systems
of animals.

These four levels seem to be of a material nature, even though they are not. They are known to the school medicine, but only in their bodily organic functions. Here you find the biochemical and the Human forces of your Body, but not of the Soul or the Spirit. Here you find sickness as cause and effect, but not the causes. But there are three more elements. They are not material but energetic. In them you can find the secrets of creation, and the opportunity of deeper insight regarding sickness and health.

5th Element ETHER FIRE

Life Principle: Pulsation, connection, inter-dimensional communication
Human: Meridian system and reflex zones on feet hand and head. Heart-thoughts and
Earth: Geomantic lines, grids and systems, power lines to cosmic places, landmarks
and orientation lines of the elementary Beings.

The Meridian system shows you the condition of your organs on the outside of your Body. An inter-dimensional information system brings deep inner oscillation over very fine nerve impulses to the skin surface and can be felt as pulsation. This functional level is of a energetic nature - no longer material and not yet spiritual.

It is known in the Far-East sciences and cultures. Diagnosis and therapy are of a gentle nature. They do not need tomography, computers, lasers or chemo medicine. The diagnosis is done by feeling the pulse frequencies, by recognition of energy forms - fields and colours. The therapy is done with pressure, friction and colour impulses, as well as herbal tees and baths. A gentle balance of the energy flow, and the extraction of foreign energies and substances, work wonders.

6th Element LIGHT
Life Principle: Formation, protection, nourishment, information
Human: Aura, chakras and nadis, heart feelings and intuition
Earth: Aura, chakras and nadis.

Your aura serves as a crossing between your Body-energy and the spiritual levels of your Life. Your Body is surrounded by a multilayered energy-field. You could also refer to it as your "atmosphere" as the "breathing body", because actually all information breathes here that makes you to total Human.

On the one hand there are the Divine building patters: The cell-matrix, whole dimensional coding that makes the ideal Body and the perfect healthy Human. On the other hand the dimensional attachments, karmic burdens and blockages that create problems in your Life and are looking for redemption are stored here.

Chakras are gates between your material, energetic and spiritual life-dimensions. They let nourishment and information enter into both directions which are transported via the Nadis. Those are lines and ways inside these dimensions of your bodies.

LIGHT is complex high frequency information that is transported in a split second from one dimension to another. For example: when you meet a person, enter a house or come to a place and suddenly get an uneasy feeling - then this has happened - you have absorbed the dark energies of this person, house or place and feel that they want to inform you about something important. For example: to flee immediately or to radiate your own Heart Light.
In the 6th Element you will find the answers to all your questions: Why do I get sick and have accidents? Why am I always the victim? Why can I do that well and not the other? Here you find the physics of Earth and Heaven, as both reigns to 100% in your bodies. You live in these two rooms that also nourish you

7th Element LOVE
Life Principle: Reconnection, orientation, nourishment, communication on the YES axis
Connection Cosmos - Planet
Human: Axis Cosmos - Human - Earth
Earth: Axis Cosmos - Human - Earth.

This pure spiritual element expressed itself as a silver thread in your bodies that ran through all three dimensions. Love comes as a spiritual thread out of the Heart of the Cosmos, runs through your energetic crown-chakra and became DNA in the central nervous-system, spinal cord and spinal column, before exiting through the root-chakra of your Body into the Heart of Earth. This new silver thread has undergone a decisive change over the last couple of years. We discussed this in Lecture 5 (Light-Body-Process).

The functions of this 7th Element are:
  • Permanent energy exchange between Cosmos and Earth
  • Cosmic and earthly nourishment stream for Spirit, Soul and Body
  • Contact between the small and the big Spirit
  • Connection of the Body to the spiritual and cosmic systems
  • Connection of Spirit to all orientation systems of Earth
  • Movement line of the Soul between Body and Cosmos: inner journeys during meditation, dreams and daydreams. Remember - your Heart Station lies directly next to the track.

Exercise 7
Connection to the Spheres
As you can see, your Body is a very diverse and ingenious work of art. LOVE? Yes, LOVE is a cosmic element. It is THE creative element. LOVE is a rough diamond at beginning and a crystal at the end.

And of course your bodies are connected on the various levels with all animals, plants, minerals, elements and spheres. Every organ has, no matter in which organism it is present, a unique oscillation. There is a resonance between your organs, those of Earth, landscapes and houses. Oscillations differ when nature wants to balance itself to achieve unity. The strongest drags the weakest with it, upwards and downwards.

If you are not conscious of this interrelation then you are the weaker. A disharmonic area of your house drags you down to the equivalent area of your Body. A darkened sphere in the country drags the same symptoms after you into the spheres of your bodies.

But now that you know this, you are the stronger and can pull the organs and Body-systems of the houses and countryside's UP INTO THE LIGHT.
By deciding to do it - it will happen - in love - from the Heart - in your crystalline breath.

Reading the Body
Jesus once said: "I am the Way the Truth and the Life". "I AM" is the most powerful creation mantra of your life. It reigns in your head, in the clarity of your Spirit, in the Cosmos and your Divine Being.

The "WAY" symbolises your legs and ways: your wrong ways and detours, as well as the speedy development of your Spirit, the marches during and fleeing from responsibility.

The "TRUTH" shows your arms, your intentions: Leadership and meekness, honesty and falsity, power and powerlessness, action and reaction.

The "LIFE" means your Body, the torso of your bodies with all its organs, flowing streams and systems, which are an exact copy of the Cosmos and Earth with her landscapes.

Let us change the sentence around according to the anatomy. Reading it from the head to the feet it means:

I AM (Head)
THE LIFE (Torso)
and THE WAY (Legs).

With this Jesus was saying that all spiritual intentions, the primal purpose of cosmos, all earthly elements and development potentials are in your Body - and everything is interwoven with each other in a very subtle way, that even though you were in a the field of illusion, a maze and hall of mirrors over TIME and SPACE you managed to leave your Homelands without getting lost. Your bodies are indeed of breathtaking complexity and variety, of such exact detail and functional exactness, of such great expansion and solidity against which your electronic media seem like rough stone-age tools.

We have come to the end of the 6th Lecture beloveds. We would not explain these things to you if we did not have a good reason for it. Everything we have said to you here actually means nothing any more. It has actually past already. Your physical bodies are already on the way, becoming Light-bodies and Crystalline-bodies. The time of change has come, would there not be this slight catch:

Without your love to yourselves,
Without deep respect towards your bodies,
Without the unconditional opening of your Heart,

nothing goes: No healing, no change, and no ascension. Our love now lies therein to bring you back to your bodies, to wisdom, to unlimitedness and to the beauty of your bodies - simply so that you AT LEAST LOVED THEM ONCE as mortal flesh, before it become Light- and Crystal flesh.

For a long time you have lived between Heaven and Earth, between Day and Night,
Between Darkness and Light - and were bound to it.
You settled yourselves between these Life- and the natural forces,
felt good, discovered, created and experienced a lot.
But some day you realised that you were also imprisoned -
and exactly at that moment something awoke within you,
that wanted to be free.

So be it!

In deep love we are with you!
We are St. Germain and Sabine Wolf.

Exercises and Meditations
Paint your own pictures to the topics, write own stories and - the market offers a variety of good apparatus now-days - make your own recording of the meditation texts and burn CDs. Listen to your own voice and way of expression, have courage and become courageous. Listen to yourself. It is wonderful listening to yourself thereby coming closer to yourself.

Take note of tips given to your in SEMINAR DESCRIPTION under point "C". Your procedure.

All material, texts and exercises are given to your in your own responsibility. The authors are not responsible for any consequences or effects. Only do the exercises that go "coherent" with you. Nothing can really happen that could hurt you, but it could happen that your might experience the one or other "hell-trip" on your breathing journeys. If you stay open and allow it to happen, you will always arrive in "heaven" at the end. So have trust, if you get really shaken through.

I am with you, whenever you devote yourself to this topic, I am St. Germain.

Exercises and Reflections
This lecture, the exercises and meditations serve to get to know your Body and to make you aware of it, as well as making your realise that there is a very close and direct relationship between your way of thinking and feeling (will and intention) on the one hand and your Body on the other.

Once again this subject is much more then you can manage in a week. Don't put yourselves under pressure, just breath in the sentences, be happy about the opening of the mysteries that is happening now and only do the exercises that seem "tasty" to you. Leave the rest.

Exercise 1
A simple little observation- and relaxation exercise that can have a great Life- and Body changing effect when you open yourself:

During meditation just imagine these three ravines in your Body.
At the same time this means:
CONFRONT THEM! Be aware of them and accept them - with love.

Breathe deeply and let all streams flow freely. Pain and redemption can ascend and shake you up when this happens, allow it that is healing, de-convulsion, and re-integration of your totality - with a small or severe healing crisis - according to your own temperament. You cannot be confronted with anything you are to weak for. It is always only a question of the opening of your heart.

Read our new Genesis (The Dance of Life). Sleep a lot and fall asleep while reading it. the change takes place when the Body has fallen asleep and has let go of any control and ideas about what healing might be. That is why you sleep a lot during these times.

Exercise 2
Feeling the Heart
The four pictures of the Cross are three changing stages that mean according to your time-line, past present and future. Actually they are all here and now. It is just a question of your attention which stage you want to feel and look at - in which period of time you want to be in.

The two upper pictures show the parted duality of the old worlds and the imprisonment of your bodies and lives on the Cross. The constant swinging and hurling between fear and love, joy and despair, hate and compassion - and so the constant circulation of death and re-birth. That is the life situation in the age Pisces.

The left bottom picture shows the breaking up of the separation between darkness and light during the transgression from the old to the New Earth - the time of your Light-Body-Process and your apocalypse, the times of your realization and despair, your illumination and healing crisis. That is your life in the age of Aquarius.

The right bottom picture shows the crystallisation of your Hearts: the completed coalesce of darkness and light and the appearance of Christ, (your spirit crystal) on Earth.

During a meditation feel your Heart in these different changing stadiums - during meditation as well as in every-day situations and encounters.

Exercise 3
Enter into the YES and NO Cross of your Life
Notice, that a YES towards others is often a NO towards yourself and visa-versa. Also notice, that a YES towards you is also always a YES towards the other, even if the earthly word NO has to be used. YES creates clarity, self-determination, independency and joy - for yourself and the other (who has to decide whether to accept the earthly NO and recognizes the spiritual YES behind it).

Find out when you say YES and when NO. Find out WHOM the YES or NO refers to: to you or to the other.

Take your bodily symptoms and sicknesses (if you have any) and transfer your inner NO-posture towards yourself (otherwise you would not be ill) onto these symptoms. Make notes. Accept what is here and now and decide in the evening while going to sleep, the change of your Life, the healing of your Body, the crystallisation of your Heart. Because you can only truthfully let go, what you have truthfully accepted this beforehand - that's clear, isn't it?

Exercise 4
The Tree of Life
Lie comfortably, open your Heart, breathe deeply and relax. Imagine the Tree within yourself - feel it, feel yourself as the Tree between Heaven and Earth.

Feel the twigs of your crown and follow their Spirit into the cosmic spheres. Fall asleep while doing that.
Feel the branches of your roots and follow their Spirit into the ground - into the Heart of Gaia. Fall asleep while doing that.

It might seem strange to you to do this exercise lying down and doing it in your house. Usually a Tree stands outside in front of your door. Of course you can do this outdoors in nature. But that would be a secondary exercise, as both have a different meaning and effect.

When you lie down and while you get in touch with your crown and roots you can let yourself be carried far away and your Spirit can work with your Body. This concerns your cosmic-earthly Tree of your Being, who was completely bare for a long time, but none-the-less firmly and deeply rooted. That is the primary healing, balancing and re-integrating effect that has nothing to do with nature outside, but wholly with YOU.

In the other case it concerns the conscious awake observation and communication between you and the Earth, as between you and the Cosmos. This you will feel more lively the stronger the crowns of your inner Tree have gotten: the crown of Earth and the crown of the Heavens.

Exercise 5
Flowing Body Streams
In the ATTACHMENT you will find some healing-meditations with which we have worked very successfully over the last couple of years. They still ring in the "old tenor", where we asked "God for help and protection" and which were effective "in the name of Christ".

We'll leave it at that because a lot of these powers still work for a lot of you. They lead you into self-determination, as you do not have to ask others, but can decide YOURSELF, simply because God and Christ are within you, have become part of YOU and therefore play a part anyway. At least that's how I Sabine have experienced it.

Of course it's nice if you are led into the meditations through me, but your can read them to yourselves lovingly and loud, or make a tape recording and listen to that. And of course you can use this meditation if you work with people or patients.

Exercise 6
Heart- and Global Rooms
Here we gave you the meditation to the Crystalline Heart Breath in the attachment that we placed in the Net at the beginning of January 2007 as a Meditation for Mother Earth. Maybe you would like to print it, to perceive the latest connections and integrate them in your life - simply in breathing deeply.

Exercise 7
Opening of the 7 Spheres in your Body
Here you can find a meditation in the attachment that leads you through the seven landscapes of your Body-life which make a connection between your Body consciousness and the Spirit of the elements.

Lots of joy, lots of Light and a lot of crystalline power are with you.
May you awake with the help of our love that we let flow to you via this way.
St. Germain and Sabine.


For Exercise 5
Meditation for Spiritual Alignment of the Spinal-Column
With a spiritual view envision your glass Body in a Divine-golden radiating ring in front of you. The golden vertical Life-thread running through it is recognisable. Notice that the elements, the vertebras, joints and body spheres surrounding it show shifts, that they have grown slightly out of the axis. Look at yourself in peace and tranquillity.

Now turn to the Spiritual World and ask for a gentle correction. Activate your own creative Will and find your Life-axis. Straighten it with your Will and align it to the World-axis. If you wish to, ask Christus and the Spiritual World for help and speak the following:

Invocation for the alignment of your Life-axis
Christus Emanuel,
I am now ready to release myself from the primal grounds of my Life.
I am ready to hand over to you all the darkness of my path, experiences and pains.
I ask for the release of my bones and spinal column, from old emblems and veils of unconsciousness.
Please lead all foreign-consciousness of my Life, into your consciousness-heightening Light.

I am now ready to align my Life-axis onto you
To merge with my Divine Self
With you, Christus, my brother
With you, Mother-Father-God.
So be it.

Healing Meditation for the Blood Circulation
I am lying on my back and ask God for protection and guidance. "Your Will be done". While breathing deeply I receive the Light of God in my Heart, while breathing out deeply I stretch it out in my Body and my Life-space.
My thoughts come to rest, internally I become empty. I am conscious of the presence of Christ, open my Heart wide and let him enter.
I ask for pictures and impulses concerning my blood circulation. Receive calmly, without expectations and perceive what is happening.
I ask for the Divine healing-stream for my blood circulation, NOW and receive:

Rings of light of Divine golden origin open up over me and radiate a silky shimmering transcendental light to me that touch my Body and energy field, wrapping itself around it and streaming through it.

While receiving it actively I absorb the silky light into me through a deep breath and lead it over my lungs and heart into the veins.

Hot streaming in the heart shows Divine strength in me. In breathing out I stretch it out into the arteries. Longingly my blood absorbs the Divine ether and lets it flow swiftly into all areas of my Body. Every organ receives Divine strength, every cell awakes out of its muffled sleep and radiates in the light.

An infinite radiating flowing: A golden coloured blood-stream in the veins flows back to the Heart.
I thank you and I am secure within you, Mother-Father-God. Amen.

Healing Meditation for the Spleen and Lymph
I am lying on my back and ask God for protection and guidance. "Your will be done". While breathing deeply I received the Light of God in my Heart, while breathing out deeply I stretch it out in my Body and my Life-space.
My thoughts come to rest, internally I become empty. I am conscious of the presence of Christ, open my Heart wide and let him enter.
I ask for pictures and impulses concerning my lymph system. Receive calmly, without expectations and perceive what is happening.
I ask for the Divine healing stream for my lymph system, NOW and receive:

Infinite cosmic ether: Gods love and Spirit in the river of the primal stream that rocks my Life-path, flows into me.

Crystalline ether: Cool waves are pulsating towards me and reach my Body, flowing around, hugging and cooling the heated membranes of old thought patterns and feelings.

Stimulated and refreshed are the fields of the Body .Streams out of ocean of Spirit pour into my earth and extinguish the fires that I once placed with my thoughts.

Ice- flower blue crystal ether penetrates into the rooms of earthly fire, raging and hissing. Roaring winds and glowing earth, in waves of liquid Light.

Oceans of colours glow and fade, wave for wave. Light and dark, bright flashes of lightning of Spirit in a dark Soul-night.

I awake. The morning has broken. Infinite peace in the Light of God, the waters of life flow along.

Healing Meditation for the Nervous System

I am lying on my back and ask God for protection and guidance. "Your Will be cone". While breathing deeply I received the Light of God in my heart, while breathing out deeply I stretch it out in my body and my Life-space.
My thoughts come to rest, internally I become empty. I am conscious of the presence of Christ, open my Heart wide and let him enter.
I ask for pictures and impulses concerning my nervous system. Receive calmly, without expectations and perceived what is happening.
I ask for the divine healing stream for my nervous system.

Over the ocean of stars: Blazing dots of light flash up and disappear again in the pulsating light-stream. Sparkling streaming at the Heaven of my Life. The Fireflame-bird of my Soul ascends to the firmament.

Light spirals coming out of a void rush towards me, changing when they enter my life-fields into gentle fires of love.
Inner tension releases itself. With a deep breath I absorb the light spirals in me. Inner peace flows. With deep acceptance Gods ether-fire flows into my nerve-centre in the brain

Angels of the Divine fire are taking the substances that my body is now setting free Wild twitching and deep peace are both present in all my nerve tracks of my earthly body .Trusting I accept the change.

Christus, my beloved Master and brother is with me and keeps surveillance over that which is happening. Everything is safe in the Will of God. Everything is safe in its Being.

Meditation for the Glandular Circulation
(Hormone System)
I am lying on my back and ask God for protection and guidance. "Your Will be done". While breathing deeply I receive the Light of God in my Heart, while breathing out deeply I stretch it out in my Body and Life-space.
My thoughts come to rest, internally I become empty. I am conscious of the presence of Christ, open my Heart wide and let him enter.
I ask for pictures and impulses concerning my hormone system. Receive calmly, without expectations and perceive what is happening.
I ask for the Divine healing stream for my hormone system, NOW and receive:

In the middle of a circle of 49 white Light-Beings, I lie contend in the innermost room of my Heart. The Masters of the New Earth and of Change of Human Life, radiate 49 light beams out of their Hearts into my Heart .I sink into deep peace.

The Masters lift their hands and radiate the Divine matter of New Life into the energy fields of my head. My head expands endlessly.

The pituitary gland in the brain takes the spirit-matter and transfers it into the hormone circulation. Cosmic consciousness flashes up.

The White Masters direct their primal substances into all glands of my body and I follow their effect.

  • in the epiphyses in the middle of the head between the eyes,
  • in the thyroid gland and the larynx area,
  • in the thymuhe upper lung tips,
  • in the kidneys
  • in the pancreas and in the gonads.

49 pairs of golden rays coming out the eyes of the Masters wrap me up and let me fall into a deep healing sleep.
Space and space-time merge. Everything is One.

For Exercise 7
The Seven Elements
Seven is the holy number of creation in the earthly. You build your Body in seven levels. Levels of the organic functions, of emotional expression, spiritual insight and transformation.
Every functional level came into being out of one element and is protected and nourished by it. Elements are not just building blocks of Earth, but cosmic Beings, personalities of Spirit that live in our bodies. That is why these levels do not only have bodily organic functions, but also emotional-spiritual ones. These are gaining in importance.

(approx. 1 min. silence)

The first level of your body arises out of the element Earth. It concerns your bones and joints, your skin and hair, your teeth and nails. Its principle is: Hold and endurance, static and dynamic, consistency.

Allow the Spirit of the Earth to now radiate into your body.

(approx. 1 min silence)

The second level of your body was created by the element Water. That is how your blood circulation, your lymph system, the cell- and digestive juices, the waste water came into being. Its life principle: to be in flow, provision and cleansing, nourishment.

Allow the Spirit of the Water to now shine in your body

(approx. 1 min silence)

The third level of your body was created by the element Air. Your bronchia, lungs and skin work in the principle of connection, information, inspiration and cleansing.

Allow the Spirit of the Air to now lift itself up in your body

(approx. 1 min silence)

The fourth level of your body was created by the element Fire. Your nervous- and hormone system serve the life principle: Information, control, communication.

Allow the Spirit of the Fire to now blaze in your body

(approx. 1 min silence)

The fifth level of your body was created by the element Ether-fire. Your meridian-lines, the reflex-zones on the feet, hands, ears, in the face, on the tongue and in the eyes, follow the principle: Pulsation and information, broadcasting and inter-dimensional communication.

Allow the Spirit of the Ether-fire to now radiate through your body

(approx. 1 min silence)

The sixth level of your body was created by the element Light. Your aura, chakras and nadis live the principle: Sending and receiving, form building and protection, horizontal and vertical communication.

Allow the Spirit of the Light to now shine in your body
(approx. 1 min. silence)
The seventh level of your body was created by the element Love. Her life principle is the reconnection (religio) and orientation. The axis Cosmos-Human-Earth is a spiritual level that expresses itself in your body in the spinal column and in the central nervous system.

Allow the Spirit of Love to now awake in your body.

For Exercise 6
The Crystalline Heart Breath
Breathe out deeply and let go of everything that has been occupying you.
Become free internally and open your Heart.
Just by deciding to do so, it will happen.

Bring your attention into your Heart.
that you are floating through your muscle wall into your Heart.

There is a cosmic crystal in your Heart chamber
- the connecting point of your Divine Being.

Steer your attention towards it and start
breathing gently and deeply inside it:
out and in and out and in ...

Let your golden crystalline Heart Light grow,
simply through your breath and Will this will happen.

Your Heart Light grows over Heart out into the breast room,
- over the breast room out into your energy-field,
- over the energy-field out into the house.

With every breathing-out your golden-white light expands spherically towards the outside,
With every breathing-in you return to the centre and expand it with your presence.

So you expand your Heart-Love-Light with breathing into the World
And at the same time strengthen your Divine presence in your Heart.

Your Light grows over your Heart out into the breast room,
- over the house out into the land.
- over the land out into the world.

... and already after seven conscious breaths you have wrapped the Earth in your Heart-Light-Sphere
and so the planet with all its life is secure in your nourishing healing Love.

Please pass-on these texts, lectures and the internet address KRISTALLMENSCH. Let a lot of people participate, also - and especially - people that are not spiritually engaged. Respect our copy-right to these texts and distribute them all over the world - for the good of all and the Earth. Our love flows in with every word.

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