8. Spirit and Sexus Part 1

Spiritual Foundations

- Translation Astrid Zimmermann -

A story of the Dance of the One into Two

Love and violence are polar forces of the One
Which meaning have you given sexuality? Which values of life did you render to it? What became of your sexuality? You have rendered all negative values from your view of the world into sexuality: shame, dirt, guilt. Now, at the end of time, it is superimposed with these forces - within you. And so formed a moloch of disorientation, pressure, denial, fear and lust, illness, suffering and violence - in sexuality and within yourselves.

Your Self
You yourselves created this game. You yourselves decided on this game of duality and have played it. You gave it a certain time, after which you planned to close it down. Back then as today, too, you used your own creative powers, to built the space of duality, in which you wanted to play and experience. You used the reacting cosmos as the field of experimentation. Each being in this game was to have the very same unconditional possibilities of decision, experience and self-realization, each being was to reach the point of reversal by itself - and this is how it happened.

It began with the split of the One Force into two parts, two poles. You called this "male" and "female". One part of the ONE took on the masculine pole, the other the feminine. The game stretched over three levels of descend, in which different circumstances were going to guide your development. Steps had to be taken, to separate your spiritual oneness and to have you forget this separation. Your whole being had to be re-built and literally brought down in order for the experiment to be successful.

Bodies had to be created - two different bodies!
The journey into bodily rooms was a game of creation onto itself. You invented the body and the cycle of karma and grace as a possible system of experience of Spirit, feeling and development within matter. The Earth - the planet with the highest density of all planets in the cosmos - became your home until the end of time - NOW - as Earth is ascending into lighter regions. She served you and participated as an independent consciousness in this game. She matured and suffered with you.

Sun and moon strengthened and guarded your male and female forces as well as burned and hid them. At the beginning of time, the feminine light was as divine as the masculine dark, as at the end of time, the masculine light is as demonic as the feminine dark. How often they danced with each other and exchanged their roles, parted and imparted each other, separated from each other, loved and killed each other. And again and again, they arose out of each other - just like to this day your male and female babies are born out of male and female bodies.


We see and hear in our realms how fast and heartfelt many of you free themselves from these pain filled issues of humanity. We perceive how determined you are, to release the inner separation within yourselves - this split, which for eons has cost you life after life and didn't allow you to find peace in death. We see the long lines of tragedies, which ran through your generation lines, which you lovingly cultured and cared for in your bodies and consciousness, like in a vast garden brimming with roses.

And so we are deeply touched, now as you awaken behind the impermeable walls of thorned rose twines, now as the prince, this lost half of your being, has come and kisses you awake, now as you finally allow this kiss and receive it. And indeed, it is the female beings among you, the so-called victims and weak, which are here the first to cross through the gate to the New Earth, because they are the sisters, lovers and mothers of all children, warriors and kings - strong and with radiant love emanation, which softly opens the deepest rooms of martial and demonic worlds.

In deep love we are with you and walk with you on this path.
We are Maria and Ohamah.

We are writing a New Story Of Creation for you. It is only a story, yet it is meant as a basis for our encounters and talks, the foundation of our explanations and your understanding of that what WAS and WHO you truly are. And so, we will pick a few paragraphs, to commence this most important and sensitive issue "Spirituality and Sexuality" of your human life adequately.

Start of the extracts from "The Dance Of Life"


The beginning of All That Is Or The journey of IT

At the beginning there was LIGHT, SPIRIT and ONE BEING.
IT was full of love and wisdom,
full of power and brilliance,
yet without expression and knowledge of its own being.
And so, one day, IT set out into the field of NOTHING to become ALL (everything).

At the beginning of our story, there was a being, not an entity, yet a cosmic being. We call it here: "ONE BEING" or "IT". IT was space and center, cosmic vastness and outermost border. Yet, none of this was tangible and comprehensible. IT was a resting being in the land of "ALL and NOTHING" or "AN". IT was within infinite quietude. Nothing moved, nothing breathed, nothing happened. Nothing was to do. IT SIMPLY WAS. And if IT had spoken, then only the words: "I AM".

And so, ONE BEING had to accept that nothing changed, that it could not express its huge potential of love and light, that its wisdom and power was no use at all. IT accepted that for a long time - until one certain day. On this cosmic day, IT felt deep inside its first divine thought and IT said out of the depth of its fathomless being: " HERE and NOW its enough!"

And IT took its first breath. This breath tore IT'S innermost, opened it up, blasted canals from IT'S center and caused a gigantic jolt within the omniverse. All surrounding spirit- and energy structures were drawn into this swirl and surged through the open canals inside, into the heart of ONE BEING. And - for God's sake - it was damned uncomfortable!

At some point, IT came around again, was very amazed and asked itself: " What is happening here?"

Finally, IT thought: "Something HAS to happen! THIS, I can bear no longer!"
Well, it was a few millennia that IT stayed in this raging opening. IT is a bit more patient than you. You are already fidgeting if there is no change after three days! It had to do something, but what? So far, there was no DOING. What is that - DOING? How does one do this? Questions in the Eternal Light - and no answers high and low!

And so IT began to fidget and devised the first movement. It has not stopped till today, because motion is still needed to move on, to express, to experience and to shift. IT fidgeted ungovernable and disarranged its whole universe. Things roared up and stirred within IT - for God's sake- yet again something new: an intent, a wish, which became burning. IT was suddenly agitated that IT didn't know what IT was. "WHAT - AM I?"

IT had existed for so long without knowing WHAT, WHO or WHY IT was. This was indeed a shattering insight. IT had to find an answer! Deep inside, IT sensed that the answer could only lie in the heart of ALL or in the opposite, in NOTHING. Because there was nothing else than ALL and NOTHING, not even a heart. And so IT began to create ONE HEART, a habitat and an outermost border and then - AN OPPOSITE OF ALL.


The First Crystal Age Or HIM and HER carry on the journey
The essences of IT had split and IT had become something totally different. The spinning abated and tapered off. It was no longer IT-SELF. IT could no longer see what was outside. It was outside itself and saw what had become of IT. IT'S glance fell upon two very, very odd...?..? entities. Never before was there something like this in the universe. Well, IT was pretty and gracious, yet WHAT was it and what was to happen with this...?

Thus was your beginning at the First Crystal Age. We cannot say anymore who was more astounded, IT or YOU. ONE BEING poured itself during it's last wild dance into TWO BEINGS. IT extracted ALL (everything) out of itself and kept NOTHING back for itself.

One being, let's call it "HIM", took all the elementary forces on that you call DARKNESS and DESCEND today. This is not a man, for God's sake. HE is a being of masculine Spirit. HE was meant to be the primal being of all dense, descending and dark energies, the primal father and guardian of your human darkness and all negative feeling-powers, the entity of the creative Dark.

The other being, let's call it "SHE", holds all primal powers within, which you call LIGHT and ASCENSION today. SHE is not a woman. SHE is a being of feminine Spirit and was meant to be the primal being of all expanding, ascending and light energies, the primal mother and guardian of your human light and all positive feeling-powers, the entity of the creative light.

IT gave it's COMPLETE BEING into these two, yet ONE HEART stayed in the center. They didn't get their own hearts or spinal columns. They existed together within the heart of the ONE, around which they danced together. Everything that IT felt, both felt, too.

And so began the First Crystal Age as a purely Spirit realm. It served the exploration of the divided Spirit into two beings. The masculine and the feminine being were totally different. Each had characteristics, the other did not and didn't know and therefore could not feel. They were totally alien to each other.

Yet still, there was a deep peace between the two as each respected and loved the other indefinitely as both felt this within themselves. There was nothing else. They were beings of the ONE and filled with reverence for itself and the other. They could not feel anything else. Despite of deeply opposing nature, they could not really perceive any difference between each other - not yet.

They stepped out and experimented with themselves. They explored their being. They had the same questions as IT at the beginning. They wanted to find out what they were - they themselves and the other one. The same fire burned inside of them. They wanted to know, why they were different. HE felt deeply within himself and touched IT at its innermost. This moved HIM deeply. HE told HER and was amazed that SHE had also discovered IT within HERSELF, even though SHE was totally different from HIM. Why could both feel the same, even though SHE expressed herself in everything differently than HE, wanted differently than HIM and felt differently than HIM?

HE pulsated inside when he felt joy or discovered something new and a deep darkness covered his presence. SHE radiated outside when she felt joy or discovered something new and encased her presence with bright light. Golden yellow rays and indigo waves danced with each other and merged into beautiful forms, when they both felt joy together. And ever so often the unfathomable emerald green flashed, the oceanic light of IT, which at the end of time pervaded both - the deepest abyss of black magic and the highest temples of wisdom.

HE danced all the while in one direction and drew everything in huge swirls to himself.
SHE only could dance in the other direction and expanded into vastness. Their common dances were furious storms of light and dark, gold and indigo, that pulsated between ONE HEART and the outermost border, filling the cosmos with life.

And they perceived yet another phenomenon: all differences that they saw between each other dissolved as soon as they recognized them. All expressions, which differentiated HIM and HER from each other, appeared temporary and turned into the opposite as soon as they realized them. ALL (everything) was possible and NOTHING persisted. HE was darkness, glowing like the light and SHE was light, radiant like the dark. They could turn IT around as much as they wanted, deep opposites were without difference once they looked closely.

And at the end of this age, they danced into the next.


The Lime Age Or Separation equals merging
With the slowing spin, you landed finally in the Lime Age and launched it. And see: the first answer to the last question already flashed up. Your form had only changed a little - yet nothing was like before! Tow beings entered, split and yet merged - the same and yet different - different and yet the same. A new separation had taken place and at the same time a merging. The two parted itself and imparted each other. They swapped with each other and had merged with the half of the other. They gave up their oneness, the nature of their source. HE is no longer HIM and She no longer HER. HE was now HIM and HER. SHE was HER and HIM.

You no longer floated in harmoniously flowing currents, but one half of you pulled you up, the other down. You experienced the same that IT had before. You had become something different. The one half radiated and expanded, whilst the other was dark and contracted. And inside your being-axis, you felt as strange tension, an un-ease. It strained and itched, you would say today. It alarmed you, yet also excited you. And you sensed that it would take two more eons before this beginning inner diremption would find its deliverance and completion.

All movements and appearances were the opposite of what they seemed to be. They changed their countenance depending on the direction you were looking at them. At least, they remained in these new fields. They were no longer fleeting, could not so easily shift and change, now they stayed for a bit. Yet, they didn't stand still. They were trapped between the membranes of the rooms and slid on energy waves from one wall to the next and back again.

They floated in an ocean, which washed them onto its shores again and again, yet never gave them free but kept pulling them back into the open waters. All appearances went back and forth like tigers in a cage. They vibrated and swung between unseen walls and solidified with you.

This alarmed you at the beginning, as it was one of the last fading memories on your home, where ALL was flowing freely, shifting all the while. Now ALL slowly froze. LIGHT and DARK were now inside of each of your bodies - and no longer free. They too, started to float back and forth between the oceans of the Spirit and the continents of the bodies. They too, began to swap roles and lost their uniqueness - within you. In time, you became accustomed to this and you felt deep inside how much light and dark loved each other and gave themselves up to the other. Yes, LOVE was still within you. They danced with each other. Merged and separated again. In their new world they created dances, played and raved like kids, built castles and destroyed them again to built new ones.

You tumbled into a wondrous world, full of potentials and opposites, in which all and nothing were pulled toward each other and pushed apart at the same time. You had to learn to control these phenomenons in order to not get crazy within them. ...Hooch... "CRAZY" - what on earth is THAT...?!

You had dived into a mirror-world, into an illusion of the ONE BEING. IT seemed to play with you, to flout you and to avoid all laws, which IT created itself. IT took on shapes, only to mask them immediately. IT crossed the boundaries, which IT had just laid down. IT set limits, only to outwit them right then. IT was a huge romping place of phenomenon's, out of which you would later built your bodies and worlds. Initially, you were deeply irritated and delighted.

What were the burning questions now, you would have unconditionally done anything to get the answers to? What did you want to know, reach and express? Well, it still was about definitions:

What is:...light? ... love? ... eternity? ... security? ... power?
What is: .... space? ... time? ... path? ... feeling? ... recognition? ... knowledge?

You recognized these as parts of yourselves, you were used to it, it was natural and yet it had changed with the ages. IT did not stay what IT was. IT changed its face with every dance and began slowly to withdraw from you. And so, once again the un-ease awakened within you, the will, to dive deeper into these appearances, to the core, which had to be unchangeable, this you sensed.

You wanted to experience IT. Deep inside, you knew how to do it. All you had to do was to create the opposite of everything you wanted to discern. You had to experience the opposite and to reverse it all again at the end of time. Then - this wisdom vibrated in ONE HEART- you would have understood IT in it's true nature. Then you would have brought Spirit into a new world. Yes, twice you had to turn IT. Twice, you had to forget yourselves, twice, you had to die and be born anew. Then you would KNOW - and a holy shudder went through you as you saw that. And so, you decided to continue your journey immediately.

If you wanted to understand the core of LOVE, you had to create the opposite - within yourselves. Later, you called this HATRED and FEAR. To understand ETERNITY, you had to experience MORTALITY. And what about ONENESS? Until this moment, you were ONE. None of you had a heart of your own. ONE HEART harbored all beings within it. In none of your adventures had you experienced to be separated from one another. Yet, ONE had become too MUCH.


The Dust Age Or The cross of life follows death
Now, it was time for a new dance. For the first time, it was carried out by each of you within yourself and by the era together with you. Your bodies span around an axis, which emerged during this dance, as you had agreed before to release the single parts of yourself to all others and let them go with them into the many different realms, times and dimensions. A very risky and adventurous undertaking! Yet, as you were still secure in ONE HEART - what was gonna happen?

Yet, in this dance, you span out of ONE HEART. You had not planned this, yet it happened. Now you were thrown back upon yourself - away from the other. And so, we will now look at the single body whilst so far, we had looked at the evolution of the TWO. This was the moment as you created the cross of life, that great landmark of your body, onto which you bound all suffering at the end of time.

The own heart is born
Single parts of your body-field span around their axis in order for - again - something new to emerge. You danced and span out of ONE HEART and created your own heart. Each being created their own heart and became their own SELF, an individual - their own undivided whole.

And it was a very uplifting feeling to have a heart of ones own. Even though in this dance, this operation, the vibration of your bodies became even more solidified, it was a price, you paid willingly. Now, each being had A HEART in its chest, a true, whole and perfect heart. Each being had IT in its chest, ONE BEING, the love and light of the ONE: the wisdom and life of the beginning. You danced jigs of joy, touched yourself and the others and told each other how wonderful it was to have a heart.

Then, you went out alone into the vast landscape, far away from the places, where they all lived. There, you reached and searched deeply into yourself - and indeed: YOU were WHOLE. You were deeply not alone, not lonely, even though there was no other anywhere near. You were WHOLE and COMPLETE in YOURSELF. You were bathed in bliss, the currents of light and dark flowed softly yet strong and powerful through your new hearts and breathed the new life into them. Oh, these were grand moments, so grand that you could draw from them for a whole era - the very era, which was now to come.

Finally, after your celebrations and blissful explorations, you realised that there was something else, something alarming. Suddenly, you didn't know any more how the other was. You could no longer feel them. You had to ask them and they had to tell you. Only then could you feel them again, yet not as deep any more, not within yourself. First, you communicated in colours, light and sound, in the language, you had brought with you. Yet, soon, you realised that this was no longer enough. You searched for new movements and forms. Later, as your bodies became denser, you created songs, sounds and words just to hear how the other one was. It was indeed frightening to not feel this any more.

You united yourself with your own heart and separated with that from all others. Nobody had considered this. This was an outrageous effect, which brought a huge chill within, a distance, which could only be warmed a little and it was temporary at that. This unsettled you deeply and at this point, something began to germinate inside - DISTRUST, you called it later. It could not be undone.

This unconceivable separation was soon to culminate into a horrid moment: you had to decide, what you wanted to be: "part of the community" or "Yourself".

You had to experience that the decision for the community drew you out of your heart, whilst the decision for yourself separated you from the others. With this inevitable realisation, your new heart contracted badly and you felt for a time terribly alone, lost and very lonely.

End of the extracts from "The Dance Of Life"

Here, we leave our story and return with some small piece of wisdom to our lesson.

If you want to conquer the mountain, you will not fathom it. You will see and climb it, reach its peak, yet stay separate from it. You will experience it, yet not become One with it. It is like this with everything that is separate from you. By beginning to fathom yourself out, you recognize the Spirit and can become One with it.

Spirit and Sexus - what do they mean?

Spirit is the androgynous disembodied being,
both masculine and feminine, neither male nor female.
Spirit is the One undivisable Self in the Spirit-Realm, your body-less being.
Spirit is the One undivisable Love, which loves unconditional, births and dies,
accepts and lets go, is One and ALL, ALL and NOTHING.
Spirit is you yourself in the disembodied realms.

Spirituality is your search after your inner truthfulness and sincerity.
Spirituality is your striving for unification of the separated with you.
Spirituality is your longing for mergence of the divided within yourself.
Spirituality is the wish for the expression of your love- and creative forces.
Spirituality is the quest for YOURSELF in the embodied realm.

Sexus is Oneness, distributed onto the two sexes.
The male and female half of your undivisible whole.
Sexus is the separation of the One into Two.
Sexus is the consolidation of the Spirit into physical being.
Sexus is the sexual body.
Sexus is YOURSELF in the embodied realms.

Sexuality is your search after your inner truthfulness and sincerity.
Sexuality is your striving for unification of the separated with you.
Sexuality is your longing for mergence of the divided within yourself.
Sexuality is the wish for the expression of your love- and creative forces.
Sexuality is the quest for YOURSELF in the embodied realm.

The inner separation - benefit and problem
No, dear ones, we did not err and copied the wrong text here. Indeed, spirituality and sexuality are identical - one and the same. The only difference is that Spirit is the spiritual part of yourselves and Sexus the physical. These two were separate from each other for a long time - within yourselves. Two problems pose themselves at the end of time, two aspects, which need clarifying:

1) So far, you have limited the spiritual search for realization onto the spiritual life-rooms and the sexual search for realization onto the physical. Between these two life-issues and -rooms, the same high wall was standing as between the male and the female pole in your society. The one had nothing to do with the other, even more: the one constricted the other, the one had to be killed in order for the other to live (as your religious and spiritual dogmas demand) - an immense tragedy, which allowed you to enter the deepest rooms of pain, fear and loneliness, indeed.

2) In both, the spiritual and the sexual realisation - and there only is SELF-realization - you have only oriented yourself to the outside, have searched for fulfilment, union and mergence on the outside. And of course, you have not found it there, because you were not fulfilled, united and merged within yourself.

The inner separation - if you believe our story - was wanted by you right from the start. You have constructed and kept and amplified it with each further step down the ladder. For a long time, separation was the investment of the Spirit into its embodiment and expansion. During the phase of your descend, it was a true benefit. However, for a while now - since the moment of your collective reversion in May 2001 - separation is a problem, which can and needs to be solved.
Voluntary and involuntary unification

The inner separation produced two phenomenon's, which ran through your earthly-human life and love life: the voluntary and involuntary unification. Your deepest primal source is filled and traumatised by this. All your feelings and decisions during waking consciousness are led and influenced by these experiences.

1 The Love-Fear-Syndrome
The Joy-Aggression-Principle
The voluntary unification concerns all your encounters with other beings, which arose and arise by your own personal wish. Part of the voluntary unification is the love relationship, which emerges out of the burning heart-force when two beings meet, which are in deep resonance with each other. In the frame of your duality, bliss is followed by disillusion, love by fear (of loss), joy by aggression, trust is followed by control, the electrifying free flow is followed by magnetic binding. The YES follows the NO. The voluntary unification follows the involuntary, mechanical repetition - void of love, spirit- and passion-less. The unconditional decision for this ONE follows one day the collapse of what was the dream of your life - or seemed to be.

It does not matter during which phase of the experience you are now. The one is as precious and irrelevant as the other, as long as you have not unified and accepted this great being and force of duality within yourself: LOVE and FEAR, JOY and AGGRESSION, QUIET and STORM.

The outer bondage and loneliness are mirrors of your inner bondage and loneliness. Only these, you can redeem - and only you yourselves can do it. This is curse and blessing in one: You must do it, you must do it alone, there is no other way. You can do it totally independently from the other. Nobody can stop you.

2 The Victim-Offender-Syndrome
The Power-Powerlessness-Principle
The involuntary unification concerns all encounters with other beings, which did and do not arise from your personal wish. Part of the involuntary unification is sexual abuse, which many of you have experienced, as both victim and offender. Many recall their victim hood and others their offender hood. Yet it does not matter. As long as you separate the one from the other inside yourself, both of them are lonely and despaired.

Nobody can be a victim without also having the offenders within themselves. This is a compulsive rule of duality. The stronger you feel a victim, the more you hide the offender within you. People, who see themselves as victims, do not suffer from the outer offender, which without any doubt they attract with their vibration, yet from the imprisoned offender within themselves. They suffer from the deep inner knowledge that the creator within them cannot revive, as long as they separate offender and victim. This equals the split of your hearts - right chamber = offender, left chamber = victim - or vice versa, it does not matter.

This chapter is going to be followed by further lessons. We pose the following questions and will approach the answers:
  • Where is the connection between the spiritual will, which allows abuse and the Ego will, which judges it?
  • What is voluntary and what is involuntary?
  • How does abuse happen? What are the foundations and causes of the involved?
  • What happens on the outer and inner levels?
  • Wherein lies the wisdom of abuse?
  • Wherein does abuse find its completion?
Find your answers, find more questions and the answers to those and be open-hearted inside these most painful spaces of human history, which are now open and lighten, which are now crystallizing within your hearts.

The principle of the voluntary and involuntary unification does not only apply to physical-sexual encounters, yet also for mental-spiritual ones. Just think of the many religious and spiritual communities, which hold their members and followers in suffocating dogmas, which govern and rape, indeed.

At this point, dear ones, everything essential has already been said. Allow these statements to flow into your hearts, breathe them in, breathe them through you and allow eons of search, addiction, diremption and despair to go through you and be redeemed.


Male and female essences

Men and women
At the first level of our story, the ONE BEING derived itself into a masculine and a feminine being. Spirit stayed One. One Heart beamed in both beings - or - both beings were beaming on the One Heart. At the second level, the soul emerged and split itself into two beings, in a male and female being. One Heart stayed and its power was great and unbroken. At the third level, Spirit split from soul and sacrificed One Heart. It allowed them to move on by themselves. Souls in male and female bodies were what was left, and with each further step, they forgot who they were.

The women and men of this Earth are the left and right hand of Adam Kadmon, the cosmic human, the planetary body of your universe. As long as they have not recognized this truth, the sexes will continue to fight against each other and themselves, to oppress each other and themselves.

Souls incarnate as men or women, depending on the task, they want to resolve, depending on the attendant circumstances, which are necessary for this task. A soul, which incarnated as a man has different possibilities and limits on Earth as a soul, which comes here as a woman.

Men have the possibility to act in active expansion and bring creative, martial potentials into effect, to bring about changes and inflict pain. Women, on the other hand, have the possibility to act in passive expansion and embody acceptance and dedication, to endure and redeem pain, to anchor creative potentials of compassion on the planet and become powerful in humility.

Yet, men are also beings of humility and women beings of battle. Each resembles the other at the beginning - and the end.

The completed masculinity of the man lies within the full integration of the feminine soul-forces: passivity and inspiration, in aid and devotion, in gentleness and forgiveness, closeness and compassion. The warrior rises to be healer and priest when he lives and expresses these feminine forces - he becomes the king of the Spirit and father of humanity. Jesus lived this.

The completed femininity of the woman lies in the full integration of the masculine soul-forces: will and courage, activity and assertiveness, determination and perseverance. In the living expression of these masculine powers rises the woman-healer to a priestess - to the queen of Spirit and mother of humanity. This was lived by Maria.

And so, LOVE and WISDOM concentrate into MIGHT on Earth. In the spiritual realms, there is no difference between man and woman. The embodiment of this indistinctiveness is identical with the transcending of your human body, with the crystallisation of your will and the birth of your creative power on Earth. Deepest non-resisting and indifference in the field of earthly drama are great challenges and birth highest spiritual expression.

Couples and partner
By standing across and looking at each other, your powers are disunited and weak, because you perceive the other and not yourself.

By standing next to each other and looking in the same direction, your trust and powers on Earth can unite and focus, because you have the same goal in your view.

By standing in the spirit of Oneness back to back and looking into opposing directions, the Spirit-Bodies of your hearts merge and exponentiate their cosmic force. In this way, each sees what the other sees and you create Oneness on Earth. Thus you pull great powers from the deepest spaces to you and send them into all directions of the Earth, into the community of Spirit.


Spiritual essences and body fluids
In some cultures, sexuality is a noble gift to welcome strangers. They offer their women for one night to the guest. The gift does not lie within the woman or the lust, yet in the offer of mergence with the feminine knowledge, the wisdom of that culture. In this encounter, crystalline genotype is given, shared and imparted.

Who refuses this gift of "unification of the separated", causes pain, amazement and confusion. Such a culture knows nothing of shame, arrogance and civilised morality and cannot comprehend such a refusal. In the female sexuality pulsates the spiritual wisdom of a tribe - in the form of the mother of this tribe.

When you, coming from the One Form, split yourselves into male and female poles and into bodies, the secretion of your bodies took in the masculine and feminine essences, which turned into male and female juices. In merging, they lead into Oneness again, which expresses itself in the body of the child.

Each body possess male as well as female juices of the parents and the previous generations and the juices of its own gender and finally the undivided spiritual essences of Oneness - even though in inactive form. Yet this it what its all about. The juices of the parents and previous generations in your bodies make sure that their emotional and physical life-dramas are carried on by you. The juices of your own gender split your Oneness into one half of the whole, which searches full of despair for the other half and cannot find it on the outside. At best, the drama of the ancestors gets repeated.

The inactive, undivided essences of Oneness have to be activated. This happens with the inner stance of indiscrimination and total devotion to your split body-heart and the One Heart of your Spirit. This most loving self-centredness, this unconditional YES to your own life, activates the spiritual essences of the creator within you.

This former spiritual split expresses itself in the halves of the body. It can become one again through the spiritual unification of the juices. Herein lies hidden the primal force of the spiritual love, which leads the single human back into Oneness.

As long as you are within a field of consciousness, which is looking for gratification, fulfilment and unification on the physical level, sexuality as a means to a passing mergence is at your disposal.

The female juices carry the wisdom of the Spirit and the power of the spiritual life. The monthly blood of the woman nourishes the body of the Earth with feminine wisdom and spiritual power. Via the blood women connect as human mothers the Mother Earth with the cosmic mother. You are mothers, children and lovers of all three spheres. Just by your conscious knowledge of this, the spiritual cells of your power open and it will come into a powerful flowing.

The male juices hold the wisdom of the body and the force of physical life and death within them. The semen of the man creates human bodies and the world on Earth. The blood of the woman is the nourishing, dark ground, in which the male light-seed germinates and ripens. Not only lies the seed of the child-body in the male semen, yet also the power and re-incarnation of the man himself: his semen regenerates the aging body and can lead him in the full concentration of Spirit beyond the boundaries of mortality.

The Immaculate Conception is the direct mergence between Spirit and Sexus. The total devotion of the partners onto themselves, onto each other and the whole of humanity is an act of spiritual love, which opens and activates the spiritual room of creation and conception thus far, as that the spiritual essence of the male semen is able to leap into the spiritually open, female womb and embody itself in there. Whatever flows within the body in channels and pathways, also flows in Spirit in channels and pathways and can thus manifest.

Spiritual essences and violence
Within this division of the spiritual essences into the bodily juices of both sexes, you find the deepest, unconscious reason for violence between man and women. The violence of the women lies in their refusal. They want to keep their wisdom and power to themselves, they don't want to pass on their redeeming love and share it with the men. They block the way to fulfilment. So their free flowing forces get stuck - first within themselves and then on the outside.

Men, who assault women, thirst for the feminine wisdom and softness, for gentleness and encouragement of their different being. Deep fears and despair fill them, when they feel disconnected from this source. Men need the feminine essences of the women during this time badly, more so than the women need the masculine essences of the men, because within the female bodies lie deepest security, comfort and healing.

In the masculine essence, the death-force predominates, which leads to a hopeless end, a shadow-being, if it cannot exchange itself with the feminine essence of the New Birth. This is the reason that your male legions and the lines of the rulers of your ages, who were without female nourishment, became ever harder, inhumane, like wild beasts, lonely and hopeless. These men of your society seem to be very powerful, yet they are despaired, as their power only touches Earth, not sky. And so you cannot measure the depth of the spiritual doom of male juices, as long as they are separate from the female ones. It is this abysmal duality, which turns men into cruel offenders and after that to eternally condemned.

And so arose - next to the wisdom of male and female live - also despair, hatred and doom - within all of you.
You female beings will recognize one day: What is the nourishing sun for humanity, is the woman for the man. And you will take loving responsibility for it. Even though, your body is yours, it is also a spiritual-collective commodity all have a right to.

Indeed, this drama developed in your outside world, yet only after you performed it inside of your inner realms and worlds. And so we would advice you not to apply this chapter to you and the world, yet only to yourself - only to yourself, the split and separated halves of your masculine-feminine wholeness, the despair of the ejected and starving warriors within yourself, the pride and hurt healers within yourself, the outlawed creators within yourself.

The outer violence is secondary. It's a consequence of the inner violence against yourselves, which you set up and executed. What is inside you, you emanate and attract to you. It is a question of resonance. Stay with yourselves when you turn to the issue of victim and offender, keep your hearts open and breathe deeply. Allow all currents to flow freely.


The warrior and the woman-healer
The male being is the warrior, adventurer, innovator, and changer of the old. He creates the ground for the New. He is the wise one, who stands at the beginning of the cycle. The sky is still blue and the land green. The battlefield is yet unspoilt. The warrior has come to battle, as he is the father of all things, the seed of all plants, the darkness of all light, the death of all life, the primal ground of all love, the beginning of all power and might.

The warrior is a being of creative determination. He changes what was with great spiritual radiation. He is the human being of the beginning, a being of bold heart, for whom the worst is still to come. Battles and wars will come, when - and because - he has come.

The females are the healers of the wounds, the lovers of the warriors, the mothers of the hurt children, the nourishment of the starving. She is the wise being, which stands at the deepest point of the cycle. The sky is grey, the battlefields have become quiet, the blood of life has been spilt, and the seed for the New is deposited. The woman-healer has come to bandage the wounds, as she is the mother of all things, the ground for the plants, the light of all darkness, the life of all death, the love of all primal grounds, the fulfilment of all power and might.

The female being carries the goblet, which turns blood into the water of life. It is full of compassion and within it able of great might. Yet this might can only unfurl when the male being has acted before in his might. The male can endure only little pain, cannot heal, yet cause pain. It cannot love as long as it is not loved itself.

You, dear beloved, are neither man nor woman, neither warrior nor woman-healer! You are a being of Oneness, which took for each incarnation on Earth the specific body, which corresponded best to its will and love. Did you want to serve as the warrior and help humanity to endure pain, to reach humility, power and inner strength? Did you want to help them to overcome boundaries and to enter into new spaces? Did you want to teach them forgiveness, then you could do all this deeply within a male body. Because it possessed the unbounded wildness, which was necessary for this.

Had you decided to perfect your inner powers, to forgive and learn to heal? Had you decided to stretch out your hand to humanity, to aid them with the force of your heart? Had you decided to bathe them in compassion and love, in ever-returning power, to heal their wounds, and comfort them, so could you do this only in a female body.

Deep inside of you, you know of your own power, which could not find expression on Earth for a long time. You know, that everybody, who inflicts pain onto you, is in great pain themselves. And so it is the male, who took on the greater pain, as he had to give up his connection to his spiritual home right from the start - this golden thread between cosmos and Earth, which the female guards and maintains.

The male and female being
Male energy and perception are of energetic-material nature, those which can be seen through the eyes of your bodies. It carries the knowledge of matter within. It creates matter and turns into it itself, it believes in rigour and becomes rigid itself. Thus the divine masculine creator leaves the space of Spirit and solidifies into lower frequencies. The creator turned into a creature, the innovator turned into matter. In this act of creation he lost himself and stays imprisoned within his creation for a long time. The male being looks up and sees Spirit from the view of matter. He is looking against the light and can only see very little. He is the explorer on the horizontal level of your cross of life. He embodies the world of the either-or-principle, logic and intelligence. He is the conqueror of the mountain and of Spirit - and is unable to fathom it.

The male has dug himself into a deep pit and lowered himself right down to the ground. There is no return. The reason for this game, this creation is only secondarily found in the exploration of matter. The primary wish is the exploration of feelings and the forces of the Spirit, the exploration of change and space, of time and motion of the cosmic energies - and the expansion of Spirit into a formerly spiritless realm of matter.

Above, at the edge of the pit stands the female - in the sunlight, to carry on this image. She has a rope, which is long enough to pull him up. Yet, she does not do that, as this would not bring any gain, no experience, no recognition, and no growth. The female being is the divine feminine creator. She took on the other part of the split almightiness, the power of intuition, the remembrance of the cosmic home and source, the feeling of Spirit. To keep this power, she stood above in the sun and did not climb down into the pit.