Mächtige Wächter im Schlosspark von Invercargill, Neuseeland
Mächtige Wächter im Schlosspark von Invercargill, Neuseeland

Spirit an Sexus Part 2

Human Love

- Translation Astrid Zimmermann -

The Warrior And The Love
The Chaos And The Woman-Healer

The healing of the warrior
There was a time when the hearts of the women had closed so much,
that they were unable to truly receive and give any more,
as this is one and the same.
There came a time when the man dominated and gave what was his, and he turned
the wheel of evolution downward, as it is his nature.
Now comes the time when the woman gives what is hers to give,
and the wheel of evolution turns upward, as it is her nature.

Collected and revised texts since 2002
An Atlantean Story

The martial male being
It were the priests of Atlantis who kept turning the wheel of evolution between the male and female forces. Of course, it were always the higher ranks of society, who changed the world and society with their needs and impulses.

The word “priest” had a much broader sense than today. It was a title, similar to your doctor of professor. There were priests for all branches of science and research: health and spiritual hygiene, music- and sound-explorations, communication and philosophy, human resources management and human rights, love and sexuality, abundance and wealth, nature and Fauna, intuition and solving of conflicts, geological and cosmic research.

As laid down in our New Story Of Creation, there were three levels of descend within yourselves, three phases of partitioning the One into duality. The first phase was the mutual exploration of the split Spirit. Masculine and feminine beings lived in deep differentiation and peace with each other. You were androgynous Gods – non-embodied beings.

The second level solidified your consciousness considerably, calcified it. You became very similar to each other and began to forget, who you were and why there was the other gender. Yet, you were content, because love still reigned in your hearts and so you did not lack anything during this Space-Time.

The third level was the crucifixion of your being, the level of the physical bodies, of death and pain. It was the level of the tangible loss of ….? What, you no longer knew. Yet, it hurt.

The elite of the Atlantean culture had expanded within the exploration of the spiritual, cosmic and earthly wisdom. All of them were highly specialized experts in their fields – yet still, something was amiss, which they could not grasp, even though – or exactly because – it was so close.

Even though, the mother-tribe of humanity lived within the space of a wide-open consciousness, something deep inside was missing within each single human. All efforts to see something inside and to get it on the outside failed. The closer they seemed to come to the mysterious something, the more distant it became. Because at the third level you had your own heart for the first time, which you immediately sacrificed and crucified for further research. You turned the consciousness of the One into dust in order to obtain bodies.

In Atlantis, the masculine intelligence and the feminine intuition developed onto a high level. You gained might over different sections of life and nature, however, not yet over yourselves. Something was amiss.

Of course, over time, it became clear that this something had to be the spiritual essences of the male and female bodies, which could assist ascension – and the single human seemingly to might over all.

The men with their ability for embodiment and materialisation, suffered under the lack of the inner warmth of the soul and the access to the free-flowing Spirit. Thus they could not find inner fulfilment nor inner composure within matter. The women with their ability for inspiration and healing could not reach the ground. They could not ingrain themselves in matter and floated between the worlds.

Whilst the ones held the knowledge of the outer phenomenon, of the WHAT, the others lived the inner phenomenon, holding the knowledge of the HOW. Well, in the absence of the One divine consciousness, the heart-force and love, a way had to be found to merge the two poles. During this time, there was an inner split between the sexes, so this way could only be one of battle over dominance and might – the path of oppression of one of the two sexes.

The male priests believed to be able to absorb the power of the women via the sexual act, as they had found out that the female-spiritual intuition, the superior female wisdom, was contained within the bodily juices of the women. This was the moment when sexuality turned into an instrument of dominance, violence and oppression and finally led to the slavery of the souls.

Up to this moment, sexuality had been a free form of interaction within society. Everybody was free to be with anybody. In the exchange of feelings, passion and juices, the exchange of the spiritual essences took place. Men and women were close to each other as they lived their sexuality with each other. Equally, Spirit and body came close, as they were within a lively exchange. The more men and women could merge with each other, the more alive and multi-layered was the exchange and the mergence of the energies on all levels. For a long time, the wisdom of the men and the intuition of the women were joined at inner and outer levels and both sexes as well as the single individual were strong and powerful.

Yet the constant descend of consciousness pulled veils of oblivion over their hearts and separated them from each other. In the absence of the love of the ONE BEING, the male priests now began to use this free form of sexuality for themselves. They came for the women, yet no longer to merge with them, to open to them as well, not to devote themselves to them to nourish them, but to get from them what they thought to need.

The priestesses and women turned into milkers (please forgive this analogy), sexuality into a sort of breeding business, which was now extended for gain only. The understanding of love for the male was closely connected to the intellect. This was her pain, as the deep sensation of mergence and sacredness of the act was reserved for the female body. This pain, this inability for deep feelings, was her wound – and became her weapon. This new orientation was extended in an outrageous manner.

At the beginning of this evolution, the women allowed the men this behaviour as their love for them was great and they believed that this new fashion was only temporary, as long as the men got what they wanted. Yet on the one hand, the men did not get what they wanted, as the free-flowing Spirit cannot be caught with the lasso of a cowboy, if he himself is closed off and does not give. On the other hand, the men got a taste of power, which they liked. At this point, the ruler within them awakened.

In time, it was inevitable that the women felt abused and tormented, even scorned in their deep perception. They had missed the time to unify and stop this development. The abuse of their feelings and unconditional love pushed them into a further solidification of consciousness. When ethic and morale of the one pole of society sink deeper, the other has to follow too.

The women entered the battle. At first, they resisted and closed themselves off. They decided as well to no longer nurture the men. They allowed that their deep perception and passion reduced to a high level of frigidity. The women no longer came when the men called for them, refused contact or at least inner openness. In this way men and women starved each other. Who is hungry, fights for food and dominance.

The priests sensed the danger this female retreat meant for them and so they mused for a long time to find a loophole. This was, measured by the customs and matters of course back then, absurd and ingenious, simple and cruel. They came up with a new set of rules, a new ethic and morale for sexuality and society: monogamy.

Of course, this was not possible from one day to the next. Such a fantastic, seemingly strange and outrageous plan had to be implemented in stages. They used cryptic demands and manipulations as well as blackmailing contracts. It worked. Because the women were by now so traumatized in their perception, so disoriented and fallen out of their heart-force, they did not see through this plan. Each priest got a priestess and only these two were allowed to share their juices, feelings and wisdom with each other. The mergence with others was forbidden.

Of course with this, the battle for such partners began, who held high ranks of wisdom or sought after positions. Now the era of competition and rivalry, of intrigues and jealousy had started – the last degree of an inner barrenness, which should last, expand and deepen over many life ages.

The women experienced the battle over power just the same as the men. They got into the same spaces of fear, avarice and hatred as the men, who went ahead. The women isolated themselves from each other. The camp of the women was much sooner broken up than that of the men, because those held at least the mutual sceptre as the rulers of the oppressed in their hands.

A grey could of dominance, abuse and powerlessness darkened your breath. Despair and death, loneliness and slavery of the souls reached across the land and suffocated live for an era.

During this time, the hearts of the women closed and were unable to truly receive and give, as this is one and the same. The forms of behaviour and symptoms this brought with it will be looked at in the following text collection.

Via this station, you have advanced toward your end, for which you decided that all your might and power had to turn into dust. The end is here and you have moved beyond. Because it is not the end of everything. You have reached the deepest point of your explorations, the point of complete powerlessness. This can and will now be shifted into a living MIGHT and POWER.

The deciding force is your crystal-heart-light, which leads your life into change, merges and activates your undivided feminine-masculine essences, leading you to deep knowledge about your old being and into a new divinity.

The merged male-female heart-force was according to our New Story Of Creation not on Earth for 94.000 years. 2000 years ago, when the descending course of the sun after the age of Aries turned into an ascending one, came the ONE LOVE-WISDOM back to Earth through Jesus the Christ. Since then, your life purpose and -task lies in anchoring this one masculine-feminine power on Earth – through your bodies and your hearts, never mind if it pulsates in a male or female body.

A Story At The End Of Time

The martial female being
Male and female beings are not necessarily men and women. The female being in its cell structure is already unified with the male. SHE, like HIM, carries all intentions and experiences of war within. However, nowadays, many women use these experiences for a victim stance and in refusing, do not acknowledge their own power and deprive the world of it. In this victim stance, they are determined, martial and insistent. They take neither responsibility for their own spiritual intentions nor for their true power. So they became the warrior themselves without recognizing or admitting it. They are unreleased and blocked in their ascend, as they block the ascend of many, which can only happen through them. The female being in this sense is no healer of life, yet a warrior against life. The hidden female strategy of war will be looked at in the following texts.

At the core of the female victim, the oppressed and degraded, lie hidden - next to the light masculine energies determination, perseverance and inner strength - also the dark masculine energies defence, aggression and coldness. Out of these stuck energies grow all forms of the unredeemed female warriors: demanding, controlling, manipulating, refusing, bossing and helper syndromes, responsibility for everybody, expectation, blackmailing and aloofness.

The release lies within acknowledging their own warrior-ship as legitimate and the freeing of the inner female power in order for it to grow: gentleness and love are the weapons of war for life. With them the female being (Spirit, Light) climbs down into the pit to the masculine being (see part 1) and merges with him: “ I Am You and You Are ME”.

Sexuality and nourishment
(conveyed 11.12.2003)
“In the sexual encounter, as with ingesting food, you satisfy your bodily and emotional needs. Even if you do this in the company of others, it applies to your own needs.

In contact with a partner you experience the parts of yourself, which you split from yourself, the parts you long for. You experience this via the body and bodily vitality of the other. In the contact, touching and arousal, you experience via your own body and with the help of the other those parts within yourself, which are still alien to you. These parts of yourself, which you long for and sense in sexuality, are of ethereal and spiritual nature – not earthly, not physical.

If you believe to need another, you have not yet grasped, that you need yourself deeply. Sexuality is an aid to get close to your own Self through the other – often it is misunderstood and abused. Yet because as your own feeling and wanting alone can lead you to your Self, to your own Spirit and true core, this way of quest will remain unfulfilled, as long as you direct your feeling and wanting in sexuality toward the other person and not toward yourself.

Once you found your Self, you carry a living love (to yourself and others) within you. You no longer depend on sexuality, and then it can give you joy and fulfilment in a way, you have never felt before.

Sexuality is, like eating, A BEING OF PHYSICAL LOVE, which will spiritualise itself during these times of change. You have everything within you and are able to receive everything from the cosmos, which nourishes and fulfils you. The earthly forms of love and nourishment have led to misery, violence and illness amongst humanity. Now the time is ripe to change this.”

The legalised partnership
Partnership and marriage in your society demand clear-cut terms: at the moment as a relationship is official, legalised by human measures, it gets under the pressure of outer rules and one’s own inner stance, which is coined by the outer. From the moment of “YES, I DO”, neither one of the two is allowed to eat anything different from the partner, sing another song than the partner, live no differing sexuality and love no other than the legalised partner.

The sexual encounter falls under rules, into a certain frame, is pressed into a certain form and rigour. In this way, it loses all its magic, which could lead to the development of the individual and collective Spirit. Instead, it turns into a recurrent act of lust and frustration.

Two powerful forces of the subconscious dominate the human partnership: the FEAR of being alone and the WILL for dominance and control.

“I love you” means: “I need you because there is nothing I can (want to) do with myself” and “You have to be there for me exclusively. I want you for my own!”

The legalised partnership is full of exclusivities: One partner excludes all others. Is the inner relationship one of “relationship of companions” and the “relationship of lovers” does not flow, you have to give up either love or companionship.

This outer abandonment is also an inner and yet another separation from yourself, which leads inside as well as outside to pressure, fear, guilt, falseness and misery.

The sharp sword of human love
Message from Sananda to a spiritual-oriented woman, who felt, in her role as mother and partner, blocked in her expectations from her family, as nobody cared for her demands, pleas and suggestions concerning the form of family life, she deemed proper (Oct. 2004).

“You hold a great power inside of you, which is already radiating without your knowledge. Others feel this radiation and experience it much stronger than you yourself. However, as long as your power is under the rule and control of your spiritual Ego, it affects others like a sharp sword, which you direct at them. Your well-meaning demand on your husband and children for insight and awareness, for order and community leads to nothing as the opening of a silent battle.

The others show you the cold shoulder. They don’t want to do battle. They will subconsciously built barriers to protect themselves against your martial influence. They turn away in order to breathe in the way that is theirs. Whatever you demand in the outer is not redeemed within you, is not in balance. Demand it of yourself, direct the tip of your sword against yourself and experience therein your might and insight to handle these gently.

Whatever is in balance and order within you, do not demand these on the outside, yet assist and further them.

Let people go. Ask nothing of them. Don’t put them under pressure. Allow them to walk their path. Allow them to have their own intentions for their evolution. Free them from you and you from them. No one on Earth is at your point of evolution and errors. You have no right and no foundation to expect the same of others.

Return to yourself and bring your own live in order. Bring the forces of Spirit and matter into a balance within you, so that LOVE can blossom within you before it emanates into the field of others. Love loves what is. Love does not demand, hope or delegate. It does not expect a common thinking and feeling, not even within the earthly family. Love awaits and allows the plant to grow.

Directing the sword of spiritual truth onto yourself will bring you two waves of pain: inner emptiness, hopelessness and the question after the sense if life, when you have let go of the other people. This first wave is followed by the insight of the inner chaos – a nuisance, which grew within your livelong flight from yourself. Accept it.

On this way you will meet with the mighty Spirit of earthly life, which guards your light and your shadow – inside the room of your darkness, your disorder and your imbalance. And this place is full of love and light also.”

The human of the New Time is feminine
The human of the New Time is a feminine being, full of devotion and compassion. It acts in a concealed manner – a strong, within itself consolidated being, of great power, courage and determination. It is warrior and creator in one. This new human has come to end the long ages of the denial of the feminine primal force, which led to a deep exhaustion and lifelessness. Its strength is intuition, gentleness and compassion. It uses the water of life as a wondrous solvent, which melts the tough feeling- and thought crusts of the old human. This, it does softly and defensively without causing new crises.

The human of the New Time cries. He cries and no one knows why. Many believe that he is weak or sick, yet he is strong and of unshakeable health. He cries because he chose the tears as a means for redemption from the fires of pain – and thousands of angels take the darkness that is now flowing though his tears and carry it up into the light.

His second tool is dreaming. Here he is in lively contact with the worlds behind the veils, with the brothers and sisters of the spiritual realms. The strength and inner force of the human of the New Time is of feminine, spiritual and passive nature. It is the power of the woman-healer and -guardian of life. It is the flowing and acting inside the hidden of a crystalline heart, which is enough onto itself and does not demand from others. The human of the New Time chooses male and female bodies.

Old motherly love
Opposing forces suppressed for a long time this inner strength, unreleased feminine powers: The quest for acceptance and confirmation on the outer; the retraction and petrifaction when this acceptance didn’t come; the pity and suffering with others when one’s own sense of life stayed hidden; the clinging and holding onto one’s own mother role even if the children had long grown up; the controlling and manipulating, the delegating, demanding and loving blackmailing. Fear, disappointment and bitterness were often the only fruit after a long family life.

This old mother-love does not allow children to walk their own paths, as it is grounded in the lack of love for the Self. And so, fear reigns within her and subconsciously, control mounts. She does not release her kids into their own life. She does not let go when it is time. She puts the net of fear and death around them: if the mother-to-be does not release her own baby from her womb, it will die – and so will she. It is the same in the psychic process of the second delivery, which becomes necessary when the child has become an adult.

If you hold great feminine powers within you yet do not allow them to flow freely, it could be fatal for your children on a soul level: On the inner, you radiate the electric light of the mother and healer and attract those humans to you, who suffer and need guidance. In the outer field you are surrounded by the magnetic forces of control and your own suffering. Your emanation is therefore dissonant and disharmonic, electric and magnetic, affirmative and negative.

The effect onto the attracted people is devastating. They are trapped like in a spiders net and cannot get free. Even if they get the security they long for, the price is emotional imprisonment. This binding care makes you and the others unfree. It becomes an inner jail, from which the other seeks to escape with aggressive resistance. The drama of a mother in the Old Time and that of each master of love lies in the conception and nourishing of a child in order that it leaves her one day. In fear-love, she gives life to the child and in love-fear she suffocates it.

Old female partner-love
Conveyance on the 24.10.2004 on the occasion of a woman’s complaint of her husband, who spends his scarce leisure time with friends instead of being with her and their kids.

“When your partners leave you or go ways, which hurt you, have you ever asked yourselves what they might miss with you? Have you ever asked them what it is that you could give to them, instead of demanding of them, what they truly wished from you?

Men are closer to women than to kids. Women are closer to kids than to men and kids are closer to their fathers than to their mothers.

Why does the man flee as soon as he is a father? Why does the woman flee as soon as she is a mother? If they don’t flee from the house, so at least into their own feeling-and thought-rooms: the woman flees into her mother-role and forgets her being a woman. The man flees into his work and forgets his being a father and man.

Here stands the outer offender-victim-situation: “man assaults woman” in its reversal: “woman assaults man”. What he does overtly and active, she does covertly and passive. She mutilates in front of his eyes and his hands into a mother of the Old Time, who often also presumes the role of his mother. On the one hand, she turns away from him as a woman, makes him to her second child on the inside, and on the other hand, she demands his maintenance and support on the outside.

She forgets to be lover and companion, friend and sister.

A woman is able to turn the kids into a scourge for the man, his feelings and his moral perception are bound to. He is gonna find ways to free himself from this drama.

A man can only open himself to his kids out of his own balance. His balance comes from being able to a man, free of fatherhood as long as it does not touch him. One day, he can accept it.
A man has different perceptions, conceptions and forms of interaction than a woman.

As long as the kids are small, a man can naturally do little with them. When they have grown, they can be his companions, his friends and comrades – providing the woman was a mother to them and a companion for him.

The woman, who only wants to be mother, should be open and give the man his freedom. The woman, who only wants to be woman, should be open and give the kids their freedom.

The woman, who wants to be woman and mother, healer and companion, friend and lover is suited to the man, who only wants to be man – and chooses to be a father when the time inside of him is ripe. Because the birth of the children is both, blessing and curse.

The responsibility for the process of maturation of the children and the man lies with the woman. She indeed has to carry most of this, as she possesses the necessary inner strength. This cosmic being chose a female body, because it carries the power of the true mother and the independence of a true woman within herself. However, she can only carry this responsibility by staying true to herself, by allowing her own inner perfection to grow, which is male and female, childlike and mature. Thus is this responsibility no pressure, which sits on her and leaches her out, yet a free flow between the dimensions of child, woman and mother.

It may seem dated or obsolete to you, yet childlike grace, beauty and carelessness, lightness and passivity are not just the qualities of a young woman on Earth, yet also spiritual forces of great nourishing effect. These qualities of a young woman will become lively powers of God on Earth right into her old age – as long as she is deeply conscious of and true to herself. And alone through this is she nourishing hundreds of men and children during her bodily life.

The battle of the sexes is old. The suppression of the female energy, its dominance and negation within yourselves also wasted the male energies within you.

Thus together you came to this point of evolution of all opposing forces and together you will ascend. Do not demand anything of the other gender, yet do what you have to do – in joy and with dedication. And so will the masculine and feminine primal forces return into your hearts and turn you into open and sincere men and women.

Appeal to the woman
“Observe your partnership in its completeness: The man, of whom you demand and expect so much, is a being, which entrusted itself into your care. You as a feminine being can give him what he needs as a masculine being. Love and security in retreat strengthen the warrior in his battle, which he fought for so long against life and himself. Love and security during the moments of defeat let him become wise and gentle. Thus one day, he will fight for life and keep doing this until he lays down his sword.

It is the feminine being, which conceives and births the warrior, the mother, who sustains and protects him until he can walk his own path. Why, oh woman, are you turning away from your husband and your sons, now that they are grown? Battle and war are their nature, which they cannot deny. Love and care are your nature, which you may deny, yet only with the effect that battle and war of men stretch into all your areas of life and stay undelivered and unfulfilled for eons in both of your lives. He is the warrior, you are the woman-healer. Let him fight and heal his wounds when he comes to you. Don’t forbid him to battle; do not force him to become a healer.

On Earth, you do neither have brothers nor fathers. You only have them in Spirit. On Earth, you have sons and lovers. On Earth, you are only mother and lover. Sisters and daughters, you are among yourselves, as long as you are walking the Earth plane.

In the spiritual realms, you are androgynous, without gender, equal onto each other. For the play on Earth, each chose a costume. According to wish and ability, each played their role for the well-being and glory of the ONE BEING in Spirit and the whole on Earth – two entities, which are in no way separate from each other.

And even if you have very much adhered with your earthly roles, have entangled yourselves into their veils and shadows, it is now time to arise from the dust of your experiences. Within each single one of you radiates the light, which can open the darkness of your experience in order to see what it truly is: the deeply hidden wisdom of the body-mind and spirit-body in one. In the deep breath within the darkness of your own fears, aggressions and pains, you end the play of the TWO and become ONE again.

Behold: The chaos infested your male-female society. Violence and fear, illness and loneliness are the end of your long descend into separation from each other. Often on this way, you have shifted and veiled, split and separated the feminine and masculine primal forces, thus nobody today is able to say if they are man or woman – neither in confusion nor relaxation. As indeed, both of these primal elements are equally and profoundly within each single one of you. The only deciding question is: what kind of a body did you chose for THIS life, for your purpose, with which you came into this incarnation here and now at the end of time. This body with its specific male or female qualities enables you deeply to fulfil your spiritual intentions.

COMPASSION is a female quality. It leads to the insight: “Who inflicts pain is himself in pain.” SELF-AUTHORISATION is a male quality. It leads to the insight: ”Who heals others must be healed (whole) himself” and “Who is healed (whole) does not demand healing of others.” Both, compassion and self-authorisation, are within you, oh woman. Verify if you use them.

If you, oh woman, wish to overcome the martial dark, you must bring love and mercy into maturity within you. Do not fight the dark, neither within yourself nor in the world of the men. You only battle yourself. Just allow love to grow inside you and see that there is no difference between you and them. At the deepest ground of your wisdom, which lies hidden in darkness, you will recognize that there is not even a difference between war and love. Indeed, it is ONLY YOU, who is able to give here and now on this Earth. This great power to give is within you. If this was not so, you would have chosen a male body.

The female body is able to endure more pain than the male one, yet the male body suffers more pain than the female. His pain is fine, subtle, deep-seated and woven within his warrior soul. You have set this up yourselves in the chromosomes of your bodies.

The male being changes, according to its nature, pain into aggression and battle. If it suffers pain itself, it inflicts it onto others, too. Pain and war are your creative tools in the Dust Age. They have killed and then pulled you back into life again and again. They allowed you to mature, to become gentle and strong, powerful and permeable. Pain and war once embodied your Spirit and now spiritualise your body. Mercy may feel old-fashioned to you today. Actually, it is pure Christ-force – warrior and woman-healer in One, acceptance and compassion, body-being and spirit-force. Accept: who inflicts pain suffers from their own imperfection. Who is afraid of pain and judges it, suffers from their own imperfection also. Pain and tears, war and peace, masculine and feminine energies together fulfil your path. Allow both poles to get strong within you. With this, you help the male being into perfection.

In this way, the true warrior-hood of the masculine Spirit can merge with the imperfect warrior-hood of the earthly man and unfold into wisdom, master-ship and might on Earth. Thus you can return with him into Oneness and finish your dual game.”

The nature of human love
Christ Emanuel addresses the women of Earth 14.4.2002
Updated 2007

“The sensual cannot be in communication with the spiritual. The sensual is subject to the physical, mortal, fleeting – the illusion. The spiritual is immortal, eternal.

The human love is of this world – sensual, personal, physical, mortal and fleeting – illusion. It asks conditions and is wordy. It includes few and excludes all others. It deceives and pretends. It only gives if it gets. It is the separation from the Self. The human love is an island of mergence within in sea of separation.
Spiritual love is not of this world. It is non-sensual, non-personal, non-physical and immortal – eternal truth. It includes all people and beings and binds itself to no one. Spiritual love is unconditional. It disappoints you and fills you within emptiness. It knows no words. It gives of itself and does not demand anything. It is the mergence with the Self. The spiritual love is the ocean from which your life sprang forth. It formed islands on which you lived separate from each other until the flood wave of spiritual love will get you back to itself.

You come from the being of spiritual love. If you experienced total unkindness on your path, subsequently you experienced the security in the arms of the partner and the mother, the fulfilment of human love on earth, the sensual, physical and fleeting love. Now is the time to let go of this experience and to open up again for the spiritual love.

If today you were able to recognize the primal grounds of the chains of human love, you would turn away in disgust – yet, they are precious. Could you feel the immense power of spiritual love today, you would be burned in your tight physical consciousness. Of both, you can only see a little. The total view of these things would tear you apart, in pain as well as in joy. So, take your steps slowly – in the pain and joy of letting go and receiving.

Now, after eons of human-sensual love and jealousy, of denial and isolation, of deceit and pretence, after life-ages of war, which you fought in the name of human love, you are being pulled gently and inevitably out of this net. The longing of Spirit after its body (Sexus) now leads your life-path.

Maybe you do not yet have the power, to get out of your binding relationships by yourselves. The spiritual realms will thus resolve your earthly relationships in various ways. Also, opportunities for human love are taken off your path at these times. Do not see injustice and humiliation in this, yet the fulfilment of your very own spiritual intentions: to come deeply to YOUR SELF. You can only attend to and survive the shifts of Earth in a state of impersonal, unconditional Spirit-Love to yourselves.

Yet, this is not the end: If the sensual love reigns, it cannot be in communication with the spiritual love, as the sensual love magnetizes your bodies and obscures your mind. When the spiritual love reigns, it can heighten the sensual love and merge with it. The spiritual love electrifies your bodies and allows the feminine Spirit to awaken within it, which deeply nourishes, heals and fulfils the male warrior – in any kind of encounter.

During the time of changeover from the sensual to the spiritual life, you gently detach from the longing after a partner in the flesh and sense the longing of the masculine-feminine Spirit after you. Breathe this being deeply and allow it to flow, expand and to manifest within you and to guide your life for a while.

Let go of your earthly children once they become mature for their own path and care for all people, who need your help. Indeed, your female bodies are beings of the spiritual and sensual love – powerful tools for the healing of all wounds, which arose on your long descend.

Radiate your warmth into the life-rooms of the mighty on Earth, who are now work on the destruction of all earthly structures. Recognize them also as your children and beloved warriors, for whom you can and want to care. Recognize me as your beloved brother and groom, who awaits your word of consent. I am by your side. I Am Christ Emanuel.”

Male and female forces in intercommunion
Masculine forces are: activity, descend, solidification, aggression, battle, determination, assertiveness, power, intelligence, orientation (alignment toward the mouth of the flow of life), protection through battle, bodily life, clarity, strategy. The man brings these male energies and masculine essences as a gift of the Spirit into the world.

Feminine forces are: passivity, gentleness, ascend, softness, flowing, intuition, religio (re-connection to the source of the flow of life), inspiration, soul-spirit-life and nourishment, protection through security, forgiveness, healing, being unconditional. The woman brings these female energies and feminine essences as a gift of the Spirit into the world.

The female being gives
Understand rightly: Not the WOMAN gives and the MAN receives, yet the feminine being within the woman and the man gives and the masculine being within the man and the woman receives. At the end of a long time, during which the masculine being in both sexes dominated and gave, now it is the feminine being in both sexes, which has to give whilst the masculine receives.

Many of you men and women today refuse your feminine power. You retreated into being the victim of a male dominated society. According to this, your reactions and actions are refusing, aggressive, judging, defiant and you close yourself off. The greatest potential of this refusing stance is subconscious yet highly effective. It sits as an uneasy memory on grey times within your innermost cell structure and guides every emotion and each thought, which emanate from you. Not YOU YOURSELVES are communicating in this way with each other, yet your horrid memories are.

Being closed off and refusal have in time become part of your feminine self, attack and conquest a part of your masculine self. From this alone result all crimes, assaults and pains within the frame of nowadays sexuality and your worldwide human trafficking (slave trade).

Because of this, many women reject their own sexuality and refuse it to the man. The duty of marriage turns into tedium, the exclusion of other men from the love life turns into a prison of ones own making. The experience of assault and pain turns into a chain and control. Once own ideas of spirituality do not allow this any more. There are hundreds of reasons to stay closed off, to starve the other and, of course, oneself.

And indeed, the beginning of the mutual starvation evolved and deepened to this day since Atlantean times. The male desire and want continued just as the female refusal and the cooling down of feelings (frigidity). Remember: At the moment as the male turned the free perception into a demand, it no longer was able to receive the female nourishment. The demand put him under pressure, tightened his ethereal channels and closed his spiritual gates. At the moment, as the female feelings cooled, the spiritual flow of nourishment run dry from this side also. Since then the female body cannot truly give anymore either. The male, descending being closed the spiritual gates, the female, ascending being is able to open them again.

This drama of mutual starvation does not primarily play itself out between men and women of this world, yet between the male and female forces of each single human and organism. The outer sexuality in partnership and the worldwide sex-addiction is the last link in the chain of desolation and isolation. You can only heal and solve this powerful syndrome of humanity by releasing desire and refusal within YOUR SELVES: Demand nothing of yourselves any more and refuse yourselves no longer to your Selves. Give what you wish to give and receive what comes to you.

Nourish the masculine being within yourselves with the loving power of your hearts. Nourish the feminine being within yourselves with the respect and honour of your hearts. Live the feelings and parts within yourselves, which you pushed away so far. Do not distinguish between good and bad, but at best between lived and unlived, unfulfilled or fulfilled. Allow everything to live within you and fill yourselves with your Self!

You women, nourish the men of this world with acceptance and compassion, with love and security! Radiate your feminine love into their masculine hearts!
You men, nourish the women of this world with respect and honour, with courage and determination! Radiate your masculine love into their feminine hearts! Do not differentiate between partners and non-partners. All men of this world are part of all women and all women of this world are part of all men. Do no longer separate what was One, is and will be.

The balance between your spirituality and sexuality comes by itself during the inner opening toward yourselves. Both are the business of your body and Spirit. Sexuality flows freely with the free flowing Spirit. Only if it freely flows within you, you will know if you are truly “through” with this issue -as many of you claim to be – or not. Don’t be afraid to change your mind.

Marriages and relationships never fail
Physical sexuality and Spirit-Love
(Conveyed from the Christ-level on the 22.7.2001)
“If the souls cannot find to each other because they do not belong together, the bodies cannot overcome this separation in the physical. Not each marriage is blessed. The bodily sexuality is a deep expression of a soul-spirit mergence between people. It has no meaning and is under no protection if the soul-love is missing.
During the times of unconsciousness, sexuality was a lost hope of a return of the Spirit, which seemed to have left you. Via sexuality, you could find yourselves or lose yourselves and one another for a long time.

Sexuality lived within the love of the soul and the Spirit is sacred. Then the bodies are able – secured within a high spiritual-electrical vibration – to absorb and integrate the primal essences of the other into themselves. The act of such a merged Spirit-Soul-Body-sexuality is an act of ones own completion and the return to the Spirit. It is a being of fulfilment, which guides your life-spirals upward. Of course, both partners are here protected from illness and unwanted conception. They flow within the field of intentions and wisdom of their divine Spirit.

Purely physical sexuality is void of Soul-Spirit-Love. It is a being of addiction, which leads your life-spiral downward. It seems to heal the wounds, which you inflict upon each other. It seems to grand you the security, which you miss despite of partnership. It seems to be your last comfort, whilst joy and hope fade away. Yet, it is only an illusion, which will lead to the turning point – the turning back to yourselves. The separation of two people, whose souls do no(t) longer belong together, it sacred, too. So each becomes free, to find their soul-mate and themselves. To remain within a relationship without Soul-Love is not sacred, not whole, not healthy. Each attempt to maintain a loveless relationship through sexuality, blocks both people involved. None of the two can find their true Self in this way. The frequency of the body is low enough to attract illness and blows of fate, which meaning only lies in the correction of the outer bedevilment and the enabling of inner completion.”

An encounter serves its purpose NOW
The encounter of two people, a relationship, has a cause, a meaning and an aim. The cause lies not at the beginning, the aim not at the end of the encounter, yet cause, meaning and aim are forces of the HERE and NOW. The encounter serves its purpose in the contact itself. This does not demand repetition. Two people meet each other for the purpose of exchange of energies, therein lies completion. And so, the daily encounter of two people, who fulfil themselves, will ever be new and fresh, whilst the encounter of two people who do not fulfil themselves will be an ever-weakening repetition of the previous.

A relationship and encounter completes itself when each gives to the other, what is his to give and receives from the other, what they give – in a free flow. Giving and receiving happen openly, unconditionally. Devotion knows neither fear nor loss.

Thus you help each other in each encounter onto the next level of independence, self-awareness and freedom. Each partner helps the other to reach the point of wholeness, at which they can move on by themselves. By truly loving your partner, you prepare him to go away from you, for the next encounter with a new partner. We know how difficult this is to accept for many of you. Yet in the true opening and acceptance lies hidden the true letting go. In this flow arise wealth and fulfilment for each of you, indeed.

The failure of marriage
There is no such thing as the failure of a marriage. A seeming failure arises from your assumption, to be able to define in your present the future for yourselves and the other. Future does not exist at the moment of your presence. It is an unknown Time-Space, a future Space-Time, which influences of force and meaning you can neither know nor assess. You want to dictate a future for yourselves and your partners over many decades without paying attention to the currents of the coming time, which will affect you both. Already from the moment of the marriage ceremony your partnership, which was free before, is trapped and your life-fields solidify. Now you are inside and outside the prisoners of the other and yourselves. Your assumption to be able to dictate the future is a deception. The collapse of your marriage is therefore a disappointment, a clearing of a stuck situation, a liberation of all involved, even if this is not recognized in your binding society.

Allow us to explain a little more: a marriage vow, or any other vow, which concerns the future, cannot lead to a free and fulfilling alliance for two reasons: First, the future lies within the free play of forces and is therefore neither able to be planned nor controlled. Second, it forbids your love to others and with that to a large part the love to yourselves.

In disregard of the free play of the forces, your marriage vow could be kept for a long time. The implementation of your word of consent across space and time was always a game of being at the mercy of the other. Your future became a present of imprisonment within a space- and timelessness, in which every stir and motion were either forced or suppressed. A huge effort was necessary to keep such life-constructs alive. Yet, you had such power! Thus, over centuries, you came to terms with your lonely marriage-islands and lost any feeling for the free flow.

Such stuck relationships can (finally!) fail, when free forces come from the outside and put emotional pressure onto your tight space of marriage. Is it large enough, it can burst. Every ever so tightened marriage-space-time is based on a spiritual completion-demand, which becomes void if it stays unfulfilled up to a certain time. Then, the earthy marriage vow has no longer a future and the project is abandoned by Spirit, for example via the death of one partner or through divorce and separation – the decision for a new path and a new goal – a new life-choice.

Marriages resolve itself once they have completed itself within the free play of the forces, when the inner project of this marriage has finished. Here too, one of the two may die, as he now wants to tend to different levels of life, or separation occurs, which enables each to move on with different partners.

Of course, you yourselves are able to release your marriages. You don’t have to wait for the pressure from outside. Of course, you can protect your marriages from separation by protecting them from this outside pressure and by opening up inside and let the other open up inside, too, follow your impulses and let the other follow theirs.

The free play of the forces equals the open space of your divine consciousness. It perpetuates itself when you deeply let go of your marriage each night and affirm it each morning anew – yet only for this one day. Within this breath of death and resurrection you will one morning know that this is the day to finish it – in love, peace and gratitude for the wonderful time you shared. At this moment, the sacred alliance of marriage opens and releases its members into the freedom of walking on new paths.

Be prepared to release your marriages each night and yield them to change. Thus you can meet anew each morning. Be prepared to let go of each other every night. Be prepared to let go of everything, what you both held onto, to finish everything, what you both started together. Be prepared to finish your earthly marriage truly each night, and with gratitude to say goodbye from your partner and life. Have trust and be ready to receive what wants to come to you during the night of your body, when your Spirit is wide awake, and what may want to separate you. Be courageous to die and resurrect with or without a partner. Be sure: Only the dross of your love will die, the poison of your feelings, the acids of your fears. What is truly yours will awaken and crystallize together with you. In this way, you arise from the emotional imprisonment of your earthly families and the mental family tombs of your fore-bearers.


Review without regret
Look at your marriage(s) or relationships (all of them) now from a spiritual point. Your parents and partners gave you the chance to, say within the first 50 years of your life, close yourself off, as this was what you intended from the spiritual view. During this time, you wanted to mature the inner forces of your body. Your life is a well-planned and successful staging of spiritual currents and maturation, in which different masters and humans took on different roles: grateful and ungrateful roles, Jesus- and Judas-services. Of course, you know meanwhile that they all deserve deepest thanks and highest respect, even if you cannot implement this in the deeper rooms of your hurts and disappointments - yet.

Your old life is finished now. The husk has to break now. The chick has to hatch out now. The husk will break and the master-chick will hatch! Only if your life has turned to ash, the phoenix can rise. If you have left the choreography of your outer life-dance to others and limited yourself to reacting for (in our example) 50 years, now two things have to happen:
  1. The reflection of your relationships and separations, which clarify your own spiritual intentions, abilities and powers and
  2. The simple inner decision to dance from now on by yourself – in love and devotion to your life.


This meditation can be used in three different ways:
  1. You can perform it together with your partner in the physical space. Thus you open to each other in order to allow for a true intercommunion and deep understanding of the other and yourself.
  2. You can perform it in the spiritual realm and imagine your current partner there with you, if an open encounter between the two of you is not yet possible, yet you wish for it. As you spiritually open yourself to him, his/her caginess will shift.
  3. You can perform it in the spiritual realm with all your former partners, who may be long gone. This leads you onto a space of yourself, which enables you to feel a peace and an acceptance, which you could not find thus far. So you can heal separations and wounds, which occurred way back, yet still hurt and bleed.

Encounter within inner peace
Allow the physical presence of the other.
Open your inner spaces and relax the outer.

Allow yourselves to feel foreignness, emotional and physical stimuli.
Decide to release them in due course.
Allow yourselves to perceive inner pressure due to the expectations of the other
and to release them gently in time.

Allow trust to grow, allow inner flowing.
Be with each other, be still and breathe,
sense and relax yourself in the presence of the other.

Take the being of the other inside of you.
Relax tense parts of your body, take off dark veils,
open closed spaces, elevate abased energies.

Breathe darkness and light,
allow all currents to flow freely.
Bring into motion all stuck energies and allow them to dissolve.
Simply by your decision, it happens.

And it happens for all! What you experience within you, what you experience with each other, does not only inspire your being, your presence and future, yet everything other people experience with each other. Because your heart is connected with the hearts of all other humans. In this way, you lay down new tracks, you open new pathways, crystallise the light and dark of human love. Your mutual openness, your inner perception of your own impulses and those of the other creates a new field on Earth – for ALL.

Get used to a new form of openness, which happens and unfolds in one’s own room of intimacy. You will see, that there is indeed nothing inside of the deepest chambers of human consciousness, which is alien to the other and could not be shared by them. Be courageous, open and true. The end of the Old is the beginning of the New.

We love you deeply and honour you for all the kinds of love and fear, you ever created.

I Am St. Germain.
I Am Sabine.

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