Ilse-Dore Steffens: Sword of Light

The Dark Of The World

Part 1 The rooms of the first ages – The 1.Crystal Age, The Lime Age

- Translation: Astrid Zimmermann

LIGHT is not the opposite of DARK.
The source is bright yet cloudy is the estuary of the river of life,
which comes out of the ocean of the spiritual power and flows into the ocean of bodily powerlessness –
because this is what you choose.

NOTHING is the opposite of LOVE.
LOVE is the source and NOTHING the estuary of the river of life in the ocean of powerlessness.
As in truth, this is the ocean of power –
because this is what you choose.

Dance of life and descend

Darkness is light – light is darkness

These texts are information, spiritual Homeopathy and mind altering doping drugs. They are light and dark, lead you into hell and heaven. They shake you up and rock you to sleep, detoxify you and awaken new passions. They give you the AHA-effects and yet confuse no end. They give answers yet hundreds of questions also arise. They enrage and make happy. They make old worlds wobble and the last vestiges of old life constructs crumble. They pull away the ground from under your feet and the prayer-rug from under your bottom. They churn up the dust from the ages and wrap you into light veils of fog. They bring visual and understanding troubles, tinnitus and colic’s, diarrhoea and runny noses.

At least, we hope for this, otherwise, we would have written it for nothing. Healing appears through the word, as you know since the times of Jesus. The effect depends on your will and your openness and of course, deep healing always comes with a healing crisis. We give you what you need at this time and what you expect from us – and we do this with great joy! It may be impossible to read these texts in one go, not to say to stay fresh and in a good mood, even if you have slept for three days and nights prior. We tell you this here with great clarity – and in answering all these questions, coming up whilst reading and after, so you stop complaining about tiredness or insomnia, about confusion or clarity, about hopelessness or bliss.

Our issues go beyond the borders of your life and with that – beyond your mind. This very issue – The Dark Of The World – is one of the touchy ones amongst the difficult issues – from your point of view. From ours, it is one of the most beautiful. Because it is the most central issue in your creation, your path and your maturity – the most important issue of this crystalline time. It is a deep touching of yourself: with your crystalline consciousness from the beginning of time and the dust-consciousness at the end of time.

It’s a stormy affair for you to be journeying between these two dimensions or even to be thrown back and forth, because you don’t want to journey. Be calm, don’t put pressure upon yourself to understand it. There is nothing, you must understand. Don’t put yourself under the pressure of integrating it. This happens by itself whilst you read. Don’t put pressure upon yourself to read it all at once and to sleep afterwards. It is possible that you react with an unknown alertness. We cannot list all eventualities, personal upheavals, complaints and seeming setbacks, jams, blockages, you tell us about in the seminars and e-mails, and settle them in advance. Our central answer is this: “ Stop putting pressure upon yourselves to do, be, have or know something!” Relax deeply, cry, laugh and have joy whilst reading or sleeping. Everything else comes by itself. Don’t exercise, don’t mediate, just rest and sleep.

We are with you in these times of change.
We are Tobias and Metatron, as well as Ohamah, who updated these texts with great devotion for you.

The rooms of darkness

Lessons 18 and 19 deepen lesson 1 and from there especially level 4: the differentiation of the rooms of darkness. We will now enter these and see what makes them different. Our basis is again the New Story Of Creation – only a story and maybe more than this. Many humans believe dark is dark and light is light. Dark has nothing to do with light and vive versa. Yet, they should comprehend now that this is not so. And the ones among you, who already sense this, will now get some structure to be able to recognize the light and dark of the world clearly and easily and interact with it fluently and with ease and last but not least to be able to be the teachers for others in this central theme of life, to lead them into their own clarity.

There are dark rooms which harbour pure creative-, leader- and redemption- powers, and there are dark rooms in need of redemption. There are dark rooms, needing redemption, which you cannot reach directly and other dark rooms in need of redemption, which you can reach directly.

There are dark rooms, which need neither redemption nor its power, as they change by themselves when you reach the end of the labyrinth. There are many different dark rooms, yet they have one thing in common: They are sacred in their centre, full of LOVE and COMPASSION. They serve you on your path of embodying on Earth the master that you are. The dark rooms are workshops, the dark energies tools. The dark beings are guardians and helpers onto your path to maturity. For a long time, you were led – into disorientation as well as into clarity. Yet you have always been looked after and protected, as you were the only ones amongst all, who didn’t know what was going on, you were the ones this is all about. You were the blind leaders in the darkness, yet now at the turn of time, you open your eyes.

Bi- and one-polar darkness
You will perceive that there is bi- and one-polar darkness. The bi-polar darkness has a light core. Bi-polar light has a dark core. Both of them are in a redeemed sense mortal: able to change and with that, stay in the flow of life. One-polar darkness has no core, just like one- polar light. Both are in an unredeemed sense immortal: unable to die and to change – and with that excluded from the flow of life: unable to live.

These two, the bi- and one-polar light-dark are the central theme of all of today’s most read stories. They are the elves and wizards of the bi-polar light-dark and the dark lords, black rulers and ghastly creatures of the one-polar light-dark (Lord of the rings, King Kong, Harry Potter, Eragon, Wave Walker trilogy).

Still, the storytellers contribute their part toward opening the mysteries. The one-polar, immortal dark needs the help of others at the end of time to return back into the light. This is the role of the light heroes of these stories, the elf warriors, the returning kings, the awakening wizards, dragon riders and wave walkers – the heroes without fame: children, women and vagabonds. We will look in depth at this issue in our 200 page Spiritual Analysis of The Lord Of The Rings.

Jugglers in the labyrinth
A dark room never rules and acts by itself. They are always connected with each other and together, they bring the necessary events into your life - Here and Now. All rooms, beings and energies constantly shift in their effect, swap roles, take over the tasks of another and care about each other. All the time, they form new connections and faces, to show up in the necessary form to you. Their favourite games are the twists of fate. And of course, this doesn’t just apply to the many dark rooms, yet also to the ones of the light. ALL dance in the round dance of fate and life with you – for you.

You recognize their effects to the degree that you are yourself the master of your life. A master of life is not only a master of light, yet also a master of darkness. Up to the point of your own master-ship, these two poles confuse you and wait that you will accept and recognize the meaning of their effects – recognize yourself, because all darkness and light of this world emerged out of yourselves and returns back to yourselves.

We give you one example for the dance of the dark rooms and beings in your lives: painful experiences in your childhood originate at the moment of their arising – when you are children – out of the rooms of the creative or spiritual darkness. They direct the beginning of your earthly life and lead the earthly opposing forces of pain and fear into your path, in order for you to embody the spiritual forces of compassion and love. These opposing forces come from the rooms of the outer dark. The perhaps darkened feelings of a mother, who didn’t want her child, as she was an unloved child herself, the violent expressions of a father, who was violated himself as well as the feelings and blockages of other people close by – kindergarten teachers, school teachers, priests or neighbours do all belong to this dark.

The astral, emotional dark of the parents is the outer dark for the child, which it cannot influence, which it has to just bear. It leads to sickness and accidents, as we saw in lesson 15, which are a joined effect of the own inner organic-emotional dark and the outer emotional dark. Painful childhood experiences are also a mixture of the creative dark of ones own mind, the astral dark of the parents and society, which is outer darkness for the child, as well as ones own inner dark, to which the negative organ- and feeling-powers belong as well as the energetic dark, ones own soul-spirit intentions and karmic forces (see lesson 14 Spiritual Birth, “It begins in a space-less time”).

Clear so far?

And of course, you are staging this grandiose theatre, this furious life-dance between all dark and light rooms and worlds only to reach the maturity of your divine Spirit inside of a human body. What you have to bear as a child, you can lead into transformation as adults. Indeed, you can jump over those shadows, which lay upon your childhood. Truly, you are master jugglers in the labyrinths of light and darkness. You had only forgotten – by your intent!

The dark and light rooms of the ages
Overview, classification, abbreviations

Creative light and dark come from ONE BEING. They are identical. There are no opposites. ONE HEART nurtures them both. They walk one and the same path. Energetic light and dark are of opposing nature. They pull and push, dance and play with each other and still walk the same path in ONE HEART.

Inner light and dark in the embodied realm follow one another and react to each other. They experience the separation between each other and begin to perceive themselves as forces and counter forces, forsaken by spirit and lost in the body. They begin to fight and kill – in order to live. And still, their path is one and the same. Astral light and dark are identical. Separation and opposites have ceased here. Both poles have reached the end of their shared path – in the NON-BEING.

IT1. Crystal Age - pure energy age 
CD - CL creative dark - creative light
Free spiritual dark and light
Christ consciousness
Lime Age - pure energy age 
ED - EL pure energy age
energetic dark - energetic light
Bound dark and light
master consciousness
 Dust Age - Beginning: Spirit-Energy embodied itself 
ID - IL Inner Dark - Inner Light
Ones own embodied dark and light
OD - OL Outer dark - outer light
alien embodied dark and light
mass consciousness
 Dust Age - End: pure body age 
ADLastral dark-light
Solidified, one-polar dark-light
demonic consciousness
 2. Crystal Age - embodied Spirit or spiritualised body 
CLcrystalline light
Merged dark and light
crystalline consciousness
Separation and unification in the dance
How did these many rooms come about? According to our New Story Of Creation like this:

ONE BEING stared on one cosmic day, as it could no longer bear its boredom, a grand dance, created a huge dance–spinal–life–column and tied to it ALL, what was yet to come. MUCH was to come, so much, that in the end nobody knew what this was all about…..

This dance stared off an ages-long row of further spinning dances and in all these spinal-column-dances two phenomenon’s happened at the same time: separation and unification. With its dance, IT began a gigantic, age spanning separation and unification motion.

IT split into two beings: CD and CL. In the 1.Crystal Age ONE became TWO.

CD and CL danced, and unified later and brought forth a masculine ED-EL and a feminine EL-ED. And so in the Lime Age TWO Spirits became FOUR energies.

During the next dance, these four merged and separated yet again: In the tightest space of their spinal columns they span into each other and pulsated there in their opposites. Out of this emerged something totally perplexing: matter, human bodies – ID and IL. From ONE being, TWO Spirits and FOUR energies came SEVEN bodies. To this day, your bodies have seven functional levels (see also lesson 6), which emerged from this dance.

Now, you Spirits had arrived in human bodies! You didn’t rest long, yet kept dancing. As you know from the New Story Of Creation, you created through the crucifixion of your own newly made hearts a space-time-split and two secondary creative centres: one in the head and one in the belly. Further life-dances, which you now began within your bodies, created many further splits and unifications inside of your organs and functional levels.

You pulled out ALL the stops! Spirit and energy, feeling and thinking, ascending and descending, electrical and magnetic, light and dark, masculine and feminine forces – ALL you mingled and mixed and bound onto one another.
You mixed and separated anew each pole over and over again – just as you bake puff pastry or work your fine metals: consistent pressing, coasting, cutting, staking, further pressing, coasting, cutting, staking and pressing creates fine layers and refinement of the source material. Indeed, your present life was created like this, your physical life and also the light and dark forms of your society: OL and OD.

During this long row of separations and fusions, your dances progressively slowed down, your energies consolidated, your life-fields became obscured. At the end, no identification or differentiation of the single poles was possible any more. These two unmistakeable beings of the 1.Crystal Age, LIGHT and DARK, had become so alike at the end of the Dust Age, they were no longer distinguishable from one another – unified in the grey rooms. The union of light and dark was achieved – in powerlessness and deadlocked – one-polar – neither able to live nor to die.

Indeed, at the end of the ages of your descend, when you had created much more than IT had ever dared dreaming, the noble forces of your inner maturity are well hidden in the ADL – in the shadow worlds of your feelings and in the twilight of your thoughts. Yet, as we said some place else already:


It is the beginning of a new dance. Because - what do you think becomes of the dust and the swamps of the world, when your crystalline hearts awaken and radiate their light into the hearts of the creatures? Of course! CRYSATL-DUST and CRYSATL-WATER. This is how the 2. CRYSTAL AGE is created!

Ages and Rooms

The 1. Crystal Age

Creative Dark and Light
During the 1.Crystal Age, the creative dark and the creative light came about – two spiritual beings, who at the same time became rooms, first children of IT, later the fathers and mothers of your evolution.
Two spiritual beings – CD and CL – became the primal energies of your bodily life and the highest spiritual leaders and guiders of your soul- and earth-paths. First they were shapeless, amorphic being-worlds of cosmic intelligence, later they became primal forms and shapes of the human body – in finest ethereal pre-shapes. Highest crystalline spirit-matter moulded itself during the first ages of separation into shapes of indescribable delicateness and fleetingness, which was accompanied by tremendous power and radiance. These beings were not individuals, no personalities, as we know it today. They are beings and dimensions, rooms and times, sources and centres in one – beings of your universe and your heart-sparks. The awareness of your body is unable to look at this very first form of beings of yourselves. Therefore, use your inner sight. The eyes of your soul and spirit open during this time.

As there were no humans back then, these two beings stood side-by-side in their Crystal Age. They opened their source-natures, their heart powers, felt, tried and recognized, realized and focused onto anything, that might come after them. They prepared what would later be used, developed and moulded. Yet they didn’t do this as an investment into the future, as there was neither future nor planning. They simply existed, lived within their worlds, which were just as new as they themselves, made their experiences, discoveries and created their worlds of consciousness. They did everything they could – because that was what they wanted. From their view it was a lot. From your point of view today, it was very little. In their Being, they laid the foundations to all light and dark of the coming ages, for all joy and all pain. Out of their pure ethereal-spiritual nature emerged the very foundation of balance and imbalance, order and disorder, which were needed later in the Dust Age and the earthly life. They created the foundations of the eternal swinging between the poles, restlessness and unease, as well as the foundations for the means and tools, you would use later. Everything that led you at the end of time into the decline of your bodies and into the abundance of your spirit, started in the play of the creative dark and light.

The creative dark is the very first room of your dual creation. Inside it, duality prepared itself. Here, the hall of the three dark thrones was pre-shaped, which would only open itself at the end of the ages. The three fathers on the dark thrones are not fathers yet, no trinity, yet ONE BEING of the creative dark. This ONE split and duplicated in time and became three: one dark father for each age. One being of darkness became on the path through the ages three guardians of darkness. In time and inside the rooms, they duplicated with you, made their experiences with you, harvested with you – even if they stayed the leaders and you the guided. You laid your life-path into their hands. In their care you left behind all collection, availability and guidance of all life-essences – the part of yourself, which was not meant to be body.

No forces reign in the room of the creative darkness, yet the foundations of later forces: neither fear nor hatred, yet descending love, not ignorance and debility, yet veiling wisdom, not powerlessness, yet non-power. Here didn’t reign imbalance, disorder and chaos, yet the descending forms of order, balance and harmony; no demons and black tyrants, yet guardians of the dark, leaders of your descend. Here reigns the YES of love in the form of NO. Creative dark is the opposite of LIGHT – and yet still light: descending light, which sets out to become the dark of the ages – horror. Here lies the seed of the loving hatred, the loving fear, the hating and fearful love. Here lies the seed of the unknowing wisdom and the wise ignorance, of the powerless might and the powerful powerlessness.

Just breathe this in and out. Become wide, soft and free flowing in your feeling. This opens your inner perception and you will grasp the true nature of this dark and with that comprehend the centre of your own nature. This creative darkness has nothing to do with the darkness, you know these days in your body-world – or believe to know. Yet this originates from this source and will once merge with it, ascend in it and create new worlds. Already at the beginning of time, the room of the creative darkness has the end of all installed, the turning back, the force to shift and the beginning of everything, which comes after.

LIGHT is not the opposite of DARK.
The source is bright and the estuary of the river of life is cloudy,
which comes out of the ocean of the spiritual power and flows into the ocean of bodily powerlessness –
because this is what you choose.

NOTHING is the opposite of LOVE.
LOVE is the source and NOTHING the estuary of the river of life in the ocean of powerlessness.
As in truth, this is the ocean of power – because this is what you choose.

LOVE is gratitude and compassion – wisdom and being.
LIGHT is decision and courage – will and path.
LOVE and LIGHT pulsate in the dark room of the first age.

The rooms of DARK and LIGHT in the 1.Crystal Age

Creative or spiritual light
The creative light is the spiritual primal room, in which prime potentials reign – they are all in a primal-spiritual form and bi-polar: the counter pole is within them and therefore, they are boundlessly being free. The creative light, the feminine primal-spiritual being, leads you ascending in all depths of your path. Here reign the primal beings: ascend, emergence, order, calmness:

- not the ascend, which you long for since the NO of your birth, an escape from your unloved reality, the spiritual “running away into the light”, the veiled retreat from your all-day battles, yet the ASCEND as that bi-polar primal motion from the beginning, which descended from the beginning, in order to be ascended once in the depth of matter.

- EMERGENCE is that primal potential, which builds dimensional veils and –rooms, those spiritual primal stirrings of dance and expansion, of splitting and unification, of fragmentation into infinite diversity, a primal being of growth after destruction, peace after the war.

- Not order, which we recommend you have in your living spaces, not the balance, which you seek right now in your feelings and your bodily lives, yet the spiritual primal being of ORDER and of BALANCE in the chaos. We will elaborate on this in the following.

- CALMNESS finally as the fathomless spiritual primal force, emptiness and abundance at the same time, stillness and primal thundering, unbearable for your physical bodies and human feelings. It would tear you apart, if you were suddenly exposed to this primal form of HARMONY.

Creative Dark
The creative dark is the spiritual primal room, in which the primal potentials reign in their primal spiritual form and in bi-polarity: the counter pole is within them and therefore, they are boundlessly being free. The creative dark is the masculine primal spiritual being, which leads you descending into all heights of your path. It is, just as the LIGHT, neither form, colour nor sound, yet the primal father and primal seed of the foundations of physical creation. Here reign the primal beings: descend, change, disorder, unease:

- not the descend, which you experience as the curse of your unloved reality, the refused stroke of fate, which forces you into akinesia, the fateful being-trapped in a body, yet the DESCEND as that bi-polar primal motion, which descends from the beginning, in order to be ascended in the end – the straight, superior descending into rooms of deepest darkness in the certainty to find the crystal heart light there.

- CHANGE is not the destruction of the existing, as you understand it, yet the spiritual primal force of the walking through the dimensional veils, which EMERGENCE has built. By wandering through the dimensions, a being emerges and then disappears, yet has neither died nor is it destroyed or disappeared, yet has only moved into another room.

- Not DISORDER, which we find in your living spaces and situations, not the imbalance, which you perceive between your inner and outer reality, yet DISORDER as that spiritual primal being, which creates clarity in the chaos, that very IMBALANCE, which is the spiritual foundation of any maturity and harvest. From this room also originate the dark fathers, which are permanently sprinkling new disorder and imbalances onto your way, whenever you have just reached a new order and a new balance out of your own power. Thus you are led ascending into the light by their descending dark service.

- UNEASE as the spiritual primal potential of your everlasting motion, un-resting and restless, the primal force of your later paths through space and time. Disharmony as primal being of the first beginning and the crystalline harmony of the second beginning.

Order and balance
The spiritual ORDER in your bodily lives is not that always both poles are operating at the same time in the same room and in equal measures. If LIGHT has been there 100% for one hour, it will just love to retreat in order for the DARK to come in. Then Omega appears and gives what it has to give before Alpha takes over again. If in one place, you are touched by more LIGHT and in another by more DARK, then this will be just the other way around the next time – providing you go there again. Mostly, however, you avoid the places of your dark experiences and with that, get stuck inside yourselves. LIGHT is ORDER and DARK is DISORDER. Your earthly order consists of a constant progression of time and space, light and dark, day and night, order and disorder. This is the bad news. The good is: each new order and disorder comes from a higher level of maturity as before and leads you higher – providing, you take the next step.

It is the same with BALANCE and IMBALANCE. Light follows dark and dark follows light. Alpha and Omega always dance with each other. Taking turns, they send light and dark information into your life-spaces and bodies – in a constant balance.

Spiritual ORDER and BALANCE are something different than you imagine: If a new day wants to be a real dark, gloomy – yes even black, just because your divine Spirit choose this and has already sent out the shadow-armies, you can turn it inside out as much as you like. You can pray and meditate and push it away with song and mantras. You can insult God and reproach him that this was no way to show his love for you…. And when you let go and relax simply because you are tired after this battle, it happens. Your creative light and your light Alpha Chakra retreat nobly and with pleasure (loving and compassionate, of course!) and leave you to the dark. This will built up and expand in your life. It will permeate every cell in your body, each breath, and you have no chance on this grey day to even come up with one clear thought, one single ray of hope, which would promise you improvement. There won’t be one minute without tears flowing, fear, pain, rage or shivering without being even on your feet at all. And of course, such a day can last for weeks.

And yet, you are in BALANCE and in ORDER, for sure!

ORDER AND DISORDER is also as- and descending. They don’t do this 1:1 or 3:3 or 27:27, yet 1:3 or 1:52. Imagine it linear: During the Crystal Age it was necessary for the orderly, balanced descend to have 98% light and 2% dark. This brought fulfilment for all. During the Lime Age, 50% light and 50% dark were needed. And again, all were happy and fulfilled. During the Dust Age, the same path needed at the beginning 60% dark and 40% light and in the end 99% dark and 1% light. This was the balance of the End-Dust-Age and all were happy and fulfilled… well… almost all.

Jesus heralded the apocalypses. Yet he never stated that this was to unhinge a cosmic disorder. It is in total balance with the light-body-process, which happened at the same time. The balance of your life and everyday life does not depend on your ego driven sense of order and balance, but on whatever is pending in your creative rooms for today: Does your divine Spirit wish to bring forth a light or a dark wave into your life here and now – or none at all for a while? The deciding factor is not, where and how you want to go, yet if the guardians of your shadows and demons send up a new hurdle here and now from below – directly in front of your hasty feet – so that you don’t stumble. Yes, indeed: it is not sent in order for you to stumble, yet for you to recognize and be aware. Because it is a double agent: it shows up like the worst kind of darkness, yet it works for the light.

In the same breath is it possible that today is the time for something extraordinary light, radiant, which clears the path for your next years on earth. The light comes because you crossed your last dark days without resistance and openly - simply because you just kept walking. Yet also the light can be so strong that such radiant days will be agony. It does not matter what happens. What matters is how you deal with it. Whenever you openly accept what comes, walk without resistance, either a sweet will come from your upper, light Alpha chakra or an acid drops from your lower, dark Omega chakra - or a very, very sour, yet very healthy apple, into which you have to bite. It is the same, beloved ones, with everything you call JUSTICE.

And of course, you are not puppets, yet led in love and care. Be very sure that all challenges from the un-embodied rooms, be it light or dark, electric or magnetic, twilight or shadow grey, arise from your own intentions and are in resonance to your maturity. And always, the demand is just a little smaller than your power to master it – even if you can’t really believe this at the end of time. This is ORDER and BALANCE and JUSTICE. They reign between your inner and outer world. Nothing can ever happen to you, which weakens you, unless you decide for it to be so.

The evolution of the creative dark during your descend
According to your story, the creative dark dates back two ages and it closed off when you danced into the crystal library and into the Lime Age. The creative dark has therefore not reigned in your outer rooms for a long time now. It withdrew from your ever more narrowing range of vision. Yet, behind the scenes, on the inner levels, it developed together with you, descended with you. LIGHT and DARK changed their position. Now, the creative light is above you and the creative dark below. This will be explained in detail in the chapter Alpha and Omega.

These itself-experiencing, playing children of IT, those impersonal beings of the 1.Crystal Age, became in time the guides of your life-currents, the guardians of your regularities, the keepers of your experiences, the leaders of your hearts and the teachers of your maturing souls – your gatekeepers and –openers. Their hearts harbour the dark currents of the source of life, the water of the primal oceans and the dark primal flame, the pain-fire if separation and forsakenness. For thousands of years they opened you the gate to the mortal life – with every birth on earth, and the gate to eternal life – with every death on earth. Today, here and now, they open the gates to the mysteries, the wisdom of your path and of the eternal life on earth – the gates to yourselves.

The Lime Age

The rooms of DARK and LIGHT in the Lime Age

Energetic Dark
The Lime Age is a room of pure energy. It emerged through the fact that the Spirit, which was parted onto two beings during the Crystal Age, now was in every being. CD and CL had danced through the crystal library and created a masculine dark-light and a feminine light-dark. Thus during the Lime Age out of TWO spirits FOUR energies emerged: allotted to two shapes, both were in the primal-energetic form bi-polar: the counter pole within itself and therefore free flowing, even if within bounded rooms.

In the energetic dark, in the masculine dark-light, reigned the negative primal energies: magnetism, attraction, fixation, tension, narrowing and density.

- MAGNETISM is the primal energy being, which strives back before the time for the spiritual return into the heart, the concentration of all worlds into only one point - a negative force, with a seeming unwillingness to develop: the spiritual-energetic foundation of all jams, breaking, and blockages, the guarantee for appropriate progress on the descending path.

- ATTRACTION as the primal being and cosmic foundation of all planetary motion in the cosmos as well as all strokes of fate, which allows you almost magnetically to be at every time at the right place, regardless if it is light or of deepest darkness – bringing you dead or life.

- The beings NARROWING, FIXATION, TENSION and DENSITY are the creators of those rooms and crystals in which the ages-enduring experiences of the descending consciousness can take effect. They are the guardians of the descending spirit, keeper of its experiences and memories. They hold, harbour and hide what it created, wandered trough and closed off. They are inwardly oriented multipliers of the hidden rooms – created through splitting and spinning dance- in which all treasures of spirits experiences wait in their essence and in the smallest space for the day of the opening, for that day, when the descended spirit will ultimately embody itself.

Energetic light
From the energetic, the feminine light-dark pole, emerge the positive primal energies: electricity, repulsion, flowing, relaxation, expansion and vastness.

- ELECTRICITY is the primal energy being of the leaving of the heart: radiating light without return and self-awareness. It throws its being into all rooms and worlds – a positive, chaotic force, which seems to wish to develop itself, striving away from itself. A primal being of self-abandonment, martyrdom and unconditional devotion.

- REPULSION is a primal motion, electricity travels on. Once an encounter at the right time at the right place fulfilled itself, a centre of unity has emerged. This is followed by being catapulted away from the place, the being and the moment: a repulsion without return, a parting without reunion, a total letting go, a presence without past and future.

- FLOWING is a primal being of space- and timelessness, which accompanies you through the space-time of your body age. It shepherds the Spirit-consciousness unhindered through all veils – without braking, in constant acceleration and unbridled EXPANSION, incessantly away from the centre into the outer without connection, reference and return. Here lies the fleetingness of the free spirit at the beginning of time and the force of liberation of the bounded spirit-matter at the end of time.

- RELAXATION opens the closed, redeems the stuck, conquers the unconquerable boundaries and moves matter. VASTNESS dissolves the opened rooms, shifts the redeemed, lets them die and resurrect and brings the essences of all experiences into a new life-dance. VASTNESS created the foundation of the ability to remember and the opening of consciousness for all embodied beings.

Within these poles it was possible to build infinite rooms and worlds, as long as they could act together within their forces and counter forces. All these inner forces of the energetic dark and light are cosmic magnetism and spiritual electricity, which together created during the last spinning dance the library of the Lime Age, DEATH and the heart and your bodies.

New patterns and shapes
During the last dance the borders and membranes were created, which sealed off the old age and opened a new one. Narrow rooms emerged here, in which the light and dark spirit-energies could flow back and forth. These rooms were wide and large in the motions that were still possible, yet limited in comparison to the crystalline flowing of the first age, slowed down and in cyclic repetition.

Light and dark started to react to one another. Neither was totally free in its impulses. What one of them was doing had an effect on the other and forced it to motions, which it might not have chosen on its own accord. And this forced motion of the other affected the one. They began to swing back and forth in a whole new way, fly up and down, step out and return to the staring point. Whilst during the 1.Crystal Age, they only did each step once, now they repeated, multiplied and varied their motions, steps and dances and formed new patters: something permanent, the foundations of your present live-energies and aura-bodies. Here lies the origin of all your musical and martial marches, as well as all needs for comparing, justice and security, yes even of your terraced housing estates and serial productions.

Thus emerged magnetic dark and electric light – not for a long time yet measurable by your present devices. This first bounded energy is much closer to the flowing spirit than to the dense body. Nevertheless, dark and light have become tighter, have left behind their radiant brilliance and clarity in the spirit-room and have become magnetism and electricity, the crossover and the foundation for the building of bodies and matter, even if no-one at this time thought or believed of and in such spiritual-genetic future visions. Still, they build their first structures, limited rooms full of spirit-energetic waves, patterns and shapes – which one distant cosmic day would make possible such an absurd little thing like the human body, indeed!

Alpha and Omega

One of the most significant patterns of this energy-age is your Alpha- and Omega-Chakra. This light-dark pair forms the spiritual root and crown of your DNA. They are the energetic building blocks of your spinal column. They contain the gates of birth and death of your earthly embodiments, as well as the foundation of your life structures on Earth.

The Alpha Chakra harbours next to the spiritual experiences of the creative light from the 1.Crystal Age, the total soul-potential of the Lime Age with all the feminine light-dark wisdom and experiences. Here pulsates your incessantly ascending love and longing for the spiritual home together with your incessantly descending forces of the soul, which lets them find their way to Earth. Here lies hidden the whole cosmic consciousness.
The Omega-Chakra harbours next to the spiritual experiences of the creative dark from the 1.Crystal Age, the total soul-potential of your Lime Age with all masculine dark-light wisdoms and experiences. Here pulsates your incessantly ascending love and longing for the spiritual home together with your incessantly descending forces of the soul, which lets them find their way to Earth. Here lies hidden the whole planetary consciousness.

With each new birth on Earth your Alpha- and Omega-Chakras become more and more completed – updated as you say these days. All infos are complemented with the experiences and wisdoms of the last life as well as the intentions and challenges of the future life. Nothing is lost. This means that at the end of time, you have simply EVERYTHING (ALL), all ages and dimensions, in these two charkas of your Lime Age. Alone for this reason it is life threatening to still refuse the dark pole now, as the charkas, ages and dimensions are opening.

During the last century a powerful new pattern in many of your Alpha- and Omega-Chakras was formed: a pattern of total unity between light and dark, a mandala of breathtaking beauty, as it is made of a fascinating mixture of the most tight, dark rooms and the most light vastness, which dances harmonic-furious dances – manifold flowing motions, as we can see and enjoy from the un-embodied rooms.

How did these patterns emerge? Simply like this:

1945 – The end of your past life during the second world war placed the pain and the shock of the change of time, the death and destruction, the horrors on Earth into your Omega-Chakras, into your planetary pain-libraries. There, these dark, horrid, shadow-dead information’s of your Dust Age together with the spiritual information’s of your 1.Crystal age, the energetic information’s of your Lime Age and the memory of your reunion with Christ 2000 years ago merged deeply, flowing into a reversal of your descending path into a cosmic-planetary awakening. This last death bore a huge opening within you. With this last death on Earth, you added to everything that already was in your Alpha-Charka an unshakeable love to Judas – to all tyrants, offenders and murderers of the worlds and ages – the infinitely deep compassion with all beings and creatures of creation. During this life, your hearts were deeply touched, softened and opened by the pain of the offender-hearts, the forsakenness of the tyrannical souls and the shadow-dead shells of the murderers. And so you were once again the white lambs, who fell prey to the grey wolves. Yet, this is the earthly view.

The spiritual view is different. Remember: in 1945 for the first time there was a perfect balance between dark and light on Earth (see also Lesson 3). Creative dark and light of the 1.Crystal Age and astral dark-light of the Dust Age stood opposite each other – and you exactly in the middle. Like a golden grain, you stood between these two gigantic millstones. And indeed, you had to decide: Did you want to be the victim of the offenders or creator of the ascend? This decision between your belief in BEING or NOT-BEING, many of you took only in their hour of death. You, who have returned, decided for BEING, otherwise, you would not be here now. Thus in your last life and death you were no victims of war, yet Christ-Humans, who sacrificed their lives in order to redeem the grey wolves and black sheep from their captivity when they return. They have returned: victims and offenders, lambs and wolves, creatures and creators – with tasks, intentions, inner maturity and ready for the next step, indeed!

Back to Alpha and Omega:

If we view it linear, creative light and dark stood side-by-side for a long time – horizontally, as you can see in the graphic of the life tree. Later, when you had arrived within the body, LIGHT and DARK wandered into the vertical of your spinal column. It would be more fitting to say that these two long before your bodies were built shifted into a vertical position to each other to prepare for your bodies. The creative dark was now way below you and said: “I am now here.” The creative light was far above you and said: “ I am now here.” In each of these words lies the undivided creative force, which they gift you with. Both stayed time- and space-less (here and now) yet nonetheless came with you into the splitting of the rooms (above and below) and times (past and future) of your descend.

So you are standing straight and sincere between LIGHT and DARK of the 1.Crystal Age and are nurtured by them both. LIGHT gives you all power, expansion and lightness – everything, your soul and spirit needs to be able to exist within tight, physical bodies. DARK sends you all powerlessness, restriction and stumbling blocks, which you need to live on Earth and make experiences in order to become strong, mature and mighty. You choose an evolutionary game, which reaches by stumbling – getting up – stumbling - getting up, joy – pain, joy – pain, fear – love, fear – love finally its goal. You created light and dark so they could bring alternating impulses into your lives. In your spiritual life form, both poles are as natural like two legs and feet in your physical form. They go with you until the end of your path. Your right foot takes the dark steps and your left foot the light ones. You chose attraction and repulsion in order to never get into a standstill, which would finish your creative game right away. Peace and harmony in never-ending succession would have brought your game into a standstill very early, and to an unfulfilled end. Therefore, you choose war and disharmony – the unease of the time, which would propel you forward.

For development, duality is not mandatory. There are other evolutionary lines, which didn’t choose the duality of pain and joy, yet a non-dual creativity, expansion without contraction – this also means without a body. You wanted to build body-worlds and choose the root-force pain to be able to anchor spiritual joy into the body-worlds. You needed the pain to reach the physical power of the spiritual joy. At the end of time, this pain is the true work of your embodied Spirit where it becomes free of the cross of the body. “Work sets you free” was the motto some decades ago, written on the gates of the concentration camps in Nazi Germany, where there was nothing but work and imprisonment, pain and death – truth or sarcasm?

“Work sets you free”, “Power through joy” and “Home to the empire” were the great, bitter words at the end of your time. Yet at the same time, it could not have been expressed any better – your twilight and shadow-death at the end of time and also the spiritual truth! Hitler was embodied mass-consciousness, not a singular soul. Many of you had and have a part on this earthly persona, a part in this huge and brute Judas-service, which was to be fulfilled in order to ultimately turn the wheel of time. Remember the Judas-service of the Atlantean priests at the end of the Virgin-Age (lesson 4 The Atlantean heritage).

This being had chosen to pull to the surface the total worldwide horror of the last 2000 years. He did it with the ultimate question: “Do you want the total war?” and the people said YES. Pilatus also asked 2000 years ago a crucial question: “ Who should be nailed to the cross? Barrabas or Jesus?” (analogous: “Do want to kill the Messiah?”) And the people said YES. These two moments of your history are identical. 2000 years ago it affected ONE. 70 years ago, it affected ALL. And these two ultimate questions are in turn identical with the last question archangel Gabriel asked Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane (analogous): “Are you prepared here and now to do the will of your father?” (“Are you prepared to sacrifice now your mortal flesh to the cross of life and in that fulfil your life – and the life of many, who come after you?”) And this answer was also YES.

Three question of the same essence: “Do you want the total – the spiritual – life on Earth?” Three times the same answer led to one consequence: “Then let go of the mortal life.” It is the question for the ultimate shift, the reversal at the end of time, first directed at Jesus and later at humanity. With your spiritual heart, which lives eternally, ask: “What is war? What is peace? What is DEATH? What is LIFE?”

WAR you’ll find on the right throne of the dark hall. War lies inside the nature of Shadow-Death, the guardian of all shadows and demons, who suddenly and bitterly snaps and holds on. WAR you’ll find at the left throne of the dark hall, too. War lies also in the nature of Light-Death, the guardian of your soul-life, who frees you from the grey rooms. War is both – a dark being of blockage at the beginning of a developing order as well as a light being of change at the end of an old, brittle order. War enables the beginning of a new order as well as the beginning of new wars. You decide, you choose. PAIN and DEATH are bi-polar, just as the light and dark of the first ages: they are the foundation for rigidity, closeness and descend as well as for gentleness, openness and ascend.

During this time, war does not happen in the midst of a true peace, yet always as a last physical expression of an inner war that was developing and spreading beforehand. The outer war is always in resonance with the inner war of all participating – aggressor and attacked. Shadow-War kills the new, still unlived life and holds it captive in the shadow of revenge and harshness. Light-War kills the old, no longer worth of living and redeems it. It’s your emotions and feelings, which chose the next step.

War is the end of an old level of evolution and the shift into a new, no matter if it goes up or down. The war dance is a huge spinning in your bodies, a wild, chaotic dance from dark and light, leading to the crystallisation of your bodies and also creates beautiful mandala’s. When you again begin to spin around your life axis, you wage war against all those stiff shadow beings in your bodies, which cling to fear, aggression, guilt and inferiority. You wage a light-war against them. You pull them with a huge (loving-violent) force from their twilight rooms and shadow-dark cells, light-kill them and set them free. You wage a light war within yourselves; indeed you are the dark warriors and victims, the light warriors and masters!

Descend of the pole pairs
Creative light and creative dark merged and separated in their dance at the end of the 1.Crystal Age. FOUR emerged out of them: a masculine energetic dark-light and a feminine energetic light-dark. We call them here energetic Dark (EL) and energetic light (EL). We could also call them Magnus and Electra. ED is duller and narrower than CD, as its light core is smaller as its dark shell. Likewise, EL has become paler than CL as its dark core is smaller than its light shell.

You are taken aback here, as you believed that dark is darker the smaller its light core is. You thought that pure, deep dark has no light in it whatsoever and dark with a large light core was not dark at all, yet rather grey or twilight. Well, that is the sight of your physical eyes – and therein lie all errors and meanderings of your believes, religions and philosophies.

We already talked about the phenomenon of reversal and in your spiritual rooms it is exactly the opposite: deepest, radiant and purest dark has a core of pure light, which is the same size as its shell. This is the spiritual or Creative Dark, the healing darkness. From it, Light War emerges.

The Energetic Dark is less deep, radiant and pure, as its light core is smaller as its dark shell. It is duller, as it moves within a narrower room with the goal to create something stable and enduring.

This is a central aspect of your descending path: the centre of the respective shell (of the room) becomes ever smaller. The outer shell becomes ever more mighty and the inner core, the heart, powerless. The value of the originally equal poles shifts in favour of the pole of the shell and with that, a free flowing between heart and shell ebbs away. If the heart of a powerful shell is weak, then the shell itself is also weakened. This is the wondrous way of Spirit, to create matter out of itself.

The embodied Inner Dark has a very small light core, which allows its dark shell to become large, yet weak and dark – dense matter. Matter may be strong from your sight, yet from ours, it is weak. Solidified spirit is powerless and dark – yet still very precious. This is the reason that your physical bodies would burst in the direct encounter with the creative dark or light. Therefore are you only given homeopathic high potencies of these rooms, yet still you need some time, much power and a strong will to adapt to these.

The embodied inner dark and light are the last pair in the row of descend, which is still bi-polar (shell plus core). The astral dark is one-polar. It does not have an inner core, no light, no heart and therefore it is not able to change – neither able to live nor to die. It is the same with the astral light. Shadow-dark and twilight have become one and the same: one huge shell, which power is solely descending: magnetic, darkening and absorbing. It bears Shadow- Death. And for it, Light-War was created, which electrifies astral dark-light, lightens, frees and leads it into ascend.

The dark fathers of the three ages
In lesson 16, we led you into the Hall Of The Three Dark Thrones. On the middle throne sits the guardian of the creative dark of the 1.Crystal Age, who betook himself onto Earth in 1945 in the shape of a father in order to look you in the eye, meet you and remind you, who you truly are. If he appears to you in the hall veiled by radiant darkness, with deep, black eyes and an unfathomable look, know that it was the other way round for a long time. From his crystal-spiritual view, the Earth atmosphere was even in brightest sun light darkness. Hence his other name “Father Of The One Light In Darkness”. You know this being also under the name Maitreya, yet it has infinite names and faces. For him, you were for a long time only dark figures and he can only see you when your crystalline heart light shines as with this, he is in resonance.

Left next to him sits a being, whose black cloak and aura are not a radiant but an absorbing dark – from your point of view a dark hole in space. It is LIGHT-DEATH, the dark father of the Lime Age. Within his black cloak reigns an unearthly, freezing cold, inside himself an unearthly, blistering heat. He uses both depending on what is necessary: He delivers humans with either his death-heat in an earthly-emotional fire-death or with his death-cold in an earthly-emotional cold-death. Both are of the highest electricity.

When he comes to take a dying to him, there is huge electricity in the room, which would blow all fuses and wires out of the walls, if it were earthly. However, it is of spiritual nature and goes through earthly, energetic and biophysical electricity without necessarily touching it. DEATH releases the stuck souls, set deep down in the dark, magnetic body-space, with one spiritual electric shock and pulls them even deeper into his dark halls to guard them there until they wish to cross again through the gate of birth.

On the right sits the third father of the third darkness, the SHADOW-DEATH of your Dust Age – seemingly a shell without a core. His dark is neither radiant nor absorbing; no hole in space, yet a dismal black-grey cloud, which veils the room, its contours razor sharp and wafting. This father is fierce, devious and powerful, and he serves you just like the two others – bears the same love for you. Yet his appearance and the form of his love are completely veiled. Absolutely nothing points toward his wisdom and compassion. This being has no name. If it had, it would be rightly Severus Snape*, which means: bitterness, harshness, unexpected snapping and hopeless holding on. (*see Harry Potter – the book, not the movie!)

He is the guardian of all bitter strokes of fate, temptations and moments of despair, he drives all deceit and malice, is the great challenger of your courage of despair, when you seemingly are trapped, the greatest teacher of your inner wisdom, which rests upon the spirit to fight and compassion. He demands and furthers your superhuman will to live and your fighting spirit – through his cold shadow, which he casts upon your life. He is the guardian and dominator of all demons and one-polar creatures, of all un-dead beings and lifeless rooms. He assimilated any horror, you created, experienced, collected and separated from you. For many centuries, he collected it for you and placed it at your disposal, when you wanted it. Now, at the end of time, he brings back all of these horrors in order for you to embrace and crystallize them.

Was LIGHT-DEATH the deliverer from your darkness, so was SHADOW-DEATH the one, who kept you imprisoned in the dark until you finished it on your own.
Now, the dark fathers come to all of you and demand: “Look at me! Breathe me in!” just as Lucifer came to Jesus, before he died on the cross and said: ”Look at me. Recognize my being.” This hall of the dark thrones was already pre-formed during the 1.Crystal Age, so you could create the 2. Crystal Age in this hall and through these encounters with yourselves at the end of time.

Truly, you are warriors and masters of the crystal light in full action.
I Am with each single one of you – in your dark rooms or on your battle fields, wherever you choose to go.
I Am Ohamah – at your service during these dark hours of your light.

Texts: Sabine Wolf with Tobias and Metatron
Updated by Ohamah
Proof-reading: Monika Schwörer

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