Crystalline Spine Meditations

There are six meditations:

1. The Crystalline group-spinal column
2. Resurrection at the beginning of the crystalline time
3. The Crystallization of the three creative centres
4. The divided land
5. The Five Gates Of Inauguration
6. The place I fear

The Crystalline group-spinal column

This meditation was transmitted and performed as a group meditation (to a circle of people). However, you can perform it also by yourself – in a circle of spiritual beings - and you may also lay down.

This text also gives you information about the current transformations of your spinal columns, hearts, bodies and worlds.

1. Creation of a group spine
I am sitting in a circle of people / beings and breathe deeply in and out. I let go of everything, which has influenced me in my life to this day. Whatever I decide consciously and willingly happens right now. I breathe deeply and without effort. I sit straight and relaxed, sincere and relaxing.

Here and now I totally arrive and let go of everything what was past and will be future. My Spirit-body shines and solidifies, expands, and my heart becomes wide. A rotating motion begins in my spine. A multidimensional spinning dance in my body rotates out of my heart horizontally and pulsates in my vertical life-axis, far above and far below me.

The light-spinal-column rotates out of my centre and I perceive my presence stronger, clearer and more pulsating than ever before. My light-column, my life-dance column, begins to flow into the light-columns of all humans and beings within this circle and I am allowing this to happen.

Full of joy I immerse my heart-crystal light into that of the others. No heart-crystal resembles another. Mine is of a different form than the heart crystals of all my brothers and sisters on Earth and in the cosmos. Each of us is unique. Yet, we reach the highest effect of our creative love by merging our crystalline light, radiating it to each other, receiving from each other and letting it dance together.

And so am I allowing here and now the mergence of my crystalline heart-light with that of the others. ONE HEART begins to awaken inside of my chest, whole and unscathed. ONE HEART radiates far beyond this house, spherically into all directions of Earth and the worlds.

In a deep in-breath, I concentrate my crystalline being inside my heart and expand our merged heart crystal light into the world in my out-breath – and mankind is secured within it.

2. Mergence with the circle of light-beings

I return into my heart. All by itself, my attention now flows to the circle of light-beings, who formed a ring around us. I perceive the rays of our and their hearts, which build a horizontal net in the room, and by flowing into each other, merge our circles. We become One within our crystalline breath and loving will.

When light and dark, fear and love, life and death merge within ourselves, the space of the merged dance with the grand beings of Spirit opens: the angels and ascended masters, the teachers and wise ones of the ages, the brothers and sisters beyond the veils. Christ and Maria have become a part of our life-dance just as Lucifer and Father Death.

And even those, who we know from our history books, novels and inauguration stories, dance here with us. All wisdom and experience, all maturity and might, all love and grandeur of millennia returns. Through our hearts and dances they now crystallize on Earth and turn into breathing life. Thus the crystalline power moves into our world and crystal humans are walking across the Earth once again.

Yes, I feel worthy to receive these beings and worlds within me.

3. The gate into the galaxies
A merged spinal column of our diverse human being now pulsates in our circle – between the highest spheres of the cosmic Spirit and the deepest realms of Earth. It begins now to merge with the spine of this house – with the history of this place. Everything dances, flows and spins from primal times and –spaces into our centre and further into the crystalline vastness of our hearts.

With the next breath, our - with time and space merged - spinal column rises to the cosmic gate between Earth and the galaxies. A galactic gate opens gently and invites us to cross the veils of the past – those now redundant veils of time and space inside our hearts.

We step into those well-known cosmic worlds of our ancestry and into new galactic worlds. I recall some, yet others I have never been in before. Infinite currents of a here- and-now born bliss flow into the cells of our bodies and fill our being.

Resurrection at the beginning of the crystalline time

Intro and occasion at a workshop:
You will wear amulets and images of the divine as long as you refuse your own divinity. One day, you take them off and waves of sadness roll over and through you. This is the pain of home-coming, the joy to be back home, finally to be deeply yourself again. Because once you touch your own divinity within you, you are deeply affected, as you were separated from this ONE HEART for a very long time.

I open my heart wide, open myself, do not fear the currents, which want to flow now. I breathe self-god-force, deeply being God and Goddess here and now myself and allowing this force to circulate within me.

I breathe vertically – into the highest spheres of the creative light above and into the deepest spheres of the creative dark below.

I allow all images of the divine from the light and the dark realms to flow into my heart – and in this way return back into myself once more. I let go of the power of all shapes and patterns, amulets and trinkets, pictures and idols of my life. I release with love and gratitude what gave me value and worth as long as I did not give those to myself.

I have arrived at the end of my path with these forms and aids and I decide now to take them off, as I no longer need their help. I release them gently and open irrevocably the universe of my own relevance.

At the end of time I look out into the earthly spheres and I see powerlessness and emptiness. And at exactly this time, I rise with great respect for myself, with great regard for my power – and a gigantic wave of compassion washes my life onto new shores.

This is the moment when Spirit rises within me and opens might, abundance and perspective. And so is the pain, which I feel at the end of time, not the lost abundance, yet the returning – not the lost, yet the returning worth, not the lost, yet the resurrecting divinity within myself.

I open my heart wide, move inside it with my next breath, decide and say the one word:

I AM is the human word for the divine self.
NOW is the cosmic time – timelessness without a split in the heart, merged past and future in my present.
HERE is the cosmic space – spacelessness without a split inside my heart, merged worlds without beginning and end – within myself.

I AM NOW HERE – and allow the divine time- and spacelessness to resurrect within my heart, at the very crossing point of my life where the cross turns into an orb and the dust into a crystal.

I AM NOW HERE – and allow myself the return into Spirit and Spirit to move into my body. YES. I AM NOW HERE.

I breathe deeply and let go again as it is achieved.

It was a question of a decision, I had to take, a question of dignity for myself, a question of unconditional love for myself.

Now it is a question of time and patience, of trust and free flowing. I neither hold on to pain nor the will for enlightenment, neither onto happiness and love nor pain and rage.

I simply allow ALL to flow freely as the nature of my new body and consciousness, the crystalline nature of our new age, consists of the complete mergence of darkness and light.

The love of the darkness and the wisdom of the light merge into a crystalline love-wisdom of the planet and the cosmos. And I will breathe and travel between these love- and wisdom-worlds, communicate and launch businesses – businesses of love and wisdom.

The Crystallization of the three creative centres

According to our New Story Of Creation, you crossed three ages during your descend: the First Crystal Age, the Lime Age and the Dust Age and built three creative centres within your bodies: the main creative centre at the heart, the intelligent secondary creative centre at the head and the emotional secondary creative centre at the abdomen. Never mind if this is only a story: Here and now is the time to crystallize these centres.

I close my eyes, breathe deeply and focus my attention at the centre of my heart.

In the right ventricle sits the Christ- or crystal-point. I imagine that I float as a spiritual being through the muscular wall into the dark room of my heart – a huge, fathomless cave - a universe.

Here reigns a pulsating rushing in total darkness. Yet somewhere in this darkness, I discover a crystalline white-shimmering light. This is the connection of my divine Spirit onto my physical body.

I walk towards this light, breathe deeply and connect with my breath to this light. I become this light.

Now I breathe out of my light centre into the darkness, several times gently yet powerfully in and out and allow the emerging crystalline light orb to become as large as that my whole body is secured within it. This is the safe space, the field of shift and spiritual operations, the field of transformation and integration, which I can build and hold at any time by myself. It is within my power.

Here and now in the presence of my heart, I breathe gently and lovingly out of the heart of this body into the brain, into the pineal gland. Gently I float up.

I AM the pineal gland in the centre of my head and I allow for some breaths that the crystalline light of my heart flows up to me, the pineal gland, and back down again into the heart, gently flowing up again into the pineal gland and down into the heart.

Here and Now I allow the crystalline light-point of my heart to anchor itself into the pineal gland and to build a second crystal point there – a crystalline secondary creative centre.

This is now beginning to emanate and radiate through the head, whilst I float back into my heart. Here and Now I feel my journey through the body and at the same time the pulsation of the awakening centres of this physical universe.

Gently, I align myself with below and begin to float there too. I Am light. I surge through my body and shift it. The lively crystalline current leads me into the gonads. There I anchor its light with my loving will and float back into the heart and down again into the gonads.

The light begins to flow through my abdomen and to carry it into new ranges. It needs only a few times for me to walk this crystalline light-path through my body in order to create a breathing, pulsating connection between my heart and the gonads.

And so I have also formed a new crystal creative centre here, which is now manifesting and expanding – my physical male-female emotional force has shifted into a divine masculine-feminine feeling-power.

At the end of time three creative centres pulsate inside of my body: an intelligent centre in my head, an intuitive one in my abdomen and an inspirational centre at the merged heart.

Right from the beginning, exactly this was the plan of all separations and splits. Simply by deciding this shift, it happens.

I feel a cool tickling in my belly, a new vastness, which may now expand. Love without conditions, devotion without chains opens constriction and pain, leads heated darkness of agitated emotion into a gentle, yet powerful crystalline flow.

At the same time I feel a cool vastness inside my head. Wisdom without knowledge begins here and expands from the centre. Heated will of the Ego and tight control flash up and then fade away in the knowledge without recollection. Compulsive comparing and judging shift into a deep compassion and gratitude.

I return into my heart and leave the new crystalline creative centres to themselves. They are divine intelligence and will from now on flow by themselves and find their path, now as I have opened the gate.

I yield them to themselves, leave my body to them and return via my heart into my waking consciousness – or fall asleep.

The divided land

I focus my attention on my heart. I imagine how I float through the muscular wall into my heart. I perceive this space as a huge, partitioned room of light and dark, I look around or just imagine that I do, or I simply allow all pictures and feelings to rise within my consciousness.

I breathe deeply and open my heart wide. I allow all the energies of my body to sink into the floor. I allow that my inner realm opens enough for Theta-waves of Spirit to float through it.

I see a landscape with a wall running through it – a high wall, separating one half of this landscape from the other. And I myself sit on top of that wall and can see into the left land, where there are light, joy, growth and security.

And at the same time, when I turn my head to the other side, I see a dark land, grey darkness without horizon, I cannot see where the land ends and the sky begins.

I sit on top of that wall, breathe deeply and return totally into myself and allow that all feelings of this situation can flow freely.

I close my eyes and feel to both sides. I sense the aura of the light landscape, the warmth of the sun, which shines there. I sense the clarity of Spirit, who blows there. I sense the living vibration of the beings, who live, grow and evolve there.

I sense the warmth and vastness and this land and I hear sounds – the songs of life, the voices of joy and singing. In all the flowing currants of my body I sense the land in the sunshine.

I perceive how much my body, my heart and all the currents of my body are in resonance with this land, that a communication begins, an exchange, a to-and-fro of feelings, energies and essences.

I breathe deeply in and out and allow this land to emerge within me. I conceive this land with all its beings totally within myself. And by breathing deeply in and out I perceive how with every breath a part of this land flows into me, merges with me and becomes one with me.

Wide, light and sun-drenched landscapes, mountains, woods, meadows with colourful flowers, trees and fruits, lively flowing rivers and streams are now within me – and I just keep breathing.

And now, I decide to turn toward the other side, to glance down at the dark land. I breathe deeply and perceive that darkness rises from the ground there and has desolated the land. Nothing grows anywhere, nothing pulsates, as the dark took over the desolate waterways and turned them into swamps and trickles. I sense the dryness of the land and the swamps.

I feel how the darkness rises behind the horizon and wafts across the land – covering it into a foggy cloud of horror - the darkness of the sky and the canopy suffocating any connection with the Spirit life.

I open my pores and my ears, sense and hear the dark land, perceive the murmur and voices of darkness, the drone of fear, the murmur of imprisonment – yet also the cold voices of the warriors and dark rulers.

I close my eyes and return to myself. I breathe deeply, open my heart once again wide and say: ”YES! YES. This land, too, is within me and can be!”

I allow that this land can communicate with me. I open myself to this land as well and allow my heart-love to flow – not to lighten it, not heal it, yet to conceive this land within myself.

I allow, that with every breath a wave of darkness flows into my heart and refines itself there. I allow that the dark land inside of me, through me and with me comes into motion.

The wall, I’m sitting on, begins to degenerate, to peter out. With every breath, which I devote to the light and the dark land, the wall fades, loses density and height.

And finally I sit on the ground of the borderline between these two lands, perceive and allow that the dark can now flow across into the land of the light and the light into the land of darkness.

And by allowing, I feel that a spinning dance starts and gets faster, more powerful with each rotation. Great waves of darkness pulsate over into the land of light and great waves of light roll over into the dark.

The spin becomes ever more faster, ever greater the dance of the voices, the storming of light and dark. Less and less I can perceive the single beings, can distinguish the energies.

The nature of the poles is shifting more and more. Black-blue and yellow-golden waves turn into emerald green shimmers, which pour out into crystalline bolts and lighten over the land.

The forces in my heart merge more and more and so are the worlds around me and within me – whilst I just sit there and allow.

The Five Gates Of Inauguration
Meditation for the crossing of the five gates

I let go of what was, what is and what will be.
I breathe deeply and open my heart wide.
I allow my soul to rise into the crystalline realms of Spirit.
I allow that my body stays behind as an empty shell
and yet I am fully awake.

I focus my attention inside of my heart.
The first gate of my life opens.
It is the gate of the first birth of my Spirit on Earth.
With all my love and all my will,
from the bottom of my heart and with all my soul
I float down to Earth now.

YES, I cross the gate and am One with All That Is.
YES. I live!
I love what comes to me!
I know it is myself.

With my next breath the second gate emerges.
It is the gate of the christening of my earth-body through the Spirit.
With all my love and all my will
from the bottom of my heart and with all my soul
I am one with the One, who breathes in my lungs,
I am One with the wisdom of the masters, who rest inside my heart.

I cross through the third gate, which now opens up before me.
It is the gate of the transfiguration of my body through Spirit.

With all my love and all my will
I accept who I truly am.
From the bottom of my heart and with all my soul
I release the believe in a mortal body
and all illusions, which are bound to it.
I release my first life and awaken -
as a masculine-feminine being of God itself.

The fourth gate dedicates my earthly life to its completion.
It is the gate of the cross and the coronation of my bodily life.
With all my love and all my will
I breathe the darkness and the light of the world.
From the bottom of my heart and with all my soul
I let go of my earthly body.

How often did I let go of what I believed for a long time to be an inseparable part of myself!
Once more this is happening now.

I stand with both feet on top of my life-mountain
And stretch my arms high up into the sky.
With all my love and all my will
I breathe deeply and conceive MY SELF.
From the bottom of my heart and with all my soul
I breathe my earthly life up and my Spirit-Being down.

I AM ONE – and join the worlds.
The fifth gate is the one of resurrection,
The gate of the second birth – the birth of my Spirit on Earth.
I see, it now opens before me.

The Place, I Fear

I close my eyes and open my heart wide. I breathe deeply and relaxed into the heights and depths of my being. At the same time my breath flows into my heart into the horizontal expansion, flows through my cardiac septum and allows the dark land to flow into light and the light land into the dark.

For many millennia, my thoughts and feelings forced my spiritual-energetic cardiac septum to sustain a hermetic separation between light and dark.

Here and now in the presence of my heart I allow this separation to eliminate itself from my body-field. The physical cardiac septum is maintained in order for my body to stay functional, yet the spiritual-energetic wall between light and dark, I now wish to release. Here and Now I go to the place, I fear.

The place, I fear is humiliation and humility in one.
The place, I fear is death and live in one.
The place, I fear is darkness and light in one.
The place, I fear is perdition and absolution in one.

This place is within me,
I am its creator and creature, its ruler and underdog.

I breathe deeply, widely, and say “YES” to myself.
Everything can be, could be and may be.

The place I fear is my heart.

It is the place of humiliation, which I obtain by humility – the divine power within my physical body. The gate is humiliation, the key is humility and the space is power.

I breathe deeply. I AM my heart. I broaden my heart once more fully aware and willingly - expand it. I open my body wide, which has always been vulnerable and needed protection, I allow everything to be free, reveal my physical weakness and mortality to the divine Spirit and receive strength and immortality.

Simply by your decicion, it happens.
I allow all currents to flow freely, I hold nothing back anymore.

And finally I let go of this opening and flowing again and return into the immediate and boundless presence of my heart, into this centre of my spiritual-bodily waking consciousness.


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