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Sun Gate in the Jura Mountains


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How, Why and for Whom?
This is where we summarize the lessons, transmissions and insights of the most recent years for you to be able to apply and put them into practice. This part is dedicated to you, teachers and healers, warriors and leaders, specialists and masters, who wish to spiritually exalt and reshape your former professions or who wish to establish new professions and / or invent and unravel new ways of dealing with the old ones.

But even those of you who do not want any particular profession – or none at all – because you do not feel any particular calling – or none at all; those of you who have simply come to earth in or order to bring their cosmic joy into the space of turbulent change, you, too, are cordially invited to get everything from here which you need and want in order to BE and radiate with joy, wealth and fulfillment – for yourselves and for the rest of the world.

And here, too, there will neither be any tuition nor school fees payable, and there won’t be any downloads charged for by us via Paypal. Everything we make available to you here on the web, is flowing to you freely. You are welcome to use everything both for yourselves and also for working with others. We explicitly give you permission to use our material in your work, to develop it further, to modify it – and to take it into the world. It is also your material.

How does the school work?
We do not have any of the plain old school structures here, nor do we have any times of deadlines which need to be respected, no class schedule with course units, no teachers but yourselves and no fellow students for cheating. There is no homework, there are no exams or school reports, there is neither school tuition to pay nor any duty to attend. Instead, is available to you with contributions on all kinds of life themes. This material consists of the material from the last years - from notebooks, workshops, group and individual sessions and also related to special occasions, questions, counselling and events from the now time.

The 5 Modules of the Internet School

Module 1 - Information
The first module of our books and also of the Internet School are transmissions about the respective topic: clear, uncompromising and definitely also provocative explanations, pieces of information, instructions and course units. They are the masculine elements of your mind – your intelligence, your common sense - and they serve your insight and recognition in the waking state, the wow-effect, but they also represent confirmation of your own inner thoughts, feelings and intuitions, which so far have always been negated and rejected on the outside.

Module 2 - Meditations
The second module are gentle meditations, inner travels and stories which are flowing gently, guiding you into active healing sleep. They are the feminine elements of your mind – your intuition, your feelings – and they serve to strengthen your soul, they serve the return of all the scattered parts of your personality into your life axis, the opening of your subconscious spaces and finally the integration of the new life matrix into our physical structure.

Become aware that modules 1 and 2 are mutally exchangeable in any way, meaning that these clear pieces of information can be used for meditation, as an inner journey or as the basis for healing sleep. These gentle meditations can also be used to access information and to obtain more profound knowledge of these pieces of information. This shows that although we can develop a structure – which we also do – this will always be a ‘both/and’ structure which provides a theoretical backup for the residues of your linear either-or perception rather than implying any clear separation between the modules.

Module 3 – Pictures and Sounds
All pictures are spiritually supported forms of expression used to penetrate deeper into the truth, no matter whether they are photos, paintings or drawings and regardless of who created them. Images open deeper levels of perception than words. Pictures open both intelligent and intuitive spaces of consciousness. “A picture says more than a thousand words“. They same applies to the sounds of music and to voices.

In the texts and books which are primarily teaching material, such as the 21 lessons, many drawings need to be included in order to illustrate the physical and spiritual connections elaborated in the text and in order to make you take a look behind the stage, behind the physical perspective. These drawings are part and parcel of the information (Module 1).

The texts and books which mainly aim at supporting inner travels, such as The White Cobra, only contain a few pictures and drawings to highlight what has been said. They are part of the meditation (Module 2). These illustrations are saying ANYTHING and EVERYTHING, which is required in order for the most important pictures of all to surface: your own inner images, which tend to form the easiest if there is no external picture pointing into any given direction or nail the mind. The same holds true for the sound material in the audio books and audio material.

Module 4 - Reflection and Exercises
Reflections and exercises related to the issue in question are there to address your immediate life situation, the way you feel and think, your perception and orientation. This way you are able to recognize and fulfill former decisions and make new ones, while at the same time being able to convert negative patterns into positive ones. Module 4 pulls you our of the situation where you are passive recipients of Module 1, Information, and 2, Meditations, in order to guide you back into your own lives and into your own responsibility and ability to decide and to act, gently and still powerfully. This is where the passive reader, the tax number and the spiritual patient turn into an active creator of life. Even for this reason alone, this module is worthwhile, because it provides you with the opportunity to accompany, replace and end many months and years of visits to conventional medical practices and psychologist’s offices.

Since 2007, since the introduction of the 21 Lessons, this module has provided us with experiences which tended to surpass even our wildest dreams (cf. Feedbacks).

Module 5 - SEARCH Function and Glossary
The glossary in the books and the SEARCH function in the Internet School provides active users – no matter whether you are end consumers (readers, seekers for help, clients, Patient) or intermediaries (therapists, seminar teachers or authors) picking up the subject – with an opportunity to deepen your insight, to receive further answers or to systematically go through the material.

Implementation of this Concept
Every online contribution made available on the web and every PDF file is equipped with a Final Unit saying More-Search. Whatever older contributions do not yet have this feature will be equipped with it one after the other.

Under More about the Topic we weave golden threads to the lessons for you. This will enable you to read and understand them from a new perspective and through a new lens.

The terms you can find via the SEARCH function are like crystalline paths we have placed before your feet and which crisscross our entire network and will lead you to places where this topic appears in different contexts or is illuminated or described from different perspectives.

This way you will be able to create your own points of focus and your own teaching elements, you can decide for yourself how intensely you want to study and stay with any topic until you have fully imbibed and metabolized it – or simply don’t feel like dealing with it any longer. This would indeed be the safest sign showing that you got it.

Don’t just use the terms we suggest to you, but also your own. The SEARCH function will provide you with the opportunity to google within our network for any topics and terms you are interested in without depending on any requirements on our part - and along with this to establish curricula and guidelines of your own which will help you to work through the material from the first year in elementary school until you graduate from college. Do make use of all modules available for this purpose: the texts and explanations as well as the audio meditations to enter into a healing sleep and surgery on the part of the spirit world.

You have learnt to separate the things of life from one another,
And you caused yourselves to fragment in the process.
In our Internet school and your school of life you will come to put these things, and
yourselves, together again.
You will create multi-facetted crystals from the dust of the earth.
You will be crystal humans!

The Semesters and Their Points of Focus
Let the teacher, healer, warrior and master in you flow freely!

Advance Notice:

2. Analogy and Anatomy
The Human Body and the Planet

3. Energies between Heaven and Earth
Free Flow between the Dimensions

Text: Sabine Wolf
Translation: Silvia Authenrieth
May 2010


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