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Vita in short
Born on July 5, 1955 in Bremerhaven, Germany. 1974-1990 Architecture in Bremerhaven and Berlin. 1990-1999 Own architect's office in Berlin. 1987-1998 Various trainings in the field of esoterics: life energy healing, prana healing, gems, Reiki, consulting the pendulum, Feng Shui, geomancy and radiesthesia. On Easter 1997 Christening by the Franciscan Order. From June 1997 first conscious encounter with Christ as well as with archangel Ariel, Djwahl Khul, Babaji and Mother Mary. Personal instructions and help with further spiritual development from her. From 1999 consultant with regard to spirits and energetics for family homes and business premises. In 2000 21-day-process, shift of metabolism from physical food to living on light. From 2001 explanation of technical and scientific phenomena from the perspective of the spirit world. Series of writings such as "Spiritual Laws of Healing", seminars, lectures and counselling, development of the healing sleep method.

Synopsis of organized events

2004 THE FOUR TEMPLES OF MANKIND (1. The Body, 2. Houses and Landscapes, 3. The Earth and the Cosmos, 4. The Heart and Christ Consciousness), 4 seminars at 7 days (3x), in particular: 1. Seven Days for Healing and Meditation, 2. The Body as Our Home and the Tree of Life, 3. Cosmic Man, 4. Seven Days of Silence

2005 NEW CREATIVE POWER: The Three Circles of Creation, New Spirituality, Marriage and Partnerships, Parents and Children, Money and Possessions, Spirit and Sex, New Professions, 7 3-day seminar (2x)

2006 THE DARKNESS OF THE WORLD: The Spaces of Darkness in the Light of Unity, Mysteries: Death and Darkness, 3-day-seminar (5x), BODY TRANSFORMATION, 3-day-seminar (5 x)

2007 BEING A TEACHER - 21 Lessons on human everyday life, free internet seminar, KRISTALLMENSCH-MEETING, 3-day workshops (5x), OPENING OF THE GATES, 1-day-Workshop (2x), FEMALE SEXUALITY, 3-day workshop

2008 SICKNESS? HEALTH!! 3-day workshop (3x), FREE FLOW IN THE WORLD OF MATTER, 3-day workshop (3x), DEATH AND LIFE 3-day workshop, (2x), MALE SEXUALITY 3-day workshop, CHILDREN WITH CRYSTALLINE CONSCIOUSNESS, 3-day workshop

About the photos
I am extremely camera-shy. I find myself very unphotogenic and don't like it at all if there are photos of me circulating, in particular photographs I am not aware of - photos I haven't checked, censured and released. Now I am using my new website as an occasion to jump over my own shadow and to show you the few photographs of me which I find "halfway acceptable ". The first two pictures show me at the tender age of 47 in Winterthur, below you can see my sacred phase with my weekends spent in the mountains (here: Großer Mythen), and at the very bottom you can see my favourite pictures on which many of you might have trouble recognizing me. If you read the accompanying text, you will get an idea why. Well - and finally you will see me: ... recently in Santorin....

The story of my life in a nutshell

I would like to introduce myself to you here somewhat more elaborately than might be customary - although not in order to sing my own praises. For decades, I had withdrawn from contact with human beings, often to the point of hiding. For me, the worst thing of all was to be in a group or, even worse, to be put on the spot. The devil, however, often wanted me to be standing in groups and in the center of attention. Whereas I was afraid of this and hated it, others loved it. For decades, I felt like humans were the most stupid thing that God had ever created - not to speak of women. However, they usually liked me. I did not know why I was HERE, what I was supposed to do - and this is where my search began. I kept searching and searching. For 45 years, I kept searching like crazy. I did not even know what I was looking for, I only knew that I rather wanted to die than fail to find it. My many decisions and attempts to die all got quashed from the executive floor. "No way," I got to hear one day many years ago. "We have invested a lot into our body; we will not just withdraw it now".

Well, at this point, many of you have come to know better than me that this investment has already begun to pay off. As far as I am concerned, I still take the liberty to have a couple of doubts about that every once in a while. But in the meantime I simply decided to be HERE and to make the most of it. There are two reasons why I want to share the little story of my life in a bit more detail: 1. in order to disclose you the foundation of my work and themes, 2. in order to remind you of your own inner journeys. After all, every one of you has been through a profound and often desperate search. And of course I am nothing but a mirror for every single one of you.

In summer 1995, my complete inexperience with saints, priests, gurus and masters and also with churches, denominations and religion for 40 years took a sudden turn. Already a few years ago, I had fully said farewell to all mass media (newspapers, television and radio) and begun to find answers to my life's questions in the esoteric and spiritual circles. However, since I rather tend to be a sceptical technician than an ardent believer in anything esoteric or spiritual, I did not only find explanations and insights there, but also many contradictions and dogmas.

So I repeatedly took refuge to my inner sanctum the way people born under the sign of cancer tend to do. I had never been very sociable and usually felt most at ease when I was on my own. And then, in June 1995, it happened: a three-day encounter with Jesus on the cross in the inner worlds totally threw me off balance both psychologically and mentally, almost tearing my body to tatters and tangibly destroying the way I used to feel before. This in turn initiated a number of inner experiences which systematically pulled the rug out from under me, so to speak, along with making the life I had built up for myself crumble and finally collapse.

Three dramatic years at the end of the millennium, in which I fully withdrew from the external world, irreversibly began to pull me out of my former life as a self-employed architect. Intense, wonderful and profoundly unsettling encounters with light beings and demons caused me to float in a spaceless time in which I cried and slept a lot. I rarely wondered about why this was happening to me, being much too tired to do so, but deep inside I felt that all this made sense. During this time period, my perception and orientation totally changed. The three years after that resulted in a certain stabilization on these new and still unknown levels.

For 40 years, I had been searching - without knowing what - and now the time of finding had come. I took little interest in a spirit without a body, and I cared just as little about a body without a spirit. I felt the urge to find out how these two fit and go together. I needed to find out why I was stuck in this silly woman's body, since I felt I profoundly belonged to the male world. I had used every means to gain my end. After having dumped almost fifty men (partners), I tried meditation and prayer. I had learnt that it worked, and now I wanted to know why. During this time period, I experienced more than just one miracle. I wanted to know how all that worked and what was happening beyond the veils. I refused to believe in "miracles" and "destiny", and since I did not have any church background, I felt free to indulge in this impulse without encountering any major obstacles. I came in touch with beings I had first learnt about in my religion class 35 years ago. All of a sudden, they began to appear - with personalities just as varied as in human beings - and each time they threw me off track for a while. Of course I wanted to know how these connections work, what happens during the transmission, and also who can be found in which realms doing what.

In the words of the Bible, I did not only want to bite into the apple, but to devour everything on the entire tree of knowledge. I was intent on understanding religion with the help of physics and logical thinking. Maybe I had already been burnt at the stake for this in other lifetimes. I am not a believer by nature - nobody can tell me what I am supposed to believe, although my family often gained a different impression because I tended to believe in things they did not believe in. But still: I always wanted to know why.

I am a pragmatic person: Whenever I did not find any good reason to believe something, I dropped this belief again. If I discovered laws of a higher order or even intelligent beings behind my belief, I would catch fire. On one hand I am an engineer (masculine side) and refuse to see why I should not be able to make progress on the basis of my technical understanding. On the other hand I am sensitive enough to know when I should trade research and experimenting for meditation, sleep and dreams (feminine side).

This was the context in which, at the turn of the year 2000 / 2001, I made the decision to do the so-called 21-day process which archangel Ariel recommended me to undergo. Although the purpose of this process was to help the physical metabolism with transitioning to the light metabolism, this was only secondary. The primary goal was to establish a body frequency which would enable you to communicate with Spirit all the time. This frequency was achieved through complete purification and by connecting the triune entity consisting of the body, the soul and the spirit. For three months, I did not eat anything, drank only little, slept only one to two hours at night and felt as alive, powerful and light as never before.

The three-week process itself, however, was like hell. In the first week, my weight dropped from 56 to 42 kilograms and I became totally dehydrated. My body experienced an excruciating pain from head to toe, as if it had been pierced by thousands of needles, from deep down to the outside - incessantly. It was like torture. On the third day my kidneys failed - and I died. On the fourth morning they resumed their function - subtler and more powerful than before - and I could feel the icy cold feel of the two kidney drips which the spirit world had provided me with over the night. The next two weeks I spent drinking and sleeping, until I had reached a weight of 49 kilograms.

There were many beings who were with me during the time I spent in bed. Many realms opened and I went on many travels. Jesus, Mary, archangel Ariel and Christ I already was acquainted with. They had been with me from the very start. However, during this dramatic process of allowing the mind and spirit to merge with my body, even more beings came to my bedside. Some of them introduced themselves to me - Lady Nada and Ashtar Sheran. They helped me to recognize and overcome my inner inhibitions, all of which were packed with power and control issues and with aggressions. Melchizedek explained me the transition of my body from the spiritual viewpoint; he answered my questions and provided me with tips how to alleviate my pain. He gave me permission to glimpse what is behind the veils and let me document the process. There were two other beings who were standing motionlessly at the foot of my bed for two weeks. Three months later I learnt that it was Djwal Khul and Babaji who then began to overshadow me. And it was enormous - both terrible and beautiful!

The beings appeared either one after the other or together and attended to me. Every one of them taught me their particular specialty. They are part of a hierarchy in the spirit world, and this was the realm in which they took action and which they also made accessible for me. One realm after the other opened. All of these beings initiated me into their specific mysteries and gave me permission to bathe, sleep and be in their respective energy. With every one of them I felt so much at home in an intimate way, and ever so often I was reluctant to go back into the bleakness of life on earth. In this respect, however, none of them showed any mercy. The seminars from 2000 until now were and are designed based on their guidance and mentoring.

My encounters with these beings were that lasting and powerful that I, the old atheist and ignorant, turned into a fervent follower of Christ. My heart was open and filled with love like never before. I would often be in a state of bliss, and suddenly I was also able to love people I would usually sniff at, if nothing worse. But there were also those in my environment who were quite annoyed about my latest God and Christ fad.

Well, the beings I just mentioned helped me to find that which I had been trying to find for more than fourty years: myself. For five to six years, they became a source of inspiration for my path and my work. Then, the spiritual backdrop and my spiritual team were suddenly replaced by something else. The Tibetan, Djwal Khul, guided me to the Father of the One Light in the Darkness. Suddenly, I spent three days and nights in a London cathedral on the inner planes, a place where I had never been before on the bodily level. I had beautiful encounters with Maitreya - way less painful than the initial ones, the ones with Jesus and Babaji. When I visited England some time later, I was able to find the cathedral exactly the way I had seen it on the inner planes - not in London, but in Salisbury.

Maitreya guided me to Father DEATH - and it turned out that not long afterwards I met the Atlantian priest-king, Thoth. At the beginning of each of these experiences, I was physically out of action for three to seven days. My body spent this time sleeping for days and nights in a row. My spirit returned with an abundance of encounters, experiences and hints which initially found their expression in 2004, in the Third Temple - COSMIC MAN, and were to become the basis of the subsequent years of seminars.

During this time, archangel Lucifer also appeared on the scene. During one of my visits to the Halls of Death, he suddenly showed up, wanting to tease and frighten me. Shortly afterwards, a low and mild voice could be heard booming in the dark: "Leave her alone! She is my guest"! It was DEATH, on whose lap I would sleep every night for two years. After all, Lucifer then became a committed companion for my seminars, which among some "clairvoyant" participants established my reputation as one working for the dark side. I am placing the word "clairvoyant" in quotation marks because the ability to see energetic realms and spirit beings has little value as long as clairvoyants do not accept and understand what they see. As far as I am concerned, slanderous remarks of this type only raised a pitying smile on my part (residues of my former misanthropy and arrogance towards human beings).

These three father beings - Maitreya, Thoth, and DEATH - they were the ones who neutralized me. They helped me replace Christ consciousness with crystalline consciousness, to substitute "Lord, Thy will be done" with my own divinity, the "pleading for healing" with self-empowerment. Over one year, they taught me the purpose and logic of Self-realization and about the profound partnership between LIGHT and DARKNESS. They helped me to get through gloomy realms of terror and fear. This way I gained access to the realms of Creative Darkness, where I experienced a bright, radiant darkness, in which spiritual love and the human breath of life were pulsating much stronger than in Creative Light. Along with this irritating experience, they withdrew again and left me alone for a long time.

My mother once said, "Sabine changes partners more often than others would change their shirt". It was true, and on the Inner Planes it continued exactly the same way. End of 2004, the team changed again. Before anybody else, it was Tobias and Metatron, and then finally Adamus (Saint Germain) and Ohamah who now began to lead the series of explorations around realization and transformation. With them, I was guided back from the spirit realms of light and darkness into concrete areas of human everyday life - to the translation of my insights into the external world. This was the community in which the series of seminars entitled NEW CREATIVE POWER began to be created in 2005.

After one year of absence, the representatives of Darkness began to reappear - as Lucifer, Hitler, Judas and Father Death, as murderers and demons - as my own anxieties and aggression, in the form of misanthropy and a physical fear of death in my body. Now they wanted to co-author a spiritual analysis of "Lord of the Rings" on the subject of "Middle Earth in the human body" with me. And finally they guided me via some mysterious detours from Switzerland via London and Cornwall to New Zealand. The three-month travel to New Zealand from September to December 2005 had already been announced on the inner planes two years before. Finally I decided to fly over. My ego wanted to go hiking and take a holiday, rather than work. But it came to nothing. My friends from the spirit realm had other plans and brought the most recent topic of our time into my life, namely "death and darkness".

60 hours of sleep right after my arrival on New Zealand territory changed the plan for my existence and its reality again. I feel asleep on Friday afternoon and woke up on Monday morning with the words: "You will write the last chapter of your book. Its title is DEATH AND DARKNESS. And to ensure that this will not end up being a revised version of known theoretical philosophical and spiritual ideas, whatever events are required for it will happen and guide you on the path. This way you will be able to walk through the previously unopened realms and get to experience DEATH and DARKNESS - way beyond yourself and in your innermost core - in your body, in your soul and your mind. On this path, you will find the profound opposite of what you believe or fear or hope to find".

So I required neither a backpack nor a hiking map, neither a foot balm nor a sleeping bag, but writing and painting utensils as well a frugal, warm place to stay. It happened to be the coldest spring since 15 years, anyway. So I flew to Wellington, where I was unerringly guided to my place of lodging. Barely seven days later, I found myself in the heart of a man who had just killed a young German woman tourist. Here I met another guardian of Darkness: LORD SHADOW OF DEATH, the spiritual hotbed of all black magic, the father of horror. I walked through the veil between life and death - and became aware of the extent of love which reigns behind this veil.

At this point, a seven-week round dance in the darkness began. It took me out of my earthly existence more than once and caused me to float into the hearts of those whose life is centered on death and killing, despair, fear and hate. I ate nothing, I cleansed my body by drinking a lot of water, by taking showers and brushing it, by crying, sleeping and conscious breathing. Daily yoga exercises helped me to keep my body moving. In addition, the anti-rotation of the planet pulled all energies, emotions and habits which I had accumulated and which had gotten stuck in the past 50 years out of my body. As always in periods like this one, I did not have any contact with human beings then.

After all, this was about yet another issue - and maybe it was even the primary one. I had long come to a point in my development where no black magician, warrior or demon was able to instil fear in me any longer. Whoever threatened to kill me, would at best create happy anticipation in me. My male energies were at the summit of their impertubability, and I felt at ease and fulfilled with them, as long as I kept ignoring my female body. Well, and exactly this is where the problem was. Suddenly, a powerful female being of light appeared in front of my eyes. This being approached me, looked at me - and threatened to take my life. A mighty female light being seemed to threaten to finish my earthly existence. It was more than I could bear. I ran away. Nevertheless, as I came to realize later on, I had only been dealing with my higher female self, which was inside myself and able to open the realms of the most profound darkness in order to release the being caught in them. The solar female self does not resonate with these depths, which is why it also cannot get lost in them.

It took approximately five months before I had even the slightest idea about what had happened in New Zealand and what riches I had received there, and a few more months went by before I had fully metabolized these experiences. For 2006, all this resulted in a new series of seminars, THE DARKNESS OF THE WORLD. This 5-day-seminar was designed to guide through the experiences and insights I had gained at the other end of the world and into the realms of darkness and beyond. Simultaneously, I could witness the book developing which the spirit beings had announced as the "Last chapter". It wasn't the last chapter of my book, which did not even exist - it was the last chapter of the story of my life as a mortal - and of an unawakened humanity: the fulfilment of the apocalypse and of the light body process.

Well - and not even two years later with Astrid and Ohamah on Santorin -
and with Thoth, the Atlantian, as you can see on the picture.
He had taught me to love cats - I would never have dreamt of such a thing.

sabine glatze
5. Oktober 2009 - Trennung vom "alten Zopf" bei Vollmond
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