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..... with every wave that your oceans are sending towards the continents .....


In the first 50 years of this lifetime I traveled very little, at least as far as the external world was concerned. And if I did, my journeys did not lead me very far from my own doorstep. Basically, I just made a few trips to Italy and Norway, to the Black Forest, to the island of Ruegen and to France. Internally, however, I have been traveling since my childhood: within the dark vastness of the Milky Way, on Venus, in paradise and on the moon. In my childhood, people would often comment, "Sabine believes they have an amusement park (a fun fair, a kermis) in Heaven", when I shared about my journeys. And of course I actually did have that belief.

In the 1990ies I began to travel to Jerusalem to witness the crucifixion of Jesus and to the sinister Halls of Death. Or I would meet the Good Lord in a shabby shack somewhere in one of the American deserts, where I would be sitting astride on a wooden bench, leaning my back against his round belly and fall asleep to rest from the hardships of my life. On other occasions, I would travel to Venus in order to study urban development, which, by the way, greatly resembles the way the elves design towns in Middle-earth. I often spent time in Shambhala, from where I would try to find the direct way to Earth, since I knew that it must exist. Finally I even found it - and along with the next breath I took I landed in Asgard - in the Silver Halls in the center of the earth. From there, I would be catapulted to Venus or to the green slopes of Atlantis which were facing East and from where I would watch the sun rising beyond the horizon of the ocean. Here I would often meet the one they call Jesus and talked to him for hours.

Well, these are things which people call abnormal and schizophrenic or simply fanciful - a person who is somewhat off her rocker and needs to be corrected. Of course I also frequently reached the limits of my own credibility and self-confidence in my early years. After some hesitation, however, I would always jump across these limits and managed to find my own center rather than returning to the midst of human society. My belief in myself was my strongest source of power in all these decades - and it often brought me to the edge. In all these cases, I decided to leave human beings behind in order to stay true to myself and to keep walking my path alone. This way I was finally able to return to humans in a way which I did not even think of in all these years. Receive this message, let it flow from my heart to yours. Have trust in yourselves and follow your own paths. They will all lead into the heart of the new community. In reality, all our paths are like curved horizons: they lead us away from mankind to ourselves, and with this automatically back to mankind (cf. A Geometrical Genesis and Bilbo Beutlin: "There and Back Again ").

In 2001, I was already 46 years old and had become "settled". Since I had reached a point where nobody could throw me any longer, for me the two journeys I went on during the 21-day process were just as real as two-week package holidays. During this three earth weeks while my body was in bed after having reached the absolute limit of its capacity, I embarked on two journeys on foot, one of them for one and a half years and the other one for two and a half years. The itinerary took me from Hanover to Switzerland, Italy, to Morocco and the along the mediterranean coast of Africa via Egypt to Israel - and then further up via Turkey, Greece and the Balcans back to Hanover. On my second trip, I took an additional detour via India and Tibet. And of course I only came in touch with animals during these journeys, was able to play with the monkeys, to sleep among the crocodiles and to ride on camels for part of the way.

2005 (aged 50 and a mature woman!), I travelled to New Zealand in order to meet the Elven People. Before that, I had diligently studied Elven vocabulary and grammar - and initially fell into the clutches of the Orks and Uruk hai. During my real-life physical day's marches along the Anduin River (Hutt River) as well as in Bruchtal or Rivendell (Kaitoke National Parc) in the first seven weeks, Sev, the guardian of the Lord Shadow of Death, was my faithful companion and communication partner. Again and again, he would send me into inner spaces filled with darkness and got me back out when I had had enough of this. Finally, fifteen years after we first met, I was reunited with the people of Asgard on the beach of Hokitika (and this time I REALLY met them). And of course I have recorded and filed hundreds of pages of material about all these inner and outer travels.

One year later (aged 51 and even more mature!) I spent six weeks in London. Again, Father Shadow of Death was by my side and guided my steps into directions which were totally different from what I had planned. And in reality, my trip with Astrid to Santorin was a journey with Ohamah to the Egyptians and to the people of Asgard.

Since these external and internal travels have always played a major role in my life - and since I am glad to report that my intellect is bright and happy and my mind clear, rather than them causing me to end up in a psychiatric ward, I decided to share my journeys with you as a way of encouraging you to also take your inner travels more seriously than yesterday's common sense might advise you.

Multiple personality symptomes and other psychological diseases are, as we have come to know these days, an expression of great spirits imprisoned in their bodies and stuck in subservience to the views and dogmas of mass consciousness - cf. Spirit Travel.

The people of Asgard

Where to start?

How shall we find access to a world which used to be inaccessible to us for approx. 14,000 years? The best solution might be that I start exactly the way things started form e two years ago.

I will start with excerpts from my diary entries from 2005 in New Zealand and 2007 on the island of Santorin. What are diaries? The way I perceive them, they are doorways from our own heart to all the other worlds and dimensions. Just like my personal chronicles guided me across thresholds, over steps and through veils even years later, they might also guide you - and your own recordings might serve this purpose even better for you.

Let us simply approach things casually and find out what will arise from that and how it will develop in the future. May my diaries be a source of encouragement for you and your own diaries. So let us start in New Zealand - with my travel back and forth between the worlds.


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