The Terrace and the Tree

The Crater on Santorini

A journey with Ohamah, Astrid and Sabine to the turning point of the tides

Here we are about to begin with the entries into our diary describing a journey with Ohamah which we undertook during the time of the quantum leap. Ohamah calls this "a journey to the turning point of the tides", which leaves no doubt about the ambiguity of the word, the spheres and our perception.

Primarily, this diary is meant to inspire you to undertake your own journeys and to face your inner experiences as well as to encourage you to trust your own inner perception and to open even more doors and to walk right through them.

We do not claim that our material is in any way scientifically or spiritually correct. Instead, we ask you to regard it as a narration, a story. And maybe science and spirituality are also just narrations and stories - not more than that, but also not less.

Anyway, these narrations form the basis for all KRISTALLMENSCH Workshops, Crystal Days and webinars to come. We wish you a lot of fun with the texts, to which we will add more in the near future on a day-by-day basis.

Astrid, Sabine and Ohamah
February 29, 2008
View from the Terrace towards the South West


..... sometimes just a few notes, sometimes a little more .....

September 17, 2007

Initial Impressions
A volcanic island which is almost bare and without any greenery, in particular after landscape fires raged here, too, a few weeks ago - there is no forest here which might catch fire. Everything is grey, black, and red - dry, dusty. The spirit of the plants, elves and devas - of the flora - is missing, whereas the spirit of fire in the rocks and the spirit of water in the surrounding seas can be felt all the more clearly. They meet directly, and it depends on your own mood whether you experience them as clashing or fighting, whether you see them dancing with each other furiously or whether you simply experience them as coexisting in two different worlds.

Astrid and I are sitting on our terrace in front of the crater of the sunk volcano cone, around 250 meters (820 feet) above sea level - an oval bay, an oval inland sea between the protruding arms of the island - the remains of islands and rock formations, those remnants which did not fall into the sea in the old days. In this environment, Ohamah's breath can be felt in his element, the wind, which occasionally sets in to appease the scorching heat of the sun. He can also be sensed in the rocks and in the firy being of the volcanic residues.

It was him who had ordered us here and who made all the arrangements within just a few weeks, from our decision to come here to our journey and to whatever amenities would be required for two tight weeks of work: an exceptionally inexpensive apartment in a very expensive environment, an empty flat above us on an island which was otherwise booked out, plus the only terrace in the village on which you can't be seen by anybody, while all the other terraces resembled little stages which could be observed from ever so many courtyards, lanes and terraces.

The mere fact that I, Sabine, threw all my plans overboard in order to embark on a trip, and then even with somebody I had only known for a brief period of time, and that this trip turned out to be uncomplicated and great without any exception, all this was actually the master's piece of bravura. And it was not even I who received the message to embark on it, but Astrid. It was up to me to decide whether I wanted to heed it or not. I rarely ever follow the advice, tip or will of others, but in this case, I did not even hesitate for a single second. So here we were, sitting in a contemplative and pleasant atmosphere on our terrace, ready to get started and in joyful anticipation of things to come - with freshly brewed, delicious coffee on our table all the time (Astrid had brought a small trunk with any conceivable gadget required for its preparation).

The presence of dolphins in the water is so tangible. On this first day, I have the impression to catch a glimpse of them everywhere, but days later it turns out that what I saw must have simply been crests caused by the wind on the water which were glittering in the sun and kept rising out of the undulating blue of the sea all silver and white like groups of dolphins playing. Across the bay, I can sense a pyramid in the distance far away, located diagonally across the terrace. I can feel its energy, and my inner eye is able to see it clearly just above the sea at the horizon against the azure sky. And the presence of Ramses II can be felt clearly, his stream of love flowing from there to us.

Ghovany, the dragoness who has been my companion for several years, had accompanied our plane flying on the right below the air plane, at an altitude of almost 10,000 meters (more than 32,800 feet) - for her, an unusual altitude. She had winked at me through the window, inviting me to leave the airplane and to sit on her back. I spontaneously did - and seeing the plane from the outside was on one hand surprising, and on the other not unexpected: it was escorted by a circle of light beings, guardian angels and spirit guides. They were forming a protective belt made of light which kept the landscape demons and air demons who wanted to reach inside away from the organ and body demons in the life bodies of the passengers who were in turn reaching out to them. Should the demons outside and the demons inside succeed in making contact, the flight would be in trouble or take a dramatic turn. For a while, I flew along sitting on Ghovany's neck, watching the spectacle with the angels and demons, before I went back to my seat inside the plane. That was in the morning.

Now it's late afternoon. She has been circling above the crater all day long, moving up and down in spirals. It seems as if she was in the process of opening an energy or an energy gate, similarly to what I had observed for the dragons in Verena Canyon near Solothurn in Switzerland. There, the presence of huge dragons can be sensed in the surrounding mountains, hills and rock massifs. Either they are lying deep down in the rocks sleeping, or, at least this applies to some of the meddlesome baby dragons, they spend the entire day flying up and down in the canyon as if they wanted to open some space or keep it open. Dragons are one with the community which once set out to create planet earth and to settle on it. Together with the phoenixes, they, being spirit beings, descended into the bodies - and starting from a particular time of earth evolution they had stayed behind hidden behind the veils of myths in order to watch over the evolution of mankind from there. Unlike phoenixes, dragons descended deep down into the rocks, into the depth of the earth and the planet, which turned them into stone, too. They have their own inner fire, which enabled them to bring the fire of divine spirit down to the fire of earth, guarding it in this way. Dragons are fire in three respects: In the form of their own physical fire, they brought the fire of spirit to the fire of the planet and began to fuse the three of them inside themselves. Now, at the dawning of the New Age, which is also the time when they begin to re-ascend, they have matured in this threefold fusion of fires.

What has also matured is the fire of the earth, which the evolutionary lines of humans, animals and plants have transformed to that which it is now: a passionate planetary fire of love, an embodied fire of spirit. Together with this planetary fire, the dragons are now beginning to emerge from the earth, causing their spirit fire, which has fully merged with the fire of the earth, to come to light again. In some way, the dragons are the guardians of the evolution of planet earth itself, especially the guardians of the elements of fire and earth, and also of water, while the phoenixes remained in the vast expanses above the surface of the earth in order to guard the elements of spirit fire and air. Finally, the dolphins and the whales became the great guardians of the planetary waters, which not only included the oceans, but also the body fluids of human beings. Like the dragons withdrew into the rocks behind the veils of myth, the phoenixes disappeared in the air and in spirit fire behind the veils of myth. It appeared as if these two species were quite unrelated, and yet there has always been a living connection between them, and they met in mankind. Only the whales and dolphins contented themselves with living far away from humanity before they returned to living near them again in the last century.

The DNA of dragons and the earth
This connection between the creatures of the seas and of the rocks on one side, and of spirit on the other resembles the spiritual connection between the peoples of Asgard and Venus. In Chinese mythology, the dragon is equated with the emperor and the phoenix with the empress. The dragon is the priest of the spirit and the male ruler of the planet, dominating in the magnetic internal realm. The phoenix is the priestess and the female ruler of the planet, dominating in its external electrical aura.

The phoenix and the dragon are not directly bound to the evolutionary line of plants, animals and humans; they are not directly related to it. Still there have been points of contact, just like there have been points of contact between human beings and the planetary elements, even though they belong to completely different categories of beings. So if we look at one line, the DNA, the breath, the fire and the heart impulse of the dragon and the phoenix are in resonance with the DNA of the earth, its breath, its fire and its heart impulse. Looking at another line, the DNA, the breath, the fire and the heart impulse of the dolphins and whales resonate with those of the eagles, condors and albatrosses, their DNA, their breath, their fire and the heart impulse of human beings.

Dragon riders and phoenix flyers
The phoenix and the dragon have always had a close relationship with mankind, although it has been a relationship of a spiritual nature and only a physical one in some rare cases and on a few select occasions. Whenever the nature of this relationship was physical, this only became possible because of the profound spiritual connection between the partners from the different species involved in it. For example, a dragon was only able to accept a rider and to nurture a bond of friendship with him or her if the dragon had previously absorbed major aspects of human nature, and provided that the rider revealed some major characteristics of the dragon. These dragon riders would frequently be leaders, warriors and chosen ones, and usually they were loners or hermits. You would rarely meet them. Another resonance which can be found just as rarely and which originates from the spirit world is the resonance between human beings and phoenixes. These two have always only been able to become involved with each other if they had first absorbed characteristics of each other's nature in a very profound way. Those who were in contact with the phoenixes, were mainly philosophers, healers and seers.

While among the dragons and dragon riders there were both light and dark beings, both warriors on the side of life and warriors against life, both wise and loving and also bloodthirsty animal beings, it was not possible to connect with a phoenix in any dark way, since the phoenix himself was a light being through and through. And so there were white and black magicians who lived together with the species of dragons, whereas the phoenix flyers were exclusively white magicians. Their common origin was the house of the Elohim, where they carried out the required exchange of certain facets of their being for the lifespans they would spend in the physical space long before they incarnated.

(Here we removed the very fragmentary sketches about the Two Times Five Peoples. They will reappear in the history of the dragon riders at a later point. March 20, 2009, Sabine)
Krater 2
View from the Terrace to the Southeast

September 18, 2007

Ghovany - What do dragons have to do with Egypt?
The guardians of the planet and of human consciousness

The pyramid begins to flash up exactly south of me. I can feel Ramses II from Egypt and the Egyptian empire, which at one point used to be in perfect balance between the female and the male powers. The time of Sethos and Ramses flashes up, while we are sitting here in the land of Menelaos, where women have always been cloaked, though no longer in a physical sense in recent times, but psychologically and mentally - in beauty, jewellery, garments and their traditional roles.

Today is September 18, 2007, the day of the quantum leap. Although fewer dolphins can be seen in the water than yesterday afternoon on this early and very radiant and sunny morning on which I take many photographs, I can sense their presence more strongly than before - and the few I get to see, I can also see more clearly. Here, we are sitting 250 m (820 ft) above sea level. Directly in front of our terrace, the hillside drops steeply down to the water, with the exception of a few small ledges made of volcanic rocks and the ruins of houses.

Yesterday, right after our arrival here, Ghovany had begun to play with the energies of this place, to dance, even to frolic around. While we were busy unpacking our suitcases and stowing away our belongings, she was bolting around in circles and spirals above the oval crater of the sunken volcano as if she had finally returned to her favourite place after a long time and as if she felt at home here. I began to wonder what dragons have to do with Egypt and with the Atlantians. Atlantis can still be found here in the silent absorption of the land and its people as well as in other aspects which have not yet revealed themselves to us. Egypt is located right in the north-south line which once existed between the men, Ramses (masculine-feminine) and Menelaos (masculine-masculine), and the women, Nefertari (feminine-masculine) and Helena (feminine-feminine), between the masculine-feminine balance which existed in Egypt, and the imbalance in Greece which we are facing now. The Egyptian energies being radiated to us are separate and merged, masculine and feminine priest energies. They want to be accepted, collected and grounded as well as crystallized and be radiated from the HERE and NOW into the Greek Empire of all eras. This is the message which accompanies them, exactly matching the exchange and balancing of the masculine and feminine energies between Astrid and me.

While this radiant golden ray is flowing towards us from Egypt - a human heart energy of great purity and depth - Ghovany is also circling above the water this morning. While she was doing this the night before, the sun was to our right in the west, and now it is to our left in the east. She is inexorably continuing her rounds above the collapsed volcano crater, above the bay, which is almost completely hugged by the arms of what has remained of the island. Her flight reveals a joy which is filled with bliss and high spirits. She is virtually basking in the energies. At the same time, you can sense a certain determination in what she is doing, as if she wanted to create something enormous within no time, and as if the wellbeing of the world - or her life - depended on her rounds. Although all I am able to perceive is her, I have a sense that she is not on her own.

And indeed, there is a connection between the ray from the ancient Egyptian empire and Ghovany's circles of today. Previously, the paths of the dragons did not resonate with those of the Egyptians and Atlantians. Although they used to live in the same space, they were based in different dimensions and therefore did not have any direct or spiritual contact with each other. The dragons were the guardians of the planet; their home, their intent and their language was deep in the rocks. The Egyptians were the guardians of the cosmic mysteries; their home was in the cosmos, their intent and language in the spirit realms of the earth. Although one could not exist without the other, there was no recognizable connection between them.

This, however, seems to be changing now. Now the spiritual and energetic dimensions seem to open to each other, and some initial contacts are taking place. New links are forming, a new energy is being generated, a new life situation is awakening. The wise guardians of planetary consciousness, the dragons, and the wise guardians of human consciousness, the Atlantians and Egyptians, are beginning to merge energetically. Following a long descent, the dragons are ascending, while the spirit of the Egyptians is beginning to descent after a long period of ascension. And so it is downright natural that Ghovany, as the representative of the planetary guardians, is flying around in circles, causing wavelike movements, jumping to create arcs just like the dolphins below her, flying and breathing in spirals, since these are the natural forms of movement found in the cosmos and the earth energies, while the rays of the Great Pyramid shooting across from the Atlantian and Egyptian centers are straight like arrows, full of power, strength and speed. They are embodiments of the simple thoughtforms of the wise ones, the clear, powerful inner sincerity of the ancient rulers - the linearity of humanity once it has become awakened.

For a long time, this straight ray existed - and dominated - here on earth as an unnatural, manmade feature within many natural lines of evolution. In its unnatural straightness, it dominated the natural curves, paths and currents, circles and spirals found in the other lines of evolution for a long time. As a result, it dragged itself, and along with it everybody else, to the low point of any movement, flexibility and spontaneity and into a rigid state of the spirit of the energies and bodies - only to bring itself and others to the high point afterwards. Humanity is a frozen and fallen king who is now in the process of being resurrected. His resurrection is happening with the help of those whom he subdued and destroyed, because their coronation is not possible without his own. Exactly this is what is happening during this time - beginning in these two times seven days.

The protection of the human spine
by dolphins and eagles

From the beginning, the heart pulse, body electricity and radiance of the eyes of all dragons reflected the heart pulse, body electricity and radiance of the earth. Similarly, the frequency of the human pulse has always been present in the DNA, in the heart pulse and body electricity of the dolphins and eagles. The marine mammals and the kings of the air have guarded the DNA and the bodies of human beings.

Through the circles of the whales and dolphins below the human horizon and the circles of the eagles high up in the air above man. They protected the straight lines of the human body, which was "positive" in the evolutionary, and "negative" in the energetic sense, in its southern and northerin poles. The human south pole is the root chakra, which faces the earth, the tailbone at the lower end of the spine. The human north pole is the crown chakra, the head and the first vertebra at the upper end of the spine. After the fall of Atlantis, the human spine was held in a state of balance and stability via spiritual and energetic cushions during the eras of separation. So the human life axis was both separated from the cosmos as well as maintained in itself - just like the north and south poles of the earth. 

A crown above the water
For a brief moment, I can see that the sky, the sea and the rocks are teeming with creatures - full of beings, forms and realms. Just a moment ago, a large radiant crown flashed up in the air above the crater. More and more, all these creatures, realms and dimensions are becoming visible on the earth. 

The merging between
the linear and the spiral consciousness
The cosmic and the planetary consciousness are always spiral-shaped. Human consciousness was separated from planetary awareness by the eagle and the whale and at the same protected. The airs through which the eagle soars and the waters in which the whale swims are spiral-shaped in their structure. Even the DNA which runs through the human being and this human being's physical currents are shaped like spirals.

It was through their ways of thinking and feeling alone that humans created a unique straightness in a spiral universe - in the duality between the poles of light and darkness. Only linear thinking and separating into GOOD and BAD as well as the linear emotions of FEAR and LOVE have brought the enormous, dancing and whirling universe of humankind to a STANDSTILL. It was the design of the thinking and feeling of humanity - two tiny factors in the vast universe - which were the crucial forces causing the descent of all the evolutionary lines of the animals, plants, etheric beings, angels and elements accompanying man.

Today, the Spiral Consciousness is opening along with the quantum leap on earth, bringing the dissolution of mental and emotional dominance in people's mind and belly - and along with this the end of the type of a linear human existence which has densified and turned into rules, habits, normality and rigidity. It is not the end of linearity as such, but the end of the old linearity. The new linearity consists in dancing and whirling around our own axis, in the shifting and reversal of the poles, in many ways to express spiral movements of life playing with standpoints and experiences, intentions and realities, words and roles.

This game has also been played earlier (cf. A New Genesis, The Era of Dust), although this happened for negative reasons associated with descent, reasons related to confusion or bitterness, irony or cruelty. Naturally, this turning and swirling became slower and slower and more and more sluggish, until it reached the low point. The former linearity of the Egyptian and Atlantian priests is loving, wise and balanced. It is indeed now descending back to earth, increasing its revolution from zero to one hundred in only five seconds, which equals five years according to your calculation of time beginning here and now. Now the point is to cause a new revolution, to make the earth alive again. "And this, my dear ones", Ohamah was addressing Astrid and me in saying so - and in the moment when you are reading this, also YOU, the reader, "is the work of your hearts. You bring a new twist into the world, pushing the wheel anew, which has already almost come to a standstill".

So what happens does not seem to be that the Spiral Consciousness in us begins to open. Instead, it is us opening the linearity of our consciousness to Spiral Consciousness, endowing it with the harvest of our linearity, which is both light and dark, thus redeeming rigid linearity. It is our being true to ourselves which causes the thinking and feeling of our former linearity to dance, to rotate and to swirl, transforming it into spiritual intuition and intelligence.

The mature, well-balanced linearity of the Atlantian and Egyptian priests is returning from the past and encounters the new cosmic-galactic rotation which comes from the future. We linear humans of the present simply need to bring these two together in ourselves - with the help of our crystalline breath and heart pulse and using our higher will, which are all spiral-shaped. On one hand, the Spiral Consciousness is beginning to open and bestows us with its gifts. On the other hand, we are opening to the omnipresent Spiral Consciousness and endow it with the result, the maturity and the wealth of our linearity - a harvest, which is both light and dark and which is crystallising and becoming diamond matter in the process of merging with the old and the new empires of Atlantis and Egypt.

Because of Spiral Consciousness, human linearity, which previously has been separate from the cosmos, is gaining a different nature. At the same time, Spiral Consciousness changes its character based on its living connection with humanity: it takes root and becomes a new earth energy. In the field of the awakening human, the merging of human linearity and cosmic spirals acquire a new nature: the higher form of the new energy on earth. This new energy is no longer crystalline energy (the combination of light and darkness in love); it is a diamond energy: the merging of planetary crystalline energy with a galactic energy which has never before touched the planet.

This is the time of return and the time of the awakening of the original planetary community, which also includes the dragons and the phoenixes. The completion of the separation of all species, worlds and beings at the end of planetary descent marks the beginning of a new planetary and cosmic community, a long new way into the realization of an extensive community of all beings. This is the path of cosmic and planetary becoming.

Complementary lines of evolution
There were only rare instances of co-operation between dragons and humans or phoenixes and humans in the past. In Chinese mythology, the dragons symbolize the emperor, the material, masculine earth consciousness ascending from below. The phoenix represents the empress, the cosmic feminine spirit consciousness descending from above. These are the pairs of opposites as far as these animal beings and their realms go, but there are also those aspects in their being which are identical. A connection between these animals on one hand and humans on the other hand could only exist because a spiritual connection had been established between them previously, a connection which had been decided and was maintained in other spheres.

It was not the riders who selected the dragons. Instead, it was the dragons, whose consciousness was identical with the consciousness of the earth and covered a much larger framework and radius, who selected their riders. The bond with a particular dragon was encoded in the omega chakra of the respective human being. The dragon initiated the rider into the mysteries of the planets, the elements and the magical dealing with the elements as well as into the spirit phenomina of the planet and into flying.

Dragon riders could either be humans with dark or humans with bright intentions. They would find each other depending on the character of the respective dragons and the original intents. Mostly they were warriors, fighters, leaders of the people, masculine priests, but also black magicians (which we count among the masculine priests). Those who cooperated with phoenixes - which happened much more rarely (and their inner connections had also been existent in the spirit realm since primordial times) - rather tended to be healers, sages, seers and prophets. The phoenix flyers brought the wisdom of the spirit, which the bird also carried, to earth in a descending movement and began to expand it into the horizontal levels of human life. The dragon riders did the same thing, but for them, the movement was an ascending one which came from deep in the rocks below.

Both the dark and the light-filled dragon riders and phoenix flyers were the guardians of the Holy Trinity of Spirit on earth, of the dark and the bright poles of duality and of unity. The connection between these animal beings and their human riders had always been a connection between spiral and linear consciousness. Together, they were the guardians of both dimensions. Spiral consciousness was guarded by the animals, and linear consciousness by mankind. This linearity which had been merged via animal beings and humans, signified the guarding of the human line of evolution, which had stepped out of the natural rhythm and heart pulse, out of the natural cosmic and spirit movement and into a complementary habitat, an astral, illusionary world. The human line of evolution had created a separation which in the spiral cosmos would have been totally impossible - unless this separation were to take place inside every single being.

And this is what it did. This separation began at the crown center of human beings and ended at their root. Or, to put it differently: the separation from spiral cosmic consciousness was located at the human crown chakra, whereas the separation from spiral planetary consciousness was located at the human root chakra. So every human being became a cosmos in its own right floating in the natural cosmos of the planet and the sky while at the same time being safe - and imprisoned - in the manmade cosmos of the collective aura of humanity. In this totally cut-off and seemingly desperate situation between the spheres, man created something new. And from the very start, this new thing appeared so impossible and hopeless, but at the same time - should the attempt to find a way be successful - so enourmous and promising that hundreds of other lines of evolution which remained in spiral consciousness chose to be at humanity's side as guardians and helpers.

The guardians of the human line of evolution
This way, every human being was a cosmos of his or her own which was in an internal state of flux, circulating - and imprisoned - in the midst of the larger cosmos of the earth and the sky from the very beginning. From the viewpoint of the spirit world, this was a totally unnatural situation the end-result of which could hardly be foreseen. For this reason, man was provided with guardians on his/her north pole (crown chakra) and south pole (root chakra), beings associated with the cosmic spirals - spiral cosmic consciousness - breathing beings just like humans, but beings who would never get to encounter linearity: animal beings and animals - the flying and swimming ones among the guardians who had taken embodiment. While this species was watching over your breathing existence on earth, another group of guardians formed: the animals of this world. Every single animal, every race and species, every form of life and every type of body in the animal kingdom was allocated to parts of your human universe resonating with it. The animals are the guardians and reflections of your worlds of feeling.

Another group of guardians were those whose heart frequencies were identical with those of humans - and here we do not mean the nervous heart frequency of divided human consciousness, but the frequency of the autonomous heart- and nervous system. These beings, too, were never supposed to transcend the threshold of linear consciousness: angel beings and angels, and helpers of the dark side and demons. The dragons and phoenixes are somewhere in between these two groups of guardians. They are neither animals nor angels - and they are living in the highs and lows of planetary consciousness.

And then there is yet another group of guardians inhabiting the spiritual summits of your continents and the depths below your oceans: the people of Asgard, the guardians of your root chakras and individual south poles, and the people from Venus, Arkturius and Sirius as guardians of your personal north poles and crown chakras. These are neither angel nor animal beings, but - in the sense of your material existence - non-embodied human beings. Of course it is natural that the embodied guardians - the whales and the dolphins in the lower and the eagles and albatrosses in the upper realm - have never given up their connection with the unembodied guardians, Asgard and Venus. All groups or lines of evolution have made the adjustments to accompany humanity without any break over the course of their co-existence as long as evolution goes - and in doing so also followed their own intentions.

Of course this leads to the conclusion that the evolution of mankind, as abstruse as it may appear in the entire cosmic space, as much as it might have led to lack of perspectives, whimsicality and distress towards the end of its descent nevertheless has great, even enormous significance which all of these accompanying beings and realms have always been clear about. Otherwise, this long sustained luxury in time and space involving a multitude of evolutionary lines would be inconceivable.

Races, species and forms of life
The meaning of human development, the significance of the direct connection between the awakening human and all races of the earth and of the cosmos is becoming more and more obvious. And still, from the very beginning this was never about mankind as such, but always about a larger community consiting of a variety of beings and species which attracted that which you have come to call PLANET EARTH. A BEING set out and kept splitting up and dividing until the end of time in many developmental cycles and dimensions of being - into an infinite number of characters, communities, beings, forms of life and races.

If, from your point of view, the three big groups are humans, animals and plants, you can now identify additional groups of life forms: those of the elements and elementals. And these groups, too, comprise an infinite number of races, species and versions. And yet they are all ONE SINGLE BEING constituting planet earth - ONE SINGLE BEING which exists in all the elements, plants, animals, nature beings and human beings. At the end of time, ONE became all these groups, species, and races.

And this One Being, beloved humans, it what this is about in the here and now. Let it have its infinite variety of forms and bodies, but do find the INFINITE UNITY OF CONSCIOUSNESS which dwells in all these beings.

The axes of the earth and of mankind
The birds and marine mammals have been holding the north and the south poles of the human DNA. On the occasion of the last downfall of Atlantis, the earth axis needed to be torn out of its cosmic frame. This is what enabled internal planetary states of imbalance and the sinking of landmasses and floodings. This act was not meant to support the earth - it happened on behalf of mankind - not to punish them, but to foster their evolution. The earth agreed with what mankind had chosen: being separated from the cosmos for a long time. And with this, it was - and is - the most important guardian of human evolution. The axis of the earth was cut loose from its cosmic axis, its spiritual extension into the universe, and shifted by a few degrees, rendering reconnection impossible. Wound dressings were applied to the spots on its north and south poles where they had been torn away - enormous packages of energy serving to maintain the new balance, the shifted dimension of life and the stability of the planet. In the world of matter, these wound dressings, these pain-relieving ice packs in the spiritual aura of the earth manifested as PACK ICE.

Water and crystals, SALT and ICE are those elements and regions of your earth housing the highest cosmic mind: the infinitely branched shafts of caves in your earth's crust, the unaccessible summit areas of your mountains and the horizonless vast expanses of your oceans and deserts. Where no human life can exist, spirit will reign in its highest potency. This is also why these uninhabitable regions frequently become objects of your longing and kindle your adventurous spirit (cf. channelling: Deceleration and Horizons by Ohamah). The profound significance of the earth's poles - of the Arctis and the Antarctica - was to support the axis of the earth after it had been split off from its cosmic and spiritual axis. We deliberately use the past tense here, since in the meantime, the earth has returned into its cosmic axis. The melting of the poles is an inevitable result of this - not a drama and disaster, but a natural consequence of the earth returning to its cosmic DNA. When separation no longer exists, protection becomes redundant. If there is no pain left, no soothing balm will be needed, and where the living spirit dwells, ICE is no longer required.

Dragons and dragon riders
Wie schon erwähnt, konnten Drache und Drachenreiter sowie Phönix und Phönixflieger nur dadurch zusammenkommen, dass sie in den geistigen Räumen eine tiefe Verbindung hatten, auf Ebenen, die sich noch nicht für eine bestimmte Form auf Erden eAs has already been mentioned, the dragons and dragon riders and the phoenixes and phoenix flyers could only meet because of their profound connection in the spirit realms - on levels where it was not yet necessary to decide in favor of taking a particular form on earth. This profound connection was established by them exchanging aspects of the character of their future roles, bodies and races in the spirit realms of the Elohim, which lead to the phoenix later on carrying aspects of his flyer, and the flyer carrying aspects of the phoenix. And this is exactly what also happened about the dragons and the dragon riders.  ntscheiden musste. Diese tiefe Verbindung entstand dadurch, dass sie in den geistigen Räumen der Elohim Wesenaspekte ihrer künftigen Rollen, Körper und Rassen gegeneinander austauschten, so dass später der Phönix Anteile seines Fliegers in sich trug und der Flieger Anteile des Phönix. Und genau so war es mit den Drachen und den Drachenreitern. 

Conversation between Astrid and Sabine - Tables I

Sabine: Yes, we are listening.

Astrid: Well, Ladydragon just came to pick me up in order to dive into the water with me. Then a dolphin took over, and we swam through an etherically bright, crystallike gate. I was left on the bottom of the sea. I only needed to brush the sand aside slightly, and then some tables with inscriptions appeared. It took me a while to become clear about what type of tables they are: they are encodings of infinity. They are now beginning to rise - and Ladydragon was so happy.

S: They are beginning to rise? Here, right where we are?

A: They match the shapes that you can see on your photos, the light reflections, wow!

S: Yes, exactly. And what will ensue now?

A: What will ensue now? I don't know.

S: Breathe deeply and high up and dive into this ascending current. And now absorb these encodings of infinity into your body using your willpower and your breath. Let them flow into the electrical system of your body and into the entire energy matrix of your physical body, so the descending matrix which has guided your body downwards towards the completion of the descent can now assume a new form - the form of ascent.

More will begin to open up in the near future - very soon. Okay, whenever you have more - you are welcome!
Our terrace and the stairs to the road and the tree
September 19, 2007

A Shift of positions
Ghovany's flights over the sea as well as her trips with us to the bottom of the crater and to the seafloor showed us that the dragon which had been aligned with the phoenix before has now come to cooperate with the dolphin which had been aligned with the eagle before. Along with this change of partners, the dragon comes into a new position relative to the human being: While in the dragon-phoenix line he had been below human beings at their planetary pole (root), he is now above man, at the cosmic pole (crown), with the dolphin taking his former position.

The hostile masculine dragon-fire energy, the root of former man, is now being replaced by the gentle masculine dolphin-water energy, the root of the new human being. This process is also accompanied by yet another shift: In this new partnership, the dragon no longer symbolizes the former hostile masculine fire of the earth, but the new solar feminine fire of spirit, which is diametrically opposed to the lunar masculine fire - in the heart of the dolphins - and begins to flow and merge with it.

So the infinity encodings are not only descending from cosmic space, but also from the original memory of the earth.

Today is September 18, 2007 (...?), the second day of the NINE, the quantum leap - and I profoundly welcome the NEW - inside myself. My entire being is ready to expand that which is new, that which has merged through me into the world, into the fields, the breath and the electricity of mankind.

The ascent of water
The 13-strandet DNA of Water
And so the question now is: What will happen to those human beings who dissolve the cross formed by the eagles and dolphins and by the phoenixes and dragons who happen to awaken to exactly that type of consciousness which these beings had been supporting and protecting?

Firstly, this human will dismiss the external beings, the eagles and dolphins, the dragons as phoenixes from service as the guardians of his illusionary cosmos - and along with this, from his/her life. Second, this human being will begin a lively communication with the eagle, dolphin, dragon and phoenix inside, since the energy and life breath of these four beings and forms of consciousness will awaken in himself/herself.

Generally speaking and also in this particular case, communication does not primarily involve an exchange of information, but the opening of spaces, the redemption of ages, the merging of various beings' life breath and energies - and along with that, the creation of new realities, new energies and a new consciousness. That is communication - with the world and with ourselves!

The dragon and the phoenix are IN ME. The eagle and the dove are IN ME. The whale and the dolphin are IN ME. By breathing this here and now, these worlds of consciousness really begin to open, and an intense shiver of spiritual electricity begins to go through my body.

In my inner vision, I can see the surface of the sea in our bay rising in the crater and making high waves, since along with my decision to open these spaces in me, the energy of the water immediately begins to flow towards a whirling vortex. But it is not only the water swirling towards the surface, but also creatures, forms and schemes, beings and consciousnesses. I can see a DNA spiral, a huge, transcendent, fluorescent 12-stranded helix covered and safely protected by a 13th spiral. Everything is swirling in crystalline opalescent shades and shimmering light.

The sounds are becoming louder, an intense swoosh is setting in, caused by the swirling vortex and the enormous speed reached by this rising water column - the water DNA. And at the same time, the DNS of the spirit is descending. I am not dealing with one of the channels of Metatron, as I initially suspected, but with a 13-stranded DNA bringing all the forms of existence and consciousness which had been stuck in the depth of the oceans and the continents to light and into the cosmic flow of energy. And everything which had been left behind in the cosmos over the course of our evolution on earth, is now streaming down.

Cosmic consciousness is flowing into the suboceanic and subcontinental spaces - and suboceanic and subcontinental consciousness are flowing into the cosmic spaces. Consciousness and forms of consciousness are in a constant state of flow, anyway, but in order to be efficient, they are bound to a decision which must be taken by man. So I make the decision here and now on behalf of all human beings to support the merging of the spiritual and planetary and the masculine and feminine forms of consciousness with my loving intent and to let them become highly effective in an appropriate way for the wellbeing of the whole - here and now in the crater of the sunken volcano of Santorini.

Sabine's dream
Merging with myself
There was something which struck me: This decision had been prepared in a very direct way, as a dream I had had the night before revealed. One of the last dreams I had this morning before I woke up: After I had once again wandered through bleak landscapes corrupted by huge, decrepit industrial plants and dark machinery, I finally found myself standing in front of a mirror and became aware that I had a large, erect penis pointing upwards parallel to my body. I examined it more closely and discovered that it was very big and thick for my height. I found this somewhat amazing. Looking into the mirror, looking at me, I could not quite believe it.

Suddenly, I saw MYSELF emerging from my reflection approaching me - as a female being. And I as a male being, and yet in my consistency as Sabine, embraced the female being emerging from the reflection and caressed her, and my penis began to search the entrance into the lower abdomen of my female counterpart. I penetrated into her, which happened with a sense of wonder, in a way trying out whether this was at all possible. It brought about great physical pleasure and profound inner peace, an indescribable sense of merging and fulfillment - both as the male, penetrating being, and as the female, receptive one.

As a male being, I found myself merging with my female self on the physical level, with great pleasure, amazement and peace. I could feel the physical touch and my female body being caressed by the male hands so intensely that I woke up and was amazed to see that I was alone in my bed and that my hands were under my pillow as they often are. In the dream as such, it had undoubtedly experienced a physical encounter.

Conversation between Astrid, Sabine and Ohama - Tables II
Sabine (switching the recorder a little too late): So, would you please repeat your sentence - loud and clearly?
Astrid: In English or in German?
Sabine: It's wurscht (I don't mind).
Astrid: Okay, when I ....
Sabine: Ummmh, German, please!

Astrid: Okay, German. I dived back to the table deep down in the water, where I saw many vortexes closely together. They had a transparent, etheric radiance. It did not become clear what they meant. When I asked Ghovany what they were, she grinned and began to spit her fire towards these vortexes in the water - and that was all I could find out.

Sabine: These are the vortexes which I drew the day before yesterday: the vortexes in the water demonstrate the movement of life and the swirling (life frequency and rotation) of the dolphins, and the vortexes in the air reveal the life movements of the eagles.

Fire is omnipresent here on this island. This is also why they need to desalinate their water, because these volcanic rocks do not contain freshwater anywhere, with the exception of three small trickles which hardly carry any water. Ghovany, who spits her fire into the direction of the water (Comment: Actually, while being in the water, she spit it into the direction of the vortexes), shows us what we were already aware of yesterday, namely that the elements and their guardians are now coming together and beginning to unite something which had previousy been separate in the energy matrix. Every element used to have a world of its own in which it could evolve further. Now they are coming to exchange their positions and to flow towards each other.

Ohamah: It is said that fire and water fight with each other. Fire causes water to evaporate and water extinguishes fire. This is also what the ascendant in your sign of the zodiac stands for. Well, they never fought. Instead, both of them were unconditional rulers - both in order and in chaos - each in its own realm. Both of them used to rule according to their own nature, with no exceptions. Both of them were ruling in their very own order and their very own chaos - without any caution, consideration or leniency. Whenever they made their appearance, they did it without any precaution, care or aftercare. They operated mercilessly, you could say, but mercy the way you understand it, does not reflect their nature, but yours.

Whenever fire and water met, their opposite effects would always generate even more chaotic energies. Nevertheless, they were and are the great, the tremendous guardians of your state of balance on earth. Their last major encounter on earth is what you called "light body process" and "apocalypse": the fire of spirit and the water of life streamed down to earth, and the painful fire and water or tears welled up from the depth of your life spaces - a fourfold chaos, though not the last one. In your last five years of planetary shifts they come together once again, seemingly rearing up to generate even more chaos, but this is only the beginning of a higher order, a higher equilibrium between the worlds. We are talking about the return of the Atlantian priests and the awakening of the Fourth Wave, which we will prepare with you here and now before its ripples will appear in the world out there and kindle storms.

Sabine: I believe Ghovany's constellation at birth is Scorpio, too - fire and water.

Astrid: She was so happy yesterday; totally boisterous.

Sabine: This is a significant moment for her since now she is gaining a kind of access to us which she never had before. It must have been frustrating for her to constantly be around me, to be involved in my actions - without being perceived by anyone and with everything about her just being deemed a good story. An important opening of a door from her to us happened in Salzburg, where Bealiza discovered her and described her exactly the way I also experienced her. Bealiza opened the door to us for her, and this is something which Ghovany is very grateful for. She also visits us often, as she is telling us right now. These are the chain actions and chain reactions within a community: Now Ghovany is in the process of carrying out the next opening of a gate for us - and we for the crystal humans - and they for the world or for the Forth Wave of those Awakening respectively.

There must have been good reason for her to keep circling above the crater lake for two days like crazy - spiral vortexes. Probably this was the beginning of a fundamental door opening which we will become aware of in the near future.

The macho energies and the newly opening centers
The Atlantian centers which are opening now are masculine as far as their original nature goes - of the bright and also the dark variety. They are now on the rise in a country which is also governed by masculine dominance. Here, like everywhere, the purity and power of the masculine nature as such has been corrupted and traumatized owing to the subjugation of the female element - weakened. Therefore it is virtually natural that of all beings, it is the two of us who are here now: you and your acknowledged dominantly female energy, which still lacks a bit of masculine power, and me with my dominantly male energy who has come to more or less accept her female half in the meantime - and finally Ghovany, a female being from the masculine dragon race.

Ohamah: The macho energies which are so widespread here on this island and which you are getting to experience among the young natives, are nothing but the expression or ancient, deeply seated pain. And of course you will not be able to discover these old energies with the old men any longer - they have resigned themselves to what is - but with the young men who picked it up from their fathers and forefathers .... in order to redeem them. But nobody tell them. Nobody explains it to them. Nobody helps them. Men have stopped finding things which nourish them with women long ago. So the field of unipolar female energies has been drained and lost its power just as much as the field of unipolar male energies.

This is the framework and deeper meaning of your presence. It shows you your task, which also profoundly corresponds to your spirit's intent, and also the degree of your skills, which will significantly open and increase in these two days. You will allow the Atlantian masculine energy field to rise HERE AND NOW through your feminine body-transformers and your merged heart-transformer. You will transform these unbalanced energies, bring them into balance and change their direction: from the vertical current of transformation into the horizontal breath of your world.

Astrid: Before the journey, I also had the strong impression that here our temple whore energy would be required.

Sabine: I agree. What about the vortexes?

Astrid: It's not about the vortexes; it's about the inscriptions. The characters on the tables with the inscriptions were very similar to the light phenomena on the photos, which in turn I found very similar to the pictures of the Maya with their geometrical patterns.

Sabine: After all, the Maya, too, were a people of seers and prophets, rather than of warriors, weren't they? I don't know much about the Maya, do you?

Astrid: They are said to have been very bloodthirsty - human sacrifices. Perhaps these are just the archeologists' interpretations, but the thing about human sacrifices seems to be true ....

Sabine: However, that does not necessarily mean that they were warriors.

Astrid: No, but they were cruel, at least according to the archeologists.

Sabine: What some call cruel might be viewed as clear consequences. Nowadays, such a thing will also be judged against the background that blood, shedding blood and killing are cruel, but if we open this field now ..... uhmm, it is about the following: I am looking for the phoenix flyers, after I more or less managed to locate the dragon riders.

Astrid: Could be the right place: After all, the Maya used to wear that head-dress with large feathers.

Sabine: Oh yes - the phoenix flyers were seers, prophets and healers - feminine scientists in a masculine form. This is not a contradiction. If a bloody human sacrifice enables you to understand major things and if it helps you to heal, it does not detract from understanding and healing - a tricky issue which we are also familiar with in the context of our most recent Nazi history - in which we were involved and played our roles, in which we died and were reborn. So the Maya were rather a people in the spirit of the feminine.

Astrid: My gut feeling tells me 'Yes'.

Sabine: Uhmm, and what about the Inkas? I believe that the cultures of South America and North America, which also includes the Red Indians and the Inkas, that there, uhmm .... though it is said that in the North, the masculine spirit is ruling and in the South the feminine one .... that the Red Indians of the North rather tended to be masculine tribes, whereas the Inkas and Mayas were rather feminine.

Astrid: I have many recollections of lives as a Red Indian in America. And there was a time there in which it was the women rather than the men who waived their scepters - though not on the surface. This is how they handled things internally, and they would then pass on their decisions to the men, who in turn announced it in public.

Sabine: ..... where the Council of Elders consisted of women - the Great Mother.

Astrid: And there was a time which was in absolute harmony and balance, in which the individual tribes really lived according to the FOR ALL principle.

Sabine: That corresponds to the principle from our Atlantian history (lesson 8), since HE knows WHAT is to be done and SHE knows HOW to do it.

Astrid: Also, there was no poverty back then. What I also wanted to add yesterday, when you showed me the picture with the birds and the whales: After all, the Red Indians were also able to transform into eagles, or at least some of them, the shape shifters.

Sabine: That's a similar story like the one about the dragon riders and phoenix flyers who were only able to meet their animals because they had already exchanged parts of their being in the higher realms. Otherwise they would not have met, since they represent totally different evolutions and dimensions. Shape shifting might have been based on a similar principle. There might be humans who have enough aspects of such beings in themselves for them to be able to take their form, too - and now that we are talking about it, it all seems very familiar and natural to me. Actually, the idea that this should not work seems downright ridiculous to me. Uhmm, although I would not step out on the cliff now ready to jump, something inside of me is saying: "Yes, of course!"

Astrid: The most agitating encounter that I had with your material was the meditation, which I had only read. It was about the rainbow bridge, about spreading your own wings and starting to fly.

Sabine: The call of the eagle. That is the meditation on the emptying of the chalices. It came through from Thoth and Maitreya. For some time, Thoth is the guardian of sunken Atlantis and along with this the ruler of one of our innermost kingdoms, the Kingdom of Death. Maitreya holds the opposite position. He is the one watching over our cosmic ascension, and along with this, he is the ruler of our other innermost kingdom, the Kingdom of Eternal Life. These two form one line - a ray of light, a line of communication - through the heart of every single one of us. Yes, this is about the ascent of Atlantis and the descent of Shambhala ...

Astrid: I don't remember that.

Sabine: That may well be, but you cannot become an eagle before you have opened these two sovereignties in yourself.

Astrid: But I cannot remember.

Ohamah: Then we will help you a little with remembering this. In this meditation, you go into the temple of Shambhala, into the spaces of air and fire above, and into the temple of Atlantis, in the spaces of earth and water below. Above, you encounter Maitreya, and below you encounter Thoth. They are the ones you surrender your human beingness to, the harvest of your evolution. In exchange, Maitreya grants you priesthood, your spiritual sovereignty, and Thoth confers you the dignified position of king over your planetary being. In this act of acceptance and acknowledgment of your lives by the two highest guardians of your line of evolution, the diamond aura in your fields is created. In this act of letting go and in YOU acknowledging your own lives, the Breathing Diamond Consciousness in yourselves is created. And actually the One would be nothing without the Other.

So you return into the consciousness of the eagle and of the Elohim - the dolphin, the dragon and all the elements. So you once again come to own all of your spiritual elements.

As a result, you soar like the eagles and the Elohim, a chalice in each hand, pouring this blessing, this dignity that has been bestowed upon you - which you have bestowed upon yourselves - over earth and humanity as the waters of the New Life. You cannot become an eagle before you have regained this dignity.
Terrasse 2
Astrid having her morning coffee
on the reception and pouring out of the chalices

Your heart is one with the cosmos and with the earth. The very fact that you know that makes them pulsate stronger than if you were not aware of it. The stronger your certainty about this connection is, the stronger the connection - and its effect - will become.

Your heart is beating between the cosmos and the earth. Therefore you can direct the power of the cosmos down to earth with every heart beat, and the power of the earth up to the cosmos. You are a cosmic being, and you have created a heart for yourself exactly because you wanted to achieve this merging between the cosmos and the earth.

This inner journey is taking place in the name of the Highest for whom you embarked on it: Maitreya, the Father of Eternal Life in the cosmos, and Thoth, the Father of Eternal Life on earth. Both of you provide you with what they have to give for you to convey it to mankind, since you are the messenger between the worlds.

In exhaling deeply, I let go of everything which I knew and wanted, hated and loved. With the inhale, I open my realm of life in all the kingdoms of the creators and on all dimensional levels - here and now.

In my inner vision, I can see and sense my wings - huge wings simultaneously growing out of my shoulder blades and my heart - white wings through which a trembling and gentle twitching is coursing - the explicit restlessness before the first opening after eons of rest.

I exhale and inhale deeply.

With great deliberation, I open my wings to spread them powerfully and gently. I am standing high in the mountains on a rock, and below me, I can sense the land of humanity deep and wide.

I move my wings and flap them slightly.

Enormous, powerful and vast, THE NEW is beginning to stream into me.
Deep below I can hear the call of an eagle - and IT lifts me up.

With lightness and royal might, my body is beginning to soar - carried by the ancient wings of my New Being.  
The eagles's call is shaking my entire being.

I AM the call of the eagle. I am the eagle. I AM.

And in this moment I know where the journey will take me.

I am soaring higher and higher. Infinite vastness is blowing through my being - world eras and space times. I can sense the etheric temple of Shambhala; I am aware of its cosmo-magnetic radiance of love directing my trajectory into its direction, drawing me closer to it: the Temple of the Divine Fire of Love, the most supreme presence of my heart on earth.

I AM an AMBASSADOR of God's heart on earth.

So I am getting closer to the transcendent land in the midst of seven snow-covered mountains and finally find myself landing in front of the gate to its innermost sanctuary. My wings automatically begin to fold back. Very calmly and serenely - and yet vibrating internally, I enter into the temple, because I AM WORTHY. Golden white silky light is shimmering softly in this space.

A being emerges from the light - and begins to approach me. It looks at me, looking through me. Its gaze begins to envelop me, and its eyes are breathing inside myself. I can sense myself absorbing its gaze in my breath, too.

Maitreya hands me a golden chalice, and I can hear him say inside my own being:

"This golden essence of spirit will redeem human love from the fetters of greed and fear. It will free the divine power inherent in it and purify it from the original grounds of old wanting. Bring this to mankind".

I gratefully accept the chalice and soar into the sky with it again with it in order to fly to Atlantis, to the Temple of the Planetary Fire of Love, the supreme presence of my wisdom on earth.

The golden green Island of Eternal life, which attracts and receives me, is surrounded by an etherizing light with a tint of blue.

I am the ambassador of Eternal Life on earth. So I now enter into the Temple of the Flowing Will of the Creator, because I AM WORTHY.

Crystalline, transcendently white light is radiating throughout the entire room. A being begins to emerge from nothingness and looks at me. In my deep breath, I can sense and recognize his heart. Thoth presents me a blue chalice, and deep inside, I can hear his voice:

"This etheric blue substance of spirit will cancel all the old encodements of human thinking and knowledge. It will extinguish all the fires of pain which it caused to open the inner doors to your wisdom. Take it to mankind".

Filled with gratitude, I accept this chalice, and then I spread my wings in order to soar into the sky again. Now I find myself rising steeply with my two chalices, way up high to the Kingdom of the White Dove. With every flapping of my wings, which is one with my heart pulse and my breath, I am becoming lighter, wider and freer.

So I finally look down towards the earth, which has now become a small ball far below me - and then I lift the chalices.

And it is MY HEART which now begins to lover the chalices to pour the essences it contains over thirsty humanity.

"Know profoundly, beloved being, that in truth YOU YOURSELF are the earth, and humanity, the chalice and the essence".

14-days' view towards the south and Sabine's self-portrait
About the Return of the Natural Worlds and Dealing with Healing Energies
A Conversation between Astrid, Sabine and Ohamah

Sabine: Start again ....

Astrid: The thing about the temple whores. I mean, theoretically - and practically - we would be able to treat entire hordes of men, wouldn't we?

Sabine: Certainly, in view of the brief time available, there is no way around it, anyway. And not only hordes of men, but also hordes of races and species.

Astrid: Species, too?

Sabine: Yes, of course, all types of different forms of life: animals, plants, devas, fauns - all kinds of beings which withdrew deep into the earth and into adjacent astral habitats along with the onset of Lunar Femininity - and who are returning now. They, too, were are and traumatized in their own ways - and of course much easier to heal than humans.

Ohamah: Traumatization among plants, animals and elementals is much lighter than traumatization of humans. There are various reasons for this. Firstly, their traumas have not been caused by any overwhelming personal fate or shock situation. Instead, these things in these kingdoms accompanying you happened deliberately, and those concerned volunteered to undergo them. It was your fate which they accompanied living their lives. Secondly, the beings belonging to these species cannot think, and thus they are neither subjected to intent nor forgetfulness. Thirdly, these beings and lines of evolution do not lead their lives in individualized bodies and shapes, but as parts of a group soul, an overarching intelligence, a consciousness which belongs to their race or species. These beings in their own way and are still aware of this today. They know the reason for this: the descent of your evolution, and the wisdom which is behind it: the harvesting and opening of new energies and worlds. Although they do experience the pain of exile, they do not experience forgetting, anger or resistance.

Forgetting, anger and resistance are the gruelling forces of death which is only known to those beings which are able to think. And it is exactly these beings, which are run by forgetting, anger and resistance - YOU, the human beings. And humans, too, volunteered to go into exile, it is just that they forgot, and now they feel disadvantaged and treated unfairly. They are filled with despair, they feel incapable and angry, guilty and cursed. They cover this original pain up with intelligence and with retaliation. But as long as they do that, the pain and their state of exile will remain - and the intent will not be fulfilled.

Nevertheless, humans took it on to clear these nature and animals beings and these elementals from their traumas. This is a part of their path, but of course this is not being done by the masses, but just by the few awakened and strong ones - YOU. So during these two weeks, some ascending and descending kingdoms and lines of evolution are here and now slipping and flowing through you. For them, you serve as gates and transformers, simply by your physical presence and by being exactly how you are.

You do not need to take care of anything or anybody directly. Everything comes and goes of its own accord. Your gate is open. What is significant for you is that your ability to think distinguishes you from all other kingdoms, and also separates you from them, has guided you into a depth that no other line was ever able to reach.

What is significant is that your THINKING is linked to KNOWLEDGE and FORGETTING and that your biggest pain therefore does no lie in SUFFERING as such, but in FORGETTING THE KNOWLEDGE ABOUT THE WISDOM AND LOVE OF LIFE. This recollection, this wisdom and love is something that all other beings carry inside, and this is exactly what they can and will give to you, if you have opened to them - and freed them.

Astrid: And if I send out this particular energy, it works the way it does for everything else: I breathe deeply and high up, stabilize myself in the channel, go into my heart and send out this special energy. Do I simply activate it by deciding to do so?

Ohamah: Exactly. By breathing deeply and highly, you will stabilize yourself in your intrinsic spiral linearity between heaven and earth. By expanding the light of your heart in the form of a sphere along with your breath, you will activate your spiral cosmic consciousness on earth and your oneness with all beings. In doing so, you start out by first being YOU in your entirety - full and complete in yourself - and with this also able to ready for deployment.

Then you will not send energies of healing and balance to other beings - instead, you will allow their trauma energy to flow to you. You absorb it and allow it to flow into your heart, since this is the only place on earth and in the cosmos where healing, balance and transformation can happen - not anywhere in the world out there, and not in the hearts and living environments of others.

The return of recollection
Ohamah: The human heart is the transformer between the cosmos and the earth. Your hearts are energy transformers, and they can, must and will only transform those energies which flow to you on their own accord. This alone prevents any kind of abuse by wilfully providing healing. Another advantage of this process is that with every act of healing and balancing you perform - and here it does not matter how many humans and beings you include - the entire space-time history of these humans and beings will flow to you, open in you and merge with your own space-time history. So along with transmitting your will to initiate healing, your evolutionary memory will return to you.

Temporarily, this can absolutely lead to frightening encounters and insights. All of you are familiar with this phenomenon from the old days, when you robbed one another of your life energies and drained everybody else. All of you vowed that you never wanted to confront yourselves with such energies again. But they are still there; they have not yet been redeemed, not yet been transformed. They are still awaiting this act of love on your part. Black magic is part of your evolutionary memory. Through separation and humiliation of others, it gained hold of others' life energy. This was the intent of separation during the descent.

Today the same thing is happening, but this time in the sense of merging, ascension, reunion: You take the life, the life breath of others into your hearts.
For a while, you take on their despair, their hate, their rigidity and hopelessness and breathe for them - in yourselves. You do this until the others themselves can come into the inner sincerity of their life breath.

You could call it a kind of trusteeship, a responsibility for their lives that you assume, a spiritual godparenthood. This is the capacity of your spirit, the intent behind your descent and the mission of the planetary ascension. In order to fulfil this mission, you yourselves must be sufficiently evolved and mature, multi-facetted and open. You must have everything which needs to be redeemed in others in yourselves - open, or ready to open it anytime without any resistance:

Their current hate must be in you - redeemed or ready to undergo redemption when you encounter it. Their fear and aggression must be in you - transformed or ready to undergo transformation when you encounter them. Their sense of guilt and inferiority must have been ruled in you or be ready to subject themselves to the Loving Will of your heart when you encounter them. Their confusion and lack of orientation must have their home in you as crystallized energies or be ready to crystallize the moment they surface. You must have been through everything they are going through now. And you have, indeed! This way, you are able to now take your godchildren and wards into your hearts and let them breathe and live in them for a while.

Now Ghovany joins in again, circling around us and calling boisterously: "Yes, don't assume that you could manage this on your own"! She is overjoyed about our cooperation. Recently in the group in Salzburg, Austria, she used her fire to burn both the participants' magnetic dark fields and to then also kindle the reluctant heart fire of their love passion. Now she does the same thing here above the island, above the sea, above the Greek and Egyptian empire. She spits her fire across the space times which at some point have sunken in the ocean and to which we are ourselves bound by our cellular memories - through our lives and our breath, through our generational lines and our collective human heritage. Most of what we do and initiate here escapes us in our wakeful state. And these are the things which cause here to frolic with such joy.

Astrid: They would be too monumental for our rational minds to grasp, anyway.

The Greek Macho Men and the Temple Whores
Sabine: If we could grasp them with our rational minds, we would be no longer accessible for the rest of mankind. But we have come so serve as light bridges wanting to be aware of both worlds and wanting to reach both of them. That is our huge advantage towards the spirit world: that regardless of all the pettiness of our intellect we have a direct connection to humanity - via our hearts and our gazes, our words and our bodies.

The volcanos are, just like the oceans and the high mountain regions, inhospitable - inhuman in the sense of "uninhabitable". And yet they are teeming with life and kindle the longing of so many awakening human beings. But not only spirit beings live there, not only animals, plants and elements, but also humans. Many people spend their entire lives on ships, like my great uncle Schorsch, who ultimately was summoned by 'Blanker Hans' (Bare John) - as North Germans call the Sea. Nobody knows where he drowned. He was 'lost at sea', as people say. And in fact, the home of many of these people is the infinite vastness of the oceans - for a while, this means on the water, and then under water. It is a home the longing for which is fulfilled by the voices in the silence, by the beings which are part of the infinite and invisible worlds, by the external emptiness which reveals its inner richness and fullness to every lonely person and seeker.

This also applies to those living in the Eternal Ice, in the polar regions or high up in the summit areas of the mountains, for those humans on the firy volcano islands - which could make us assume that even these young, good-looking Greek macho men are carrying a profound longing and wisdom inside and that we can bet they have a more or less tangible lively exchange with the spirit beings and worlds, right? They are not just empty, stupid macho shells!

Astrid: I know that.

Sabine: I know that you know, but let us continue. This cold, arrogant macho existence is the expression of a proud priestly dignity - a kind of maturity, wisdom and power in their perfect reversion - which has slipped into some profound pain. The young men of the kind we met in Fira yesterday belong to the indigo generation or even to the first precursors of the crystal children. Being the biggest machos of the village, they also carry the biggest pain inside and don't know how to handle it. More than anybody else, these loudmouths and perpetrators should be invited into the spheres of our whores' temples. They are dealing with unbalanced energies between the poles which they took over from their ancestors. And this is a labor of love which you can only offer to them if you are free from needs of your own: The less you want to have, the more you can give - and yet you will also be given many things in the process and experience profound fulfillment.

Astrid: Uhmh, well, there are still a few residues left - needs, I mean.

Sabine: Breathe them right here and now. Accept them totally and let them go entirely. Breathe vertically stabilizing your linearity between heaven and earth. Let your linearity merge with Spiral Consciousness. Take all male and female unfulfilled and traumatized aspects of your life, all your needs which have not yet been fulfilled into the flow of your breath. And only then you go out into the groups or regions, wherever you want to go, wherever you feel drawn to, and breathe deeply. Always stay with yourself, because this is where the source of your power lies. You are the guardian of this source, which everybody is allowed to drink and refresh themselves from. And in the deepest sense, this source does not need anything for yourself, because it IS. Approach this slowly. Aha, now Adamas Saint Germain is joining us, and he reminds us in his eminently charming manner.

Adamas: As long as you have needs towards the world, you will not be able to help it and will fail miserably in doing so. Now (with a broad smirk), of course you will not fail - you will simply go through another painful experience and disappointment. If you don't have needs, because they have been satisfied and fulfilled in you, you will be able to master, absorb and transform the enormous uncleared energies of the world. Then you will be powerful and (with an even broader smirk) - eminently erotic!

Astrid: I was watching myself on the plane, while I was sitting next to that couple. There was just about everything in my emotions: wanting to have that and not wanting to have it; being grateful that it is no longer so. It really included everything. A real roller coaster ride.

Sabine: Yes, things like that do need to be given their space; they are legitimate. It is legitimate if things if something in you is rebelling, it is legitimate if you find it going through you. Observing yourself is significant, and so ist he decision you will take based on it.

Astrid: Later, when I saw the two of them outside the plane, I was happy that this was not me. But I remember it well: As nice as these five minutes were, they once led to five or ten years' worth of nightmares ....

Sabine: .... yes, which simply were caused by the MUST which came to exist here

Mixed Partnerships
Sabine: But let us take a closer look at that. Inner power and independence cannot be found in being happy that you are single if you watch the problems other couples are facing. That's a veiled form of lying to yourself. If you feel safe and happy in being alone even when you witness the happiness others are sharing with each other, then you are really free to give and live unconditional love - the love which is spiritual but which wants to express itself on earth and in the body.

Both true loners (Seth, Horus) and true partners (Isis and Osiris) are free to live this unconditional love which grants fulfillment and ascension.

True partners know that they have a partner, but nobody else knows it and will ever know. True partners will never tell anybody else: "This is my husband / my wife". True partners will leave it up to life as such whether another partnership wants to develop between "their" spouse and another woman - or whether it doesn't.

This is what our spiritual partners and lovers teach us. This is what Sev, a guardian of Shadow Death, told me in New Zealand - or confirmed it, since deep inside I never forgot. True partnership is immortal, heartfelt and always alive. However, it can only be experienced if we prove to be worthy of it; if our own vibration exactly matches the dimension in which this partnership exists.

Back then in New Zealand, while I was roaming through the rain forests all alone, my question to him was whether maybe he could simply become embodied for one night. I had understood long before that he could not, but in my irrational longing for love and tenderness I did not want to recognize it, and every once in a while, I would complain bitterly towards him. I did not yet agree with this separation. My anger about this embodiment was still alive in me. In the meantime, I have come to know that many of our partnerships on earth are mixed partnerships between one incarnated and one non-incarnated being.

However, true and profound encounters - a living partnership on earth - is only possible if the partner who is in embodiment opens his/her consciousness, lifts his/her gaze and makes his/her living environment vibrate on such a high level that the partner who is not in embodiment can slip into this earth-human-body-space from time to time and slip back out of it. Also, we as those being in embodiment can walk across this bridge of consciousness - or bridge of memory - into their unembodied spaces. And of course for us as the embodied ones it is much easier to reach the space of the others than it is for them to enter our space.

In such a living partnership between a physical human and a spirit being, we finally managed to open all spaces, both fort hem and for us, and that is what this was about. For a long time, mundane partnerships were like getting married in prison. Although you had managed to find a partner, this did not enable you to escape from the familiar narrowness of your environment - you even ended up getting deeper into it.

The old and the new tasks of the temple whores
Astrid: Recently while treating a man in my function as a temple whore, I became aware that, for me, he also mirrored my own needs.

Sabine: That's a good thing. You can't transcend your needs if you are not aware of them. You can't take your lower instinct to the level of a supreme spiritual power if you don't accept and honor them. This is the prerequisite we chose for the transformation.

Astrid: In recent times, I have become aware of myself dealing with this in a calm and peaceful way, just allowing everything to be the way it is, and that all that is indeed changing in the process.. I find this thing about the temple whores so great and exciting, because it also fits so wonderfully with the ancient memories which I already had as a child.

Sabine: Perhaps we will also initiate sharings and create a documentation in order to develop a training for women in this field. I have a few experiences of my own to contribute in this field, but we do have time. The respective window of time is only opening now, and the merging of our experiences will soon be concrete, brilliant and efficient.

Astrid: Will there be a school in which the temple whores will be trained to become teachers for other women following their lead? Is that the plan?

S: I think so. As far as I am concerned, I am just a pebble in the mountains and will at best trigger an avalanche. And this is what I will do! But I will not teach. Instead, it will be you [Plural] teaching the others, and at the point when you will be doing this, I, the pebble, will have long since disappeared.

In these times, the path of the crystal children to earth and their path on earth is worth an entire network of schools. You can see how many Schools for Dying have already been set up in the meantime - schools focusing on the exit: on dying. They are just as necessary as the temples of the whores in which the radiant path of the temple whore will be taught - along with the radiant path of the warrior. These are important schools in this time of transition, which will take another few years and decades. The efficiency of the amplitude based on the external cosmic influences in these days is high. It is electrifying and crystallizing the earth. However, it is the efficiency of awakening humans which turns an amplitude into ascension. This efficiency is something that you will reach by virtue of your own beings, via the expansion of your heart light and by opening schools, many schools, in many countries, where in turn new rays, new ideas and a new creativity can originate.

So we will be able to initiate worldwide transformation in just a few years - and all that only because we are - and remain - profoundly safe in OURSELVES. Seemingly, this is a contradiction, though it is just a seeming one. Cosmic influences alone are unable to cause such a transformation. Instead, these changes are brought about via the masters among humanity who have remembered themselves. The master among humanity does what cosmic influences cannot achieve: He takes the vertical flow of the mind to the horizontal level and converts it into life energy, healing energy, the energy of transformation - a cosmic planetary energy which creates balance, power and ascension, the basis for new life.

It is my mission to awaken the masters among humanity and to use this to help the earth community attain a sphere in which they retrieve a positive perspective and outlook. The main wave of transformation, however, will only come later - and it will occur through you [Plural].

Astrid: How can I tell, if someone approaches me as a temple whore on dury, whether he himself is a master or not (laughs). Will I simply know? Will I then get an inner "Leave him alone" response?

Astrid is refering to a Q & A with Tobias in September 2007, "Judas and the Pyramids". The paragraph in question reads as follows:

Question: "From what I (....) understood, the women who participated in the seminar on „Female Sexuality", are being "trained" in order to do exactly that: to heal or redeem these unredeemed masculine powers. So I feel like I should use some support by one of these women, or would this once again corrupt my self-responsibility? I am asking because personally, I have already tried to redeem these issues and to activate my heart power for a long time, which obviously I still haven't succeeded in fully. Is there any woman in my neighborhood who has these abilities"?

Archangel Michael's answer: "These women have not come for you in your Awakening Master masculine bodies; they have come for those men in human evolution who have never before gone through the process of awakening. In humanitarian terms, many of them have descended into the deepest abysses - evildoers, murderers, military staff, business leaders and politicians, to mention just a few branches - all of them men of the Forth Wave who are only awakening now along with the opening of the Lion's Gate. This is something we will report about in the time to come. You, the awakening masters in masculine bodies are nourishing yourselves, because you are carry all the powers which have already awakened in you. Your female twin souls are around you, and all you need to do is invite them, breathe them in. You are indeed receiving a different kind of nourishment than the men of the world. ...."

Sabine: Of course. Your heart knows it. And in those moments when your righteous spiritual ego mind does not grant it a right to a say because it overpowers the rest and has a hidden agenda of simultaneously satisfying its own needs, you might experience that such an encounter does not even happen in the first place or that you find so many forms of resistance arising that you deliberately keep your hands off - or else you will experience a supposed night of passion as a temple whore, full of hopes, disappointments or even threats - and rightfully so! And certainly the principle which applies here is: The more advanced you are in your inner development - and ignore it, the more bitter the harvest will be. So if you failed to listen to your heart, the project will appear that tedious and unmanageable that you will become aware of what is happening.

On the other hand, it can also be tedious and difficult to manage initially, but your heart might tell you, "Stay with it! You just need to overcome some hurdle here - for the sake of yourself and for the other person"! You intellect would be totally at a loss if it had to judge cases of this type, even more so because your gut will constantly interfere with its own needs of getting its longing for love fulfilled. So listen to your heart, feel your way into this case, jump right into it - and back out lightheartedly if necessary. Stay flexible and take it easy, be passionate and cool at the same time. Don't shy away from mistakes.

Ohamah: Michael's instructions to the asker weren't rules and things to remember which you, the women, should take to heart, examine and complete. Instead, they are part of a stream which is coming in to touch you, to convey new insights about yourselves and a profound awareness deep inside before you should let it go again. When the time is right, you will know what is required for you and the situation.

Next, a female being will speak who was the head of a temple in Ephesos 2500 years ago, one of Sabine's previous incarnations:

Regarding the men and clientele of the temple whores, there is yet another aspect which you need to be clear about: In the past, men absolutely did not come to us of their own volition wanting our services or because they felt it would make sense for them. The very idea would have been absurd at that time. Men did not come to us - instead, they were referred to us. Our kind of service was part of their education; a requirement they needed to fulfill with a view to their professional career as a priest or warrior. And even this professional future hardly ever had been chosen by themselves. Instead, they had been scheduled for it, they had been allocated to this position and selected for it. It was fathers, rulers or priests who determined what they would do in their lives and who guided them into living a life which they usually had not chosen for themselves.

Before these young men would enter into a kind of service which would deprive them of any kind of contact with girls and women, any chance to lead a family life and any prospect to find physical fulfillment, they needed to have passed through all the stages involved in the natural development of their sexuality - from its first stirring via the heyday of their virility to the inner fulfilment of a physical existence as a man and warrior. They were required to complete a physical, emotional and mental development which in the normal flow of life would take five times seven years in just a few years - and sometimes even in just a few months - without suffering any mental damage, without any emotional loss or physical withering, which later on would inevitably cause them to become ill or to turn into marauding rapists. This was what our service consisted in - back then.

Today, our service consists in LOVING the sick men and marauding rapists of your society - and in them also help the damaged masculine mind, the lost soul and withered body to become a true man - alive, loving and free.

In the old days, we were old women with profound experiences at age 35. We were intimately familiar with the mysteries of the male body essences, their effect, powers and cycles, just like the spiritual and emotional significance of physical love for men and its handling. As for ourselves we had been initiated into these mysteries since late childhood. Our clients used to be very young, most of them between 14 and 18. They were shy and open, childlike and charismatic, obedient and usually like warm wax in our hands which we could shape - and it was easy for us to bring all our motherly and sisterly love into our work.

Today your clients are usually old. Many of them are imperious or reserved, lecherous and unerotic, recalcitrant and degenerated, and they can no longer be shaped by our hands. Many of them are already beyond the last seven years or their active male sexuality (Note: 49 years), and yet they are desperately - and still unfulfilled - looking for fulfillment. Many of them resignate, they give up hope and become sick. Others will make use of every means and opportunity which seem to promise fulfilment, whereas other's sexual drive has been starved to a point where all they can think of are violent attacks - and it won't be easy for you to give them all your motherly and sisterly love when providing your service.

In the old days, we treated the young men personally; they were in our hands, and we interacted with them in physical space. On one hand, the ratio between them and us was balanced, as far as numbers went On the other hand, we only had physical and magical means, tools and possibilities at our disposal which required direct touch. Nowadays you will treat thousands of men within a brief period of time without knowing and meeting them personally. For one thing, the ratio between their number and yours is totally unbalanced. For the other, in addition to the physical and magical means and possibilites you now also have mental/spiritual tools and cosmic energies at your disposal which make any direct touch unnecessary.

This should relieve you from the romantic and business-like idea that a man will come to you and wish to receive such a kind of service from you. On the contrary: if one of them comes and wants IT, it rather suggests that HE does not really need or want IT. Human beings approach you on the inner plain - and by no means men only. To give you a rough idea: 95 % of this work happens on the inner level - without physical touch, without any kind of remuneration, recognition or recommendation. 2.5 % involves face-to-face contact on the external level, during which, however, you do not necessarily need to touch a man's body. In another 2.5 % of the cases you do touch the man concerned physically, but this by no means involves sexual ways of touching - according to your idea of sexuality.

Although the service provided by the temple whore does refer to the body and sexus of the man, which ultimately had been bound to his spirit and has become all tied up in knots energetically speaking. Nowadays, however, men are no longer required to do military service or service as a priest, they are no longer forced to endure lifelong asceticism - this is something they truly dealt with in many previous incarnations. He should just live his life, with his life energies flowing again, the knots between his spirit, his soul and his body simply becoming open again. They are knots on the Kundalini line. These aspects are located in the masculine body space, they are components of sexuality, but at the same time they cannot be cleared on the physical level or through sexuality the way you understand it, but only through unshakeable female respect, boundless compassion and unconditional love. This is something which must be clear to you before you approach this. Let go of your romantic human ideas of LOVE, SEXUALITY and HEALING. Although this work is a wonderful, rewarding JOB, as Sabine calls it, there is nothing romantic about it, romance being a twisted form of emotional needs and compulsions.

In the workshop about "Female Sexuality" in Einsiedeln we showed you a picture with the female being, the healer, kneeling on the seated male, the wounded warrior. The life axes of the two are nestling with each other, the chakras of the two of them are facing each other on the same horizontal level, their root and crown chakras are positioned vertically to the earth and they open towards the cosmos. All the currents can flow freely. The only thing which is missing, is the opening of the door, the jump start or some nudges. The kneeling female being is breathing in a way which makes her life line expand, and so does the man. This way, the two life streams merge in one single space. In this case, this space is dominated by the female being, which in this way absorbs the breathing life line of the man as a kind of trustree, breathing his trauma up and down in herself, through her transformative heart. She does it as a godmother standing by him in his temporary childlike - painful, helpless - situation. Her breath keeps flowing back and forth between his spirit and body, between his cosmos and his earth on his behalf. She pulls up whatever wants to ascend and transform. She pulls down whatever wants to descend and integrate. She breathes his currents into herself while at the same time allowing this current initiated by her flow into his breath body.

Since the major life energies have begun to flow freely in the spirit realm in the meantime, and since you have become mutually connected via ONE HEART (since May 29, 2005) and your crystalline earth grid, you will also be able to do this labor of love without the fallen warrior being physically present. On the contrary: As long as your own longing for physical closeness of somebody else have not yet been fulfilled, you are able to have a much more intimate impact on this person without any physical encounter, since this way there will be no distraction, interference or temptation. You can stay with yourself, your original source of power which is nourishing both of you, rather than spin the subtle threads of your longing around the other's body. It is exactly in these non-physical encounters that you will come closer to your own sexuality, your own pain and true needs - closer to YOURSELF.

You will meet men with whom you are able to carry this treatment out very harmoniously and effectively on the physical level; but you will also encounter men you feel physically repelled by and with whom you can by no means imagine such a kind of treatment or with whom you are not willing to become involved. See, this is one of this points which reveals your own needs towards the man, which cause you to want one thing and to reject the other. You will encounter men whom you do not even have access to, maybe because they are in prison or live in some remote country. You can meet hordes of people - men and women - whom you can simply take into your heart allowing them to evolve according to the image described above. You can leave it up to them to decide what they want to do in the temple of your heart and what they do not want to do. In any case, you are ONE WITH YOURSELF and THEIR SUPREME SPIRIT.

Astrid: For me it was important to first have this experience with Anton. We did both: working hands on with me placing my hands on his body, and also sitting and breathing in this way. At the end, he no longer experienced the pressure in his abdomen which had been caused by barriers related to his beliefs, as we discussed in Salzburg. I believe that I have become much more secure inside since then, since this treatment.

Sabine: Very nice. It enabled you to attain a different kind of access to your own physical wholeness and effectiveness, and now you are experiencing that the majority of that which constitutes the effect that you can have can be found on the spirit level. One thing is important, though: Don't postpone undergoing your experiences as a temple whore until you have become fulfilled inside. Instead, allow these two developments to run parallel. One will be fulfilled based on the other. Simply learn to differentiate and to monitor yourself. Be ready to jump right into things and situations - and back out, without any ifs and buts, without justifying yourself or indicating reasons for doing so - in love. Simply follow your heart.

Astrid's comment five months later, on March 2, 2008, on the occasion of editing this text:

In the meantime, I have come to experience the topic, "temple whore" as follows: I know I am one - this is something I have become totally relaxed about, and I don't look for people to be treated. From time to time I become aware that something is happening energetically between me and the men/women. In these cases, too, I give permission to BE without questinging things on the mental level. There are dreams which undoubtedly refer to this body of topics, and there, too, I just give permission for it to BE.

As far as my consciousness in the waking state goes, I rarely think about these things. Instead, I am on that level of calm, serene certainty that everything is happening the way I decided (mentally) that it should. I am very aware of what I am, though without constantly underlining it or needing proof for it. This is something I experience as very pleasant and light. And in this sense, all that is actually very unspectacular!

(What has resulted for me on the private level, however, is very "spectacular" (((-;) and enormous, since I have come to experience and live my own sexuality in a totally different way ....)

In situations which we would condemn on the traditional levels, I often remind myself of my "revelation" in Einsiedeln (remember: I was able to witness the first scene of the abuse I experienced by my then brother in law as an action which I gave permission for him to perform - with great love, wisdom and clarity. Therefore I have now come to know that there are not perpetrators and no victims, and along with this, there is certainly also nothing to forgive.)

I'm at a loss to describe how profoundly touched I was by being able to "see" this and to come to such an understanding. It provided me with infinitely a lot of healing and makes it possible for me to know perceive men - and their pain - in a totally different way! I am sure that the mere fact that I am carrying a kind of love inside which understands all this has touched the world around me and initiates change. There is nothing I need to DO, BEING has become my answer in many respects.

The curse involved in victims and perpetrators
The feminine and masculine order of women
Sabine: At the end of the old age, the end of the descent, the curse of the victim and the curse of the perpetrator are with those who brought the feminine spirit powers to earth along when they incarnated. These are both men and women. They are you. The curse of the victim consists in you having experienced suffering in the early time of your incarnation - as children, as girls or boys, as young women or young men. You did not suffer in order to demand justification, revenge or any compensation for it, since there is nobody who can give it to you. Instead, you suffered in order ground your feminine spirit power of love in order to create a physical cellular structure based on it. The feminine spirit power of love is at the same time the power of healing, of redemption, of transformation and ascension. The feminine spirit power of love cannot only be found in women, and not automatically in all women, but also in many men. And with this, we have come to the issue of temple whores - to the heart and center of this topic.

Astrid: Yes, I know this deeply

Sabine: And referring once again to your problem with Sybille and her vigorous demeanor, this is where we encounter your feminine victim syndrome which makes you flinch from her masculine perpetrator syndrome. She displays her masculine dominance and you your feminine one: both of you are unbalanced and experience friction between each other, rather than reestablishing their own inner balance between the poles.

You see, only one encounter later, the priestess of love becomes a female victim who shuns away from the female perpetrator and rejects her own masculine energies. It is up to you to decide what you expect or demand from her or the spirit world. She - a beloved sister of yours - has pledged herself to you in the framework of this Judas' service. She made herself physically dependent on you - she doesn't give a damn about you, as people like to say these days - but spiritually she has bound herself to you.

The blessing of the female priesthood at the end of time lies in the ability to forgive and to console, to open and to transform. And exactly this is also the curse of the female victim, who in the moment when she is not willing to let go of her victim role becomes a perpetrator herself. Well, this is profoundly not about victims or perpetrators, but about the lively flow of feminine and masculine energies in every single one of you. Although a temple whore is a feminine being through and through, this is not possible without the free flow and effect of your own masculine aspects.

In our world of duality, the principle of reversed ratios applies: THE HIGHER we come, the LOWER we will sink. The greater the freedom, power and effect of our spiritual abilities, the more difficult and complex are the fates we have chosen in our childhood - in our youth and often also in the later seven-year periods of our lives. Nevertheless, the time for fates of this type with the pain they involve which carries a potential for growth is over. It is definitely over since May 2001, no matter how old you are and in what seven-year period of your life you are.

Sybille is a representative of the masculine order among the women on earth, and you are a representative of the feminine order. Her essence is masculine, with a feminine aura around it, whereas your essence is feminine, with a masculine aura around it. The two of you have nothing to do with each other aside from mirroring your weak points and strengths to each other and her doing her job very well - and you doing yours well, too, even in your internal imperfection.

By allowing each aspect of her which you find disgusting to return to you - since it represents a part of you - the spiritual bond will be redeemed, the energetic fetters will become loose and the problem will no longer be relevant. This spirit-energy aspect returning to you will open, begin to spin in a spiral and become your life force in the higher dimension. It will crystallize and become an active power in your life field.

Here and now you have time to undergo this process of transformation for yourself, and later on at some point you might have the opportunity to do so in her presence or even together with her, in case it is still necessary then. Perhaps you will also be able to dance with each other and laugh about all this right away, without saying anything about it, simply because your current inner decision has also cleared her field.

Astrid 5 months later: I indeed talked to her on the phone yesterday (March 2, 2008). It was a light-hearted, pleasant conversation in which she told me that she viewed me totally differently now - and I agree as far as she is concerned. The reason for our conversation was nothing which had to do with the above topic Instead, it took place because I was seeking some professional advice from her.

Your Body I Your Book of Mysteries
The Hallux Valgus and Female Priesthood
Astrid points at a cartilaginous ganglion on her left foot asking what it means.

Ohamah: Well, that is a wonderfully grown proof for our practical theories! The hallux valgus is a physical surrogate expression of an inner female power which has not been expressed - an expression of a suppressed power as a priest. And, significantly, it is not even the feminine power which causes the ganglion at your foot to develop - instead, it is the masculine pole of this feminine power which is being suppressed during life on earth. The female ego exerts pressure on it, and so it begins to exert pressure on the female soul and then the female body, wanting to express itself at any price. Pressure generates counter pressure. So your masculine pole is causing this here in the aforesaid unredeemed way, simply because otherwise it would have no chance to be perceived. It is a struggle between the masculine and the feminine pole in yourself. You are the perpetrator and at the same time the victim. And now you could transcend it and become the creator and creatress - at the same time, as one!

As we just said: Although a temple whore - or even a being like Mother Mary - is a feminine being through and through, this high degree of femininity and efficiency is not possible without the free flow and effect of your own masculine aspects. But the fact what area of your body is affected tells quite a lot about you: the left side of your body represents your feminine life, your past and your spiritual self, which now wishes to express itself in your physical life. This shows several things: 1. the suppression and excess pressure originates form you female generational line from which you adopted it, and also in the lives of your mothers and foremothers and in the feminine poles of your fathers and forefathers. 2. The negative pressure and overpressure can be found in your own line of incarnations, that is, in your own previous lives, which in this time is not exceptional, since this pressure principle has reigned everywhere. 3. One of the intents of your higher feminine consciousness is to allow your masculine pole to flourish in this female life and to relieve any inner and outer pressure along with this.

Let us not come to the foot. It represents both "going through something" and also the direct connection of your cosmic-feminine spirit with the planetary-female spirit of the earth. Because of your foot, you are permanently in touch with the earth, a touch which your divine spirit wants - and has. This is an enormous, permanent, sacred touch and permeation as long as you are in the body. So far so good. On the other hand, as you know, your cosmic-feminine spirit also has a suppressed masculine pole. And of course the planetary-female spirit of the earth also has a male pole."

Ohamah straightens up to his full size: "And this pole is by no means suppressed! It is free and powerful - and it is pulling all the suppressed masculine energies in your bodies towards it. It is in resonance with your masculine energies and wants them to flow freely and to be powerful. It is, if you want, the accomplice of your despairing masculine power inside and helps it to squeeze through the inert, viscous substance of the unipolar female energy layers into freedom." Ohamah grins broadly, which rarely happens. Here he is talking about himself, as the masculine spirit of the earth which has merged his will will ours and want to demonstrate to us what options he has to impact us - both the pressure which he can exert on us from the outside, and the support he provides us with if we open.

But we are not done yet. The hallux is loacated at the root of your big toe, which represents your I AM, your divine Oneness, your spirit self, which is both feminine and masculine. The root of your toe, represents the root of your spirit life on earth: your root chakra and along with this your physical means of existence (sexus: illness - health, love -violence), your emotional means of existence (fear, feelings of inferiority and guilt) and along with this also for your entrepreneurial ability - your physical means of existence, the money flow.

A suppressed masculine pole will stifle your free flow of life energy, generating lack. You don't know where you are going - on all levels: you are often physically ill, you experience love only in the context of violence and dependence. Your feelings of inferiority will lead you to always allow others to enjoy preference in your life. You have many ideas, but no viable business and no flow of money. Everything is an effort, it is strenuous and unsuccessful; your power is drained away like water in the gutter. You are bloodless, listless and tired. Simply because of spiritual ideas, ethic rules or patterns of thinking you suppress the masculine spirit in your feminine body: "I am a girl! This is something a girl cannot do, think and feel!!!!" Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere. Well, the bad girls are those who have broken your old patterns and rules of degenerated unipolarity - and begun to live again!

Let us summarize the statement: Your high female priesthood wants to express itself on earth and take roots there. However, she lacks the male pole and its power for doing so. This pole is something you have not expressed at all so far - or not sufficiently. Instead, you kept searching miserably for men and partners, as Adamas calls it, on the external level. As a result, this unresolved feminine-masculine power takes the form of a cartilaginous growth, a ganglion. There are many very feminine woman, Magdalene- and Mary beings, who on the outside cling to their being nothing but a woman, to their biased and naïve idea of emancipation or victim role as internally to their masculine warriordom, which below the surface manifest in aggression and challenging, harshness and calculating as well as an abnormal need to control others towards others. They tend to generate big halluxes. Along the same lines, somebody might have crooked finger phalanxes on their index finger in particular which are pointing outwards during somebody's entire life looking for somebody responsible, somebody who is guilty - or some gurus.

Astrid: Wow!

Ohamah: Yes, your bodies are the fascinating books of your existence as spirit and humans which are now opening for you to read in them.

Text: Sabine Wolf
Translation: Silvia Authenrieth
May 2010
verstecktes Haus
The terrace is behind the tree
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